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Long time lurker, first time poster.


Interests: Travel, shoes, watches. Big fan of Filson gear.

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Long term Lurker. Interests in suits, music, and thanks to style forum Allen Edmonds.

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Hi everyone


I'm David from Valencia (Spain)

Thank you to everyone to help me to improve my style.

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am a designer based in Uganda whose style is a mix of street and African. Am also a photo retoucher and am looking forward to checking out whats in here

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Hello all. I'm foutre. I'm a bit itinerant, living in a couple places in the East Coast, the Bay Area, and Wisconsin. I began as a little Wisconsinite unconcerned with the whole "looking good" thing, had some dark days dabbling in being a preppy type, and at the moment am very much one of those jeans and blazers types. I feel like I have a decent sense of what looks decent, but hardly a refined style. I've recently begun to really appreciate anti-fit, and would love to try and become less boring here. 

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Supp Peeps,


Have been lurking these fine boards for a few weeks now, and found some invaluable info / great bargains through recommended sources, so have taken the plunge and have stated posting.


I'm an English ex pat living in Dubai, and spend most of time in suits....

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Hey all,


I'm a medical student navigating the transition to the professional environment. Looking forward to learning things around here.

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Hi everyone,


I've lurked here on and off for a couple years now. I figured it was time to finally get an account!

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I'm cleanwindows from southern California. I am currently 22.

I like to look clean and modest. I have recently been able to visit 2 exceptional tailors and now I am hooked. And that's how I ended up here. I am in pursuit of becoming the best gentlemen I can be. I am honored and thankful to learn from all of you.
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My name says it all - I am a big fan of finely crafted shoes...(men shoes)...especially John Lobb Paris....


My wife only aware of my 150+ pairs of shoes and counting in our London home.....

My office stores another collection which she unaware off....


If you need any advice or have any questions on shoes, feel free to drop me a line




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Hello my name is Tom, I am the owner of a Austin & Ives, I am here to meet and talk to others who care about fashion. I hope by doing this I can improve my brand and meet new people. I am a core member of my motorbike forum and I am a regular member of an entrepreneur forum. I am a student designer and in september I will be heading off to one of the most valued universities in the country. 


[Edit] As for myself - I wear a Longines Hydroconquest watch, I wear Fred Perry plimsolls, I wear Levi's slim jeans, notable brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Superdry, All Saints, Wolsey. I also love my RayBan Wayfarers :)


Thanks :)

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Hi everyone, I'm Ben. I'm from Cheshire in the UK. I'm on this site for general style advice and to input when I can.

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm mainly looking to supplement my own style (or lack thereof) with what I can learn from here. Perhaps an entire overhaul is required at some point I don't know.

I think I have a good eye and taste for fashion, I just have bad execution. I also don't have the funds to stock my wardrobe with the the high end designer items many post/link on here. But I am here to learn.

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New to this board! Married and father of two college-aged daughters, one of whom is graduating and getting married between now and June. Since we don't want daughters with college debt, nor wedding debt, my wardrobe is greatly lacking. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and retirement is also not that far off, too). Still fit and trim and a size 40 with a 32" waist due to being a part-time personal trainer and cycling instructor. So, I'm ready to purchase a tux for the first wedding and may find other uses, too (as youngest is an aspiring ballet dancer). However, there's still a budget [sigh] and the options for a traditional tux are still few (way too many 2 button, notch lapel, center vent, flap pocket models out there). But I'm working hard at finding something that will work, and I must say that this board has already been a big help. Wish me luck in my search! Tom

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Hi my name is Martha B!!   I'm a new Kitti in the forum.  Interior designer is my profession  and art is my hobby  my family is my passion.

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