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Hello everyone.  I found this forum while doing some research on AE's shoes.  Just to answer the normal questions when I join a forum, I built the bike in my avatar from a Yamaha V-Star 1100.  Had a lot of fun on it but sold it a couple of years ago.  Still love the bike though so I still use it as my avatar.

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Hi. New here. 


I've been contemplating joining a style forum for a while, and I finally pulled the trigger. I don't know if I can call myself "fashionable" but I can say that I only buy the highest quality available to me, and I buy American made for like 90% of my clothing. I'm pretty big on vintage clothing, Arrow button down shirts, old military jackets and boots, etc. 


I have been specializing in men's haircutting for the past 10 years, and I teach it from time to time at cosmetology and barbering schools. I have to warn you that I can be pretty argumentative about this subject, especially if I'm opposing an opinion by someone who isn't a hair stylist/cutter/colorist/etc. But I honestly just want to help anyone who has questions for me.


Aside from cutting hair, I am a vintage motorbike enthusiast, and I am restoring/building/riding a few British bikes and universal Japanese motorcycles. I also build electric guitars from scratch- mostly Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar replicas.


I hope you guys can gain from what I can offer around here.



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Hi Guys.  I'm a 38-year-old married father of two small children living in the South currently.  I'm a dermatologist and have a deep appreciation for fine fabrics, exquisite tailoring and beautiful places, clothing, people and events.  I've often sought advice on different pieces through the years and was so frequently referred to via google that I decided to join the group.  I just picked up my first bespoke suit yesterday, a gorgeous Zegna.  I look forward to learning from and getting to know you all.



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Hello all! My name is Michael, just turned 30 this year, and am currently a marketing consultant working in New York. I've been engaged for a little over a year now, but with work and everything, we still haven't set a date. I've been building up my clothing collection over the last several years, and I think it's starting to get pretty respectable. My favorite right now is an Armani two button suit that I wear every chance I get. Suits tend to be my mainstay, since formal or business casual goes over better for my line of work.


Anyway, I'm also big into music. I've played drums off and on since high school, less so now that I'm so busy with work and life and everything. Mostly rock, but I've had a thing for punk since forever, which most people who meet me would never guess.


My biggest dream at the moment is to splurge on an Aston Martin DB9, but I'm having a hard time justifying making the buy while I'm still stuck in the city. Doesn't seem worth it until I get a chance to relocate someplace kinder to cars... (Seattle or LA maybe?)


Well, enough about me for now. Looking forward to diving in to these forums, it looks like I'll be able to find plenty of things right up my alley!

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hello. im here for the marketplace. the people here have some wonderful stuff.

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I'm Tod, in my mid 40s living in Canada and I work in high tech (software development, not IT).  I have recently lost some weight so I need some new clothes and as I have a lot more customer interaction I am going for a more grown up look.


I am married with a couple of school age kids and in my mid 40s so I am trying to avoid the "44 year old skateboarder" look which is of course how everyone around here dresses (not the big bosses and sales guys of course).


The toughest part of all of this for me is trying to do this without hurting my career (a suit would be proof I had gone to the dark side) and without getting my wife to freak out that I had become a suit (she went to business school and so a lot of the suits from school ended up as the guys who who read about in the papers tanking the economy). On top of all that I love a dressier look (I was the dressed up guy in high school) so I really appreciate advice here.



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Hey Everyone,


I'm a 23 yr old Senior at Penn State, graduating this semester. I found the site because I'm currently deciding on a first suit (right now thinking ThickasThieves), and trying not to get duped into buying something low-quality that won't last.

I appreciate all the knowledge here, and just from lurking I've already learned a good deal. Here's to the future.


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Hey all, I'm Tyler. I live in Brooklyn, I'm in my mid 20's and just finished my masters degree/working in a restaurant. I'm a big fan of the site, been lurking for a bit and finally decided to jump right on in. I'm a fan of Band of Outsiders and Imogene and Willie on the SW/D side and L.B.M. and Michael Bastian on the Menswear side. I hope this goes well.

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Hi, my name is Rommel José Antonio Flores, pretty long I know, and I live in the Bay Area in California, I'm happily married to a beautiful/amazing woman, and i have dedicated a tumblr to her and I try to dress my best in my effort to look my best for her, I'm practically new at men's wear and don't know much of the rules to dress and act proper so please forgive all of my mistakes, I'm here to learn. I also thrift 95% of my clothes and don't know much about high end brands. You can visit the blog and give me any tips or corrections, thanks to everyone in advanced.
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Hi, I'm Tom, a recent Law school graduate who has just taken the New York bar (fingers crossed), I was, until last week, a member of a boutique plaintiff's firm in the city when in a bizarre move 80 percent of the clients of the firm jumped ship( after which myself and several other members quit when we were asked to take ridiculous pay cuts).  I am currently unemployed and waiting for my bar results I am in my early twenties and a long time lurker of these forums.  I have a great interest in fashion and am looking for the best possible advice I can get on style and where to find the highest quality items for the lowest possible price.  I look forward to becoming a regular poster and interacting with the great minds that I have already observed on this forum.   

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Sup guys. My name is Jon and I am a medical student living in Chicago. I've been a lurker on /fa for a couple years and occasionally check out r/malefashionadvice. When seeing patients, I often have to dress professionally and that will be my primary interest for discussion on this site.

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My name is Ryan, I live outside of Toronto and work in Advertising.

I found the forum through the researching of Barbour coats.

I've slowly become somewhat of a clothes horse. My daily wardrobe tends to lean towards the casual as I don't need to dress-up regularly. Sweaters and button-down shirts, polos, and in the summer T's and short sleeved button downs.

I do like dressing in more formal attire, and continue to try and add to that portion of my wardrobe.

I'm very picky about fit, so shopping tends to drive me, and my wife, rather batty.

I tend to just take in what I see others wearing and catalogue what I like with the hopes of finding something similar that will work for me.

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Hi all,


I've lurked on here occasionally over the years and finally decided to join. I wear jeans most of the time, but would like to get some occasional feedback on formal and semi formal attire.



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Hi everybody,


I have lurked these forums for quite a while and finally decided to register. There is great advice all over the place and im trying to get a better sense of fashion and dress better, there is certainly no better place for that than styleforum !

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Originally Posted by willpower View Post

willpower here. I like Danish Pancakes sprinkled with Cinnamon. I can't justify spending more than $100 on jeans so I mostly wear Levi's Heshers. I have wide feet so I'm limited as to the brands of shoes I can wear. I'm a dilettante of colognes. I do open mic standup comedy at least once a week but I rarely enjoy the experience. You've heard the comeback "Oh yeah? That's what you think!!!". - I invented that. And Carlos Mencia stole it from me.

Danish Pancakes


OMG, i came here looking for style chat and have already been distracted by Danish pancakes... er.... they look amazing!! - And no doubt a lot cheaper than $100 jeans! :)  I salute you, and your pancakes!

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