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HI all I'm Victoria! I love fashion and decorating my house a lot that's why I join this forum hoping I would get more ideas from all you guys and share some info about house decoration from my personal experience.

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Hey everyone, I'm LickSquid and I'm from Vancouver. I'm graduating from high school and I heard about StyleForum from Reddit. I have lurked the thrifting thread for the past three months and I hope to continually learn about dress and style.

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Hello, i'm Nesta and i've just arrived at the Style Forum.


I love shoes, hand made ones of the Goodyear welted variety, largely created in my neighboring county of Northamptonshire, UK, the home of the proper shoe.


Brogues, Monks, Oxfords, Chelseas, Chukkas, leather soles, Dainite soles, caring for them, polishing them, enjoying them. Oh, and trainers too, especially retro ones from my childhood era when trainers like Reebok Pump and Air Max were everything. But I mainly wear shoes now as i'm that bit older!


That said, i'm here to learn lots more about how to look my best as a 30 something and probably also learn to spend more money...



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I'm Gregg. Just a poor college student with a taste for some of the finer things in life wink.gif there are few things (material things I suppose) that I love more than a well-cut suit or a nice pair of wingtips. ... Which basically sums up what I spend my paychecks on. I've gotten a lot of tips on shoe care, style etc. from the forum so thanks!
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Bill here. I've been browsing this forum for a few years, never had the guts to post anything. A lot of great info. Today will be my first post inviting a critique.





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Hi all

I like Edward Green shoes, Drake's ties, Barba shirts, and custom suits. I almost never wear a pocket square. :/

Once I moved to Europe I started paying full retail - before that 50% was my hurdle. Now I have less space, so I only want a few nice things.

I like art and used to make a living as a musician. I am not a fan of entertainment.

I dress in a suit daily, but some of my favorite times are spent in flipflops and board shorts.

I do not post too often... but I have been around for a little while.

Recommendation to newbies? Wait until you find your fit before you go big on a wardrobe...
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Hey, I'm Ryan. I am still learning this whole thing called style nest.gif

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I'm pe3brain,  I am a college freshman almost done with my first year I live in Minnesota. I am mostly looking for advice I wear a 31-32 by 30 jean and wear preppier stuff except I LOVE raw denim and try to mix those in whenever I can, mostly wear JCrew and Uniqlo stuff.

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I'm Bernhard Lobkowicz. I live in Trento, Italy.


I'm 26. I have a BA in Computer Science and I'm studying to obtain a MA in Communication Design in Venice.


Nice to meet you all.


B. L.

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Hello. New member here. My name is Russ. I have a serious shoe addiction and came across this forum while doing some research on a couple US made show companies. This forum has been quite informative so far. I hope to enjoy my stay.
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Hi, I'm Julien, living in France, of white french (father) and black african (mother descent). I'm 26 years old employee / part-time student.

I discovered this forum by accident while searching some references for white buck shoes (and l still haven't found average-priced one ... size 8 US /UK 7... lf someone can help wink.gif).

l'm relatively new to the clothing world (for a year now), thanks to my big brother for introducing me to this sect...

l'm interested in different types or looks, from preppy to ninja-samurai stuff, and l alternate these looks depending on my mood. l also have a huge interest in music , mainlt 70s 80s pop-rock-soul-new wave stuff and some current stuff (Twin Shadow, Mayer Hawthorne, Van Hunt..). style icons being  David Bowie, Prince as well... Maybe l'll post some musical creations here some time hehehe shog[1].gif .

l love reading too, drawing (i draw most of my outfits before wearing them, and l'm trying some designing too...)... Whoever had the idea of this site, l thank him and the many contributors here who helped me improve my style...


and l hope to stay around here for a long time !



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Graduating from r/malefashionadvice, glad to join you guys!

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hi all.


been lurking for a few weeks.  this site has really helped me out alot recently.  thanks to everyone.



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