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Greetings to my fellow forum members. I have been lurking/researching for about a year now. I live in the tropics in the Southern Hemisphere. I have just turned 50. I have been happily married for 25 years (to the same woman) - but still have a laugh at the WYHI and the WYM threads. I have three children aged 22, 20 and 18, who are the apples of my eye - but all thankfully attending university interstate. I have long had an interest in clothing, but only recently in the technical detail of classic menswear. I read a study somewhere - maybe on his forum - which concluded that a man's interest in and expenditure on quality clothing peaks at age 50. That is consistent with my experience. In order to avoid repeating myself, I will simply reproduce my first post on this forum from two days ago, as follows:-

This is my first post on styleforum, and I make it because I suspect you are in the same position I was about six months ago. I was scheduled to go to HK for other reasons, and I decided to have some suits made while I was there. Although I knew that HK was good value in terms of the price:quality ratio, I didn't have the necessary knowledge of fabrics, tailors, silhouettes or fit to direct the process with any confidence.

Although I first had bespoke suits made in 2007, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a good tailor and had a good experience without really understanding the details. This time around I decided to research the topic of classic menswear. I found there are many valuable online resources including, to name a few, Permanent Style, A Suitable Wardrobe, Die Workwear and London Lounge (for the more advanced and staid). I found styleforum to be the most valuable of these for its combination of historical grounding, range, expert commentary and interactivity. Thanks largely to these sites, I went into the process reasonably well informed, I had three suits made by three different HK tailors, and I was happy with all three results.

You should be aware that a question in the terms you have posted would generally either be ignored or be met with the suggestion that you should search the previous posts in which the matter of tailoring in HK has received extensive treatment. This is fair enough, as a lot of knowledgeable people have expended a significant amount of time and effort to record their experiences, and it is simply too tiresome to repeat that in response to every new and uninformed question on the same topic. But, as I said at the outset, I have some empathy/sympathy for your position.

Should you choose to browse, you may wish to take particular note of the following posters, amongst others.

The educators/purists/intellectuals (and in my experience the most instructive, whatever your taste or philosophy might be): Manton, mafoofan.

The exemplars: voxsartoria, iammatt, whnay, maomao, Baron.

The iconoclasts: Doc Holliday, edmorel, dopey, Label King, gdl, Victor, oldog, Moo, Goomba, nildawg, Eustace, Phat Guido, New York Ranger/Islander (is this the same person?).

The more "exotic": NORE, NOBD, Spoo, etc.

Also, before you go any further read:

The best posts I have read on this particular topic (ie going to a tailor in HK rather than the HK tailor going to you), are by slewfoot circa 2010. There is also an excellent series of 3 comparison articles by Jonathan Lai on A Suitable Wardrobe.

As you have mentioned full canvassing and hand stitching, I presume you are looking at the mid to high end of the HK tailoring spectrum, and suits rather than shirts. At the risk of gross oversimplification:-

Best HK high end approx US$1200-2200 (depending on house and fabric): WW Chan, A-Man Hing Cheong, Gordon Yao, Y William Yu.

Best HK midrange approx US$600-700 (and my choice at this price point): Peter Lee of Lee Baron. Maybe Roger Concept.

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Hi all, I'm DMC, 43 years old living in London, passionate about cars and wine & also to a lesser degree a bit of a watch fan.
I cant afford to buy the stuff I really like, so it keeps my enthusiasm high.

I work in the city for now, but I have a feeling thats got a limited future and I am busily trying to expand my horizons.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Ok,my story: I've recently ,because of a diagnosis of being borderline Diabetic [ AND MY FEAR OF NEEDLES} started eating like a grown up as well as start exercising! Soooo I dropped 32 ILBS!!! YAY ME! Now I find that I once again,can look good in suits.So of course I wanna make sure I'N INSTYLE{pun fully intended} here I am!!!!

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Hi all,

New member here, but I've been exploring the forum for over a year by now. I'm living in Atlanta and my recent visits to Sid's has motivated me to get serious about clothing/dress in general. Specifically, I think I've purchased a pair of Alden's that are a half size too big and I need to make a trade. Looking forward to getting to know the community better.

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I use/read styleforum for a few years now. I'm Dutch, live in the Netherlands and deciced today to join Styleforum.

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Hi guys. New here. I'm just a guy looking for cool new brands to wear. I like jeans, streetwear, sneakers, camo.
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Hi everyone! I'm from Canada and have been browsing the forums for a year now and finally decided to join up.
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Originally Posted by Stiva View Post

Greetings to my fellow forum members. I have been lurking/researching for about a year now. I live in the tropics in the Southern Hemisphere. I have just turned 50. I have been happily married....


Thank you Stiva for that thoughtful post.  I'm in my early 40's and, having re-booted my career, I have decided to similarly re-boot my wardrobe.  I work in the dress-casual world of Bay Area tech companies.  Although one could easily wear jeans and puerile T-shirts every day, I'm looking forward to investing in my clothes, so that they reflect the enthusiasm I have for my work.


I've got some reading to do, but thanks again for an insightful post.

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Hi everyone!


I've joined this forum for a number of reasons; love fashion (which helps), got style (although my wife seems to think i could do with picking up more?!), and own a clothes shop! I only stock products for little men (2 - 16yrs) and hope to get some inspiration from all you lovely fashion-lovers as well as focus on men's style for a while; spent so much time styling out little kids i may have forgotten about myself... (but dont let the wife know she's right!)


Glad to be here and look forward to chatting to everyone... especially as most of you seem to be from the good US-of-A while i'm sat in the (inevitably) rainy UK!



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Hi everyone! Glad to be here... Hail from the (inevitably) rainy UK and love fashion. Own a small clothes shop for boyswear (2-16) but it's time i took a closer look at MY style as it seems to have abandoned me :)  icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif



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Hi Folks!

My name is Luca.... ( i don't sing the song of Susanne Vega! smile.gif )

at first sorry for my not perfect english ,

i'm from Milan, one of the most important place for Fashion,

i'm the ideator of the brand Chronowear, born to my passion about watches,

i try to create a fusion between Fashion and Watches....



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I'm RR215 and currently reside on the east coast of the USA. I've been lurking on this site for a few months now and decided to join today. I have a very extensive clothes collection that is definitely getting out of hand and the same can be said for my shoes. I've really enjoyed the postings on here from like-minded individuals as well as some with different points of view. Looking forward to being educated about obscure designers and being updated about some of my current favorites. Regards.
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I'm another lurk who's jumping into the fire. I studied film production and I work as an editor, as well as motion graphics and compression (the Indians, Chinese and Pakistanis took over graphic and web design, which is where I would have stayed otherwise). I'm 27, an Anglophile, ex-IDF and living in southern California. I like reading, playing music, building, bouldering, traveling, style, girls, etc. I can speak English*, Hebrew, Spanish and French (*native). I understand Western music theory and the physics of music to a comfortable level. I also know a few programming languages and I'm a *nix enthusiast. 


Recently, I've been to Turkey, the Netherlands, China and Japan. Asia is fantastic. The people in the larger cities, like Shanghai (Paris of the East) were wonderfully dressed and mannered. They do it much better than we, especially we who live in the US. Everyone's clothing fit properly and their taste was simple, functional (it was freezing) and stylish. They are also very healthy people, without resorting to all sorts of new-age diets that are all the rage here. We like to think that the Chinese aren't worthy of producing anything but Happy Meal toys, but they do excellent work. Sometimes their diligence matches the Germans. Previously English-made loudspeakers, Celestion, are now produced in their quality-controlled factory in China and tone connoisseurs have found nothing to complain about. There are mainly two types of business: those that are now producing in China, and those that are not going to be doing business much longer. I saw a girl on the plane reading a book entitled, If China Ruled the World. It won't be long now. 


My favorite article of clothing is a Schott Perfecto 118, which I've broken in myself. I think every man should have gone through this trial at some point in their life, like military service; you know, rites of passage. I like fancy dress too. I'm very minimal and I think that's what works best. I like simple, elegant cap-toe shoes (I have the Loake Rothschild), English collars, slim black suits with matching slim black ties (Tarantino's suit of armor for all of his greatest characters) and mean sunglasses; I have long ago graduated from Wayfarer sunglasses to all-black Aviators in 55mm, which are the perfect size for me (I think most people wear ones that are much too large and with hideous gold frames that cheapen the entire look). I also like slim/straight (not skinny), rigid dark jeans, buffalo plaid and Dr. Martens 8-eyes, which I've been collecting English-made 8-eyes since I was about 16.


To say the least, I don't admire new BMWs and most of the time I despise the drivers (balding, passive-aggressive, low-class). I prefer classics. A Porsche, a Merc, Jag, or a Rolls Royce like David Hemmings drove in that fantastic film by Michaelangelo Antonioni, Blow Up (see it - he's a true style icon). I can also give the film, Withnail and I, my highest recommendation. Tell me what you think.  


This is exciting. 



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Elegance and style is not an option for's a must.  Whether I'm in the office, traveling on a plane for business or simply going to the grocery store - appearance is always on point. A few things I cannot live without:  pocket squares, fine clothes and European shoes (approximately over 100 pairs). I am 100% infatuated and a collector of GUCCI, especially in shoes.

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Hi all!

Im ItsTonight. I'm a fashion design student and to be honest not a very good one but I try really hard.

I am in love with anything tailored and am hoping to learn a lot from you all.

I'll be asking lots of question so be prepared. :D

Happy to be a newcomer here.

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