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I'm an accountant from Calgary. I had read some positive reviews about Olympia Tailors back when it was run by Carl Pepe. Since then his son Don has taken over and run the business into the ground.


I wish to discourage anyone who had read the positive reviews of Olympia Tailors from the past from attempting to do business with this dishonest liar and thief.

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Greetings all. Male 36 year old here from UK. Hope to enjoy my time here and thank you in advance to all of you who I am sure will give me great advice throughout my stay. Cheers.

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Howdy, new to the forum. 


A friend of Stanley Van Buren and one finally in a position to buy nice things. 


Lend me your knowledge!

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Hello guys,

Excited to be a member on this forum and looking forward to a wonderful new experience with styleforum.

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Hi, I'm a 22-year-old student and English language teacher from Ireland. Looking forward to being able to post links without moderator approval.

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Hey All,


I always had a fascination in finding affordable apparel and making it look good. After experiencing the retail life as a former employee of Urban Outfitters, I started to develop a sense of forecasting specific trends. Once I called it quits as a sales rep, I started to have an open-mind when it came to trying new styles. Now, I'm willing to share my tips and learn newer trends through this forum. 


Glad to be a member!

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hello, i'm fidelis.


i dress casual for work -its more appropriate and my wardrobe lacks- but from time to time i get to take it up a notch.  this site has always been helpful so i thought to join in on the fun but i have a lot to learn.

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Regards from Barcelona. I need to wear suit for work purpose though I like to add my personal touch.

I've signed in because I have seen some offers on the market... Anyway I have been following the forum for a while. Very useful.

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I'm Benjamin, 


I live in the East Bay area of northern California. I have a wife and a 3-year-old. My fashion tastes have changed recently as my wife has encouraged me to dress younger. Till now I've worn only suits, slacks, dress shoes, and I have an addiction to dress shirts. Now I combine jeans and vans in the lower body with dress shirts, cardigans, and sport coats in the upper body. I like the new look, but I still think there's nothing better than a great looking suit!


Thanks for reading,


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Hi all,

I'm a 32 year old man living in New England. I recently became interested in dressing like a proper adult and came across this site through Put This On. I've been lurking for awhile and found the site to be a great resource.

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Hello all. My name is Matt and I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I'm married, have a 13 year old daughter and work for UPS. I'm nothing fancy by any means. I'm happy with button shirts, jeans, and boots. I own some White's, red wing, and a few made in England Docs that I wear. I also have a little collection of vans vault. I have always loved men's fashion and boots. Hoping to learn a lot on here.
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I'm Chris, 25 years of age. Originally from Malaysia, now making a living in Australia as an ED doctor. Drives an old E39, stalls occasionally
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Hello to all,


I have been lurking on the CM threads for a while and thought I'd join. Not sure if I will post all that much other than the occasional picture of a Sam Hober tie as I have acquired quite a number over the last few months. 


I am a 40-something living in Atlanta (East Cobb specifically). My workplace is casual but I have taken to wearing suits (generally) or odd jackets & ties (occasionally).  I definitely stand out in the office but I am comfortable with that and I am high enough in the organization so that I don't catch much flak. My boss and the CEO seem to appreciate my "effort" to provide an example of better dress. 


I don't abide by all the guidelines that I have read about here (and other places) and am continuing the process of developing my own style. I am not drawn to plain suits or shirts but I do like plain ties.  I like dress shoes of all colors and styles.


Thanks for letting me join your community. 



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Hello all,


My name is Ryan. I live near St. Louis, Missouri (Illinois side). I'm 27 and have been in the fashion industry since high school. My weaknesses are shoes and watches, much to my wife's displeasure. wink.gif

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Double post.
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