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Hi, fellows. 


I'm a 24 y.o. student (actually I'm preparing Estate exams to join the judiciary in Spain) and I'm here for some style tips. 


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Hello my name is Mick, and i am interested in STYLE rather than fashion.


I live in a town called Oldham in the north of England. My interests are classic scooters, Northen soul, ska , regggae and British guitar bands from The Who onwards.... I was brought here by the thread "Mod to Suedehead".  My style of clothing is based very much around the classic mod and skinhead look, with a bit of 80s casual thrown in (don't worry its a UK thing !)


My passion for the clothing, the style and the music is such that I launched an online business a few years ago selling brands popular amongst followers of the afore mentioned "sub-cultures"

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Southern Gent here. I'm in Atlanta, GA. Straight, Married, no kids. 35 years old (36 in a few short days).


I have, in the last year or so, begun to take my wardrobe more seriously (especially for work and nights out with my wife). I blame my wife and Social Primer. Around the house it's jeans mostly but for work or going out I'm a sport coat/blazer, trousers and dress shirt kind of guy. I wear suits sometimes but not as often as I would like. I rarely wear ties and haven't gone the bow tie route yet but I am curious. I don't mind wearing a tie except in the summer in the South. I guess I am somewhat preppy, conservative/traditional looks seem to suit me best.


You typically won't see me away from my house in a shirt without a collar.


I like Brooks Brothers a little too much and wearing seersucker even more.


I like good scotch and better cigars.


I have more shoes than a lot of women I know.


I'm fairly OCD about polishing my dress shoes - I do it myself and probably every 4th or 5th time I wear them. Some get polished more than they get worn.


Biggest pet peeve: lack of civility, manners etiquette etc.

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Hello everybody,

 I'm currently a university student studying political economy, while apprenticing part-time at Canada's premier tailor shop.

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Collin, graduate from University of Illinois.  Lurked here for a long time and browse /r/MFA regularly (trying to stray from the "uniform" a bit).  I like to adhere to the "French wardrobe" outlook on wardrobes, as well as being frugal (not cheap).  Decided to become a part of the community, so hello!  

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Hi guys, started coming across this site over and over when looking for style advice... figured I'd join up. Canadian eh..

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Greetings one and all!!!

I am looking forward to exploring and discovering the many great style inspirations this site surely has to offer. In addition to that, I am quite eager to contribute a number of choice items to the Market Place:)

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Hello! I'm a noob here, based in Singapore. I joined Styleforum because my husband's just lost a bunch of weight and I'm putting together a new, classic, working wardrobe for him. So I'm looking to educate myself about handmade shoes, suits and shirts in order to be able to invest in good pieces.

We travel a lot - I'm a travel writer - and so have a lot of opportunity to check out tailoring and specialty shops in various cities. Hope to make a couple of good contacts here and learn a thing or three smile.gif
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I'm Vladimir from New York. I have one 15 month old son and another son on the way. I love peak lapel suits and cap toe shoes.
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Hi there, I'm Ron a 20 year old college student from New England. I've been lurking for a few months and finally took the plunge today. I've been building up my wardrobe recently and hope to keep getting plenty of great ideas here.

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Hey, unfashionable guy who hopes to changes that, my style icons are Steve Mcqueen, Bogart, RFK. I'm avid fan of baseball, classic film, hockey, scotch, cigars and stand up comedy.
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hi, i´m Miguel and i would like learn to another members

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Good evening (or whatever your local time designator is.)


My name is Drew...I'm a long time lurker and finally decided I should create and account here.


I'm a graphic designer by trade but through a series of recent promotions and reorganizations I've been promoted and can basically no longer wear a sport shirt and jeans to the office, and I'm trying to build what I consider a professional wardrobe. I'm 30 years old now so I suppose it's high time I start dressing like an adult anyhow.


I have a fascination with diving & military field watches, wingtip & brogue shoes, and an appreciation of sartorial style (although I couldn't say I always subscribe to it.) I'm in desperate need of fitting advice so when I get some time I'll have my wife take some pics of my pathetically-fitting suit and maybe get some advice.

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Hello All,


I'm new-ish to the world of fashion, and I'm slowly finding out what I like to wear based on style, quality, durability, etc. I like learning more so I can make more informed purchasing decisions, and this forum looks to be a great place for that.


I like Allen Edmonds shoes, and they're the first higher end articles of menswear I've owned (love the AE thread on here). I really need to figure out more about suits, though.


Glad to be here!

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Hello people,


I'm Tracy and came by this forum for some styling advice. Which better place to ask, right?


Thanks for a great resource.

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