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Hello, I am Frank, I been reading different post untill I decided to join, I work in TV production. This is a great forum and a great community, I wan to thank the Adminds for keeping the forum

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Hi, I'm Nick from the UK an art director, musician and mountaineer. I just joined, so many interesting threads on here. I've always loved clothes but only recently began to really indulge. I love wearing RRL, Billy Reid, Alexander Mcqueen, Burberry, J Crew, Marc Jacobs, John Vartavos, James Perse and Paul Smith and Acne among others.

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Hello i'm Mathieu from france! Toulouse exactly.

I like heavyweight jeans and boots.

I'm here to talk about denim and other stuff.

See you all.

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Hi, I'm Robin aka Jiban95, located near Paris, France.


Part time lurker, I'm not the best poster but I'm a good reader :)


Cheers !

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Juan from Spain

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I am an attorney in California who has lurked this forum for a while. I joined mostly so I could ask more specific questions. I don't consider myself an expert nor am I really into clothing, but I try to look my best and make informed purchases.

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I'm Daisy. I'm 6'5", thus only sometimes able to buy stuff in mainstream stores. I aspire to getting more and more of my wardrobe custom-made, like my favorite suit. My taste tends toward the offbeat, I can wear a navy suit, white shirt and red tie for only so long before it starts to itch, metaphorically speaking. I consider myself a gentlemen, and therefore I act as if chivalry is alive and well, and those who get offended are simply not worth my time. I love cigars and Rum. I look forward to the pleasure of sharing our little corner of the internet. 

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Long time lurker, finally decided to join and hopefully get involved in the denim forum, as well as expanding my own knowledge about menswear and shoes. Originally from Ohio, currently a student in Nashville, working in retail to fuel my personal addiction to clothing (especially quality raw denim). If you're from Nashville hit me up, I've only met a few true diehard denimheads here. The vintage workwear is really my current passion, though my style really varies by the day and how I feel. I am in love  with materials that age and patina as they wear over time, and hope to share some of my personal leather goods and denim on here soon!

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Welcome all!

Originally Posted by sockpoet View Post

Hello my dears,

Sockpoet is here!

I live in a home;

I live on my phone.

I dress for success;

I dress in distress.

I own many shoes.

I follow the rules.

I work for the man.

I work on my tan.

I'm quite declassé,

But never blasé.

I hope you enjoy

My time with you boys.

I'm keeping my eye on this one...

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Hi, I'm Chris. I've stalked the forums for awhile and finally decided to join. I work for a company most of you probably aren't fans of, but I still take ideas and try to use what I've got. Hope you won't be tough on me based on my employer but if you do, I've got thick skin "I guarantee it."


Welcome :) 

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Hi I'm Greg. I was born in the city, but have lived almost all my adult life in the sticks. I love the country life. I love my jeans and corduroy and am not ashamed of the chicken crap on the bottom of my shoes. That being said I hate the way men dress here in the north woods of Michigan. Baseball caps and carharts, baseball caps and carharts, and more baseball caps!!! I refuse to wear one anymore!. I now wear flat caps, and newsboys hats exclusevly except for my cllassic Ted Nugent cowboy hat that I wear during the summer months.  These country boys up here wear whatever is handy regardless of the occasion. They wear blue jeans and t shirts to weddings, and funerals and everything inbetween. Not me...not anymore. I'm out to show the local boys how it's done and need all the help I can get. smile.gif

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Hi! I recently lost weight and am buying new new clothes. I went from a high of 227 down to 178 which has been stable for a while. Pretty much everything I owned besides shoes doesn't fit right anymore. smile.gif  I wear casual clothes, mostly jeans and streetwear... I am self employed and almost never need to dress up. I live near Boulder, CO and it's rare to see more formal menswear even in fancy restaurants. I have been lurking for a while and figured I might as well join.

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Hi there, I'm Morgan. I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark with roots in Manchester, UK. I've been aware of styleforum for a while but only decided to join today. I've been a part of the OffHand forum for quite a while, and before that the FoundNYC cp company/si forum. I'm a sociology student at university of copenhagen, and I support myself by working for Norse Projects. I'm into the usual, clothes, football, music and reading.



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Norwegian's can not dress, and I am one of them. However I do only wear English made shoes, so that is a start I guess.

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I'm Jerry...just trying to get the hang of the business fashion world.

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