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I'm Jim, from NYC. I'm 27 years old. Started out with American Eagle and Abercrombie, then noticed how I looked like everyone else. I branched out, started researching fashion on the internet and now I'm here. Love whiskey, motorcycles, guitars and dogs. Cheers everybody!
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Hello, gentlemen (and ladies.). Well, here is a go at a bit of an introduction.  I am Eric.., I grew up in the Chicagoland area, but I've been living in Kansas for the past five years.  I'm currently a history and Spanish student and am nearly done with my BA.  After I finish, I plan on moving to Madrid to do a Masters in Spanish history.


About three years ago I started getting into fashion. By getting into fashion, I mean stop shopping at Kohls and begin shopping at Men's Wearhouse.  I am just now getting into more custom menswear, but I am certainly enjoying every moment of it.  


I'm looking forward to being a member here and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with a fashion noob.

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I'm Michael, do Tropical Medicine and wear RL, Armani, Boss, DuChamp London, Paul Smith, a bit of Dior Homme and avoid mentioning French labels such as La Coste etc... 


I style on antiquated British style mens clothing and am very fond of the US interpretations through RL and Tommy Hilfiger.


I've a range of weighted wool jackets/pants from heavy herringbone (winter tweeds), medium plaids (spring/autumn tweed) and modern light weight suits (Italian [Armani, Boss, RL], and Savile Row). Casual gear is mostly DuChamp and Paul Smith. Good neck tie, bow tie and pocket square collections and love the US interest in bow ties. Recently discovered Brooks Brothers and top-end stuff from Jos A Bank, via shopping at airports.


Avoid (but often admire) contemporary designers through McQueen and recently Christopher Kane.


My family has a heritage in clothing, hence my interest (Macclesfield silks,  Lancashire cotton) and surname derives from immigrant workers in the Yorkshire wool industry.


In summary the connecting themes are very British with Italian flair.

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Hi I'm Lotus Cowboy.


I live in the UK and love handcrafted leather goods and Horween Leather.



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Just joined, great forum! In the market for a tux, getting some good research done here...
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Originally Posted by TreborH View Post

Hi folks!



This site has been a treasure, have been following you for some time now.

Got hooked on Wolverine 1000 mile boots by the way... ^^

Next topic of interest will be real denim jeans but first I have got to get myself a pair of those boots.

Sadly Revolve has changed the new customer 30% offer to exclude Wolverines.

(I will post a WTB in the marketplace to see if someone here has got a Wolverine 1000 mile pair in brown 9,5US size in good condition... ^^ )


I am from Germany and just making the jump from student to employee. One could say, perfect timing for joining here!  



To a good time and wardrobe enriching posts!


Amen to that Trebor :)

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Hi folks, John here. I'm from Crawley, UK, but I live in Rome, Italy.

I LOVE handcrafted leather goods.

I stumbled on this forum and now I'm hooked... bigstar[1].gif

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You can call me Jay. I'm here to get some inspiration about mens style. My style interests are mostly geared towards leather. I'm a huge fan of handmade leather products. 

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I'm JunkManBird, A Junkman vagabond who wondered in.... Best regards.

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Hello I'm Steve and from the upper Midwest (Wisconsin). I'm an engineer by trade and can even spell it :). I found the forum by chance while searching for advise on blazers for work wear. I love to wear suits even though it's not a requirement at work, we are "business casual" and I really think people should reconsider the meaning of those words! Some take it to mean most anything. I own several special suits that are handmade (for someone other than me) that I have had tailored to fit me, two of them are Denny Crane screen worn suits from Boston Legal. I am the same chest size as William Shatner and found out after my first purchase that with some tailoring I could actually wear the suits (waist taken in, sleeves let out, pants let down, coat waist taken in). I like to look good and feel good while wearing nice clothes. I'm also a part time musician, prop builder, and collector of SciFy memorabilia. Have two grown children and one in HS. I look forward to learning much more about clothing, styles, and how to buy on a budget. 

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Hi, I'm Chris. I've stalked the forums for awhile and finally decided to join. I work for a company most of you probably aren't fans of, but I still take ideas and try to use what I've got. Hope you won't be tough on me based on my employer but if you do, I've got thick skin "I guarantee it."
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Hello my dears,

Sockpoet is here!

I live in a home;

I live on my phone.

I dress for success;

I dress in distress.

I own many shoes.

I follow the rules.

I work for the man.

I work on my tan.

I'm quite declassé,

But never blasé.

I hope you enjoy

My time with you boys.

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Hi All. Ramon Here. I've been a voyeur for quite some time but finally decided to take the plunge and get involved. I'm based in Sydney so whilst I love classical style I also need clothing that works in our climate. I also run a small business from home making suits and shirts :)

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Hello! My name's Nate. I'm a poor student right now (MBA - Finance). I enjoy good beer, good food, speak some German, and love cost accounting. I have terrible taste in clothes. My typical uniform is cargo shorts and t-shirts, but my wife is excited that I'll have to start dressing like an adult soon. I was a competitive collegiate bicyclist about 6 years and 40lbs ago (mostly mountain biking). I was also a bicycle mechanic, and do all my own auto repair (part hobby, part me being a tightwad). 

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Hey all. Been lurking since the summer, figured I'll make an account. Pretty much a broke college kid, but still like to dress well. I typically stick with staple brands that have good quality for a low price point i.e. uniqlo, ll bean, jcrew factory, etc. I'm also active and into fitness, will probably be stalking the random excercise thoughts thread as well. I enjoy almost any type of music, my favorites being indie and hip-hop. But I guess that's enough about myself for now.

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