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Hello my name is Andy. I am a father of four, and a husband of 22 years. I enjoy participating in 5k events, lifting early morning before work, and regularly attending church. I am a WIS, and require regular intervention to keep my collection of fine mechanical time pieces below a dozen. 

I am excited about finding and joining this forum. I hope to use this as a helpful resource in researching and acquiring fine clothing. I also look forward the new acquaintances I may find here. I have made many long time friends on the various watch fora, both international, and as close as 150 miles away

Thank you for accepting my membership, and I look forward to being a part of this fine community.

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I'm from SC but live in Louisiana right now. Hobbies are watches, hunting, fishing, shooting, and recently I've gotten into radio and blogging. I absolutely tend toward trad dress, but try hard not to get too cute about it. Thanks to the mods for a gracious welcome email!

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i learned about the forum last summer after living in San Francisco for a couple of months. I've been on a Japanese denim binge ever since.



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Hello everyone,
Im Katriel, from NYC Real Estate Consultant and Broker. Moved about a zillion times and have a great appreciation for good clothing to the point where if it doesn't exist or I cannot afford it at that given time I'll just make it.

Huge auto enthusiast, in the protege phases of cigar and scotch appreciation; lifelong nerd.

Wear black ONLY when required and looking forward to all styleforum has to offer.
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Hi there,


I decided to join because I like dressing up and the other forums I belong to are full of men that think it's gauche, passé, or effeminate to care about one's style...bollocks.


I wore suits in my mid twenties because of a job I had...fell away from that and wore western style shirts (the checked, plaid, and denims) justin workboots, cowboy boots, and Mexican stitched I'm bringing back ties, shirts, sweaters, with denim....going to buy proper pants....been on a sport coat obsession...bought a houndstooth BB and a J Crew Cord...nice....but I want more!


Going for staples.    I'm a tall guy and nothing fits me off the rack...needless to say my tailor and I are well acquainted.    Happy hunting!



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Chris here, from New Orleans, lurking for a few months now and decided to start contributing.

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Hi I'm Massimo, Straight and happily married, I love clothes and this is the right place to spend some time and $

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Welcome all.
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I've been lurking for about six months and needed to register and ask some advice. Looking forward to proving I'm a real person an getting out of moderation so I'll be able to ask the few questions that a search doesn't answer.

This place is great, and I say that as someone who historically could not have cared less about fashion.
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Hi! My name is Jake and I hail from the land of Santa Clarita, California.  I'm a graduate student hoping to pursue a Ph.D. in the near future.  My wife, Nikki, and I were both born and raised in the southern regions of California.
I'm hoping to procure a nice leather briefcase, so if anyone has any good leads, please let me know!
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Hello all -


Happy to introduce myself, but I'm here to learn, read and ask questions more than talk. I live in Boston but grew up in Portland, OR. I work for a company that builds websites for non-profits. My new year's resolution is to dress better, so I'm starting with footwear (my first real pair of nice shoes was a pair of chili Allen Edmonds from Nordstroms, just sent them in to get recrafted). I've got a long, narrow foot, so I like that AE's come in "B" (I'm a 12B mostly, although I should ask them to measure me when I'm at the store next).


The discussion threads have been really helpful for helping to get my head around raw denim (among other things!) and I'm looking forward to buying a first pair -- ideally at a big of a discount via the Marketplace.


On that note, any tips on how to effectively use the marketplace or warnings about the potential of getting ripped off?


And as I'm a huge fan of well-made and local stuff, any good work being done in/around Boston I should put on my radar?


Thanks all, 


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Hey everyone!


Name's John. I'm currently in NJ, I love food and conversation(usually). I came across SF as I was looking and learning more into men's fashion (not the mainstream but basics) and fit for myself. I realized that I had some terrible pieces of clothing I was putting on myself (possibly not terrible but just didn't fit me right. I am always dress in business professional and sometimes business casual, so I want to make sure that I look well. 


After learning about a few basics on fit and whatnot, I decided that I was dressing like a total doofus and decided to learn more and more and hey, I'm here now. Purging wardrobe as we speak, and looking to buy some new pieces (albeit slowly, $$). I have a strange build (skinny frame, arms, legs, wrists) so now I am looking to see how I can make myself look more professional and balanced with the body I grew into.


I hope to receive more insight into the world of men's fashion and a new wardrobe as I browse through the pages of this website.



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