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Hi guys, Travis here, 28. y.o. This is a nice forum here and i really enjoyed it. I spend way too much money on clothing, especially shoes. I wanted to look good, so i signed up. Maybe I can get some tips on wardrobe.

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Hello gents,


Am a 24 years old boy from Left Bank Paris. Graduated back in June and have been working at auctions since.

Gradually became aware of and acquainted with matters of style. Entered the realm of elegance after a couple years of over-the-top excentricity. Now focusing on understated details and items, well-sourced products and harmonious combinations. Still many many things to excitingly learn.

Am fond of grenadine ties, linen handkerchiefs, flannel and sleek British shoes.
Also like hazel/brown blond girls, literature, witty talks and spiffy places.


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My name is Angel. I really want to improve my wardrobe. Help!! smile.gif
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Hi all. My name is Chris and I'm a 25 yr old from Los Angeles. I've been a lurker on this forum for years but have never really posted much except for the past couple of months. I'm interested in learning more about style and fit. This forum has been a really great resource for me so for that, I thank you all.
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New Member!

Hi all, 


My name is Zaki and have been a long time observer of this thread.  I just joined in hopes of purchasing some things on the classified section and also to sell a new pair of EG I just purchased by in the wrong size (after already having put taps and a thin layer of rubber on the sole I can't return them :(...  )  I'm a 27 year old dental student with one more year to go.  Hope to be a long time member here.   

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i'm new to the site.  hope to find some good deals and look forward to getting to know the folks on the site. 


m alex 

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hi all, new to this site, looks pretty good from my earlier browsing! I live in Scotland, UK and been interested in style/fashion for many years (from a "hobby - personal dressing/style" standpoint, not professionally), though never thought there could be forums about it!

Hope to spend good quality time with all of you in here!

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Hi Guys, I am a UK based web and graphic designer, thought I'd join The Style Forum to pick up some cool new fashions and hopefully share some myself.

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I've been lurking on this site since 2012 and decided to join.


I've got a lengthy list of staples I need to pick up.  So, I'll be using this mainly to buy/sell clothes and take part in the occasional exchange of witty banter.



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Hello Forum posters,


My name is Jesse. I am 26 years of age and live in Los Angeles, California. I have working in men's fashion retail for the past 6 years going from Nordstrom to BALENCIAGA. I started to rep a men's custom and made-to-measure clothing line called J.Hilburn. Through out my retail career I have helped men find their style and themselves in this ever changing world and now with J.Hilburn I can be their adviser as well as their fitting tailor. It truly is a new and great experience. 


I hope to be of service to anyone seeking information. And of course always wanting to learn.


Contact me with any style or fashion questions you may have.


Happy posting,


Jesse Granados

J.Hilburn Style Adviser 

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Hello everyone my name is Andrew.  I have been coming to this forum for awhile but was never active in the community.  I wanted to try get envolved and share what information that I have.  I worked in the fashion industry as a designer for over 10 years in both mens and womens.  I recently returned back to college after the birth of my son.  I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible when he was young (I'm a single father, full custody) as I could, so working in different countries as a designer wasn't really an option.  I also wanted to further my education with hopes to start new mutually beneficial businesses when I graduate that help vastly improve the working conditions in clothing factories. While in school I have been buying and selling vintage and second hand clothing.  I hope to gain more knowledge from this comunity and conncect with other like minded people. Thank you.

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Friends, I am Sara. I am a new member here. I am passionate about watches. I am married, hence I would be taking interest in men's wear as well. I will definitely share my experiences with you all and hope to get the same from you. Talking about my passionate might I add that my Watch collection consists Rolex and Cartier. Besides this I also love to cook food. Since I was born in a doctor's family, Both my Mom and Dad were doctors. I learnt to keep myself fit. I do daily workouts and take a very healthy diet. Well that was all about me.

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Adam here... I don't really feel that I have a lot to contribute to the community right now as I have not grown up with any knowledge of formal menswear etc. I've come along asking about wedding attire, which is how I found the forum. I'm aware that this is a dubious way to enter the community! I've read several of the previous wedding attire threads! Hopefully though, as I learn from you guys, I'll learn and be able to contribute to this community in return.


I'm from England, but I currently live in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, so if anybody needs advice about traveling here or finding their way around just let me know! I can at least help with that.


Anyway, keep up the good work!


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New to the forum and a new convert to dressing well. Looking forward to finding answers to questions. Thanks.
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