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Finally registered here, I go by the same username on the Mynudies, sufu, hypebeast and ironheart forums.

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registered so i can contribute

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My name is Pipebomb.  I'm 35 and work as a chiropractor.  It's my 3rd career.  I have no wife and no kids.  Currently I'm recovering from being a shithead.  I drank and pissed away most of my life and have sought out the process of rebuilding myself in every conceivable manner about a year ago. 


I have no money.  I have really shitty clothes, my car is a piece of shit and my apartment is a piece of shit.  This is mostly due to bad decisions. 


I'm here because I don't know the first thing about fashion or about how to put a wardrobe together.  Hopefully, there's a beginner's thread/Back to basics thread around here somewhere because I need all the help I can get.


I know my intro sounds depressing, but if you saw where I was a year ago, you'd swear I was on top of the world.  

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I've lurked on this forum for a while trying to figure out how a suit should fit.  Looking forward to the continued useful advice.

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Registered to post review and feedback on my 1st MTM indochino suit.

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I am 36, a scientist, and I like brown shoes, grey trousers, and blue jackets.

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I'm ReiMart, still in university studying fine arts, I'm a jeans, shirt and sneakers kind of guy with a leather messenger bag on my shoulder and an easel and paint brush tucked in my left arm smile.gif
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Hello! Main reason for registering was to take advantage of SF's excellent marketplace. I'm a soon to be college grad still developing a personal sense of style. Cheers!

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Hello all. I'm a 22 year old Sysadmin / Pentester and figured that I have been lurking for long enough I might as well join. Last year I started a personal transformation around March. I was about 90lbs heavier than I was for most of highschool and decided that had to change before a family reunion in July of that year. I was able to lose 60 lbs by that time and was feeling fantastic. About a month later I ended my relationship with my then girlfriend and one night took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that it was time to stop wearing baggy buttondowns untucked over jeans and start really putting some effort into the way I look. Well about 6 months later and I have to say I am happy with how things are transforming (a lot of that has been through tips and fit guides from here and reddit's Male fashion advice subreddit). 

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Hi everyone. I'm Chris from Phoenix, AZ. 31 yr old veterinarian, specializing in neurosurgery/neurology. I've decided to join here to step up my game a bit. Most of us veterinarians are poor dressers. Mainly for a combination of reasons...low salaries and the fact that we get pet hair, saliva, and all other bodily fluids on us. Add to that, ties just get in the way and smack our patients in the face when we do exams (that's why I do a tie clip, or am now trying to venture in the bow-tie arena). 


Mainly at work, i'm a black or khaki slacks, button down long sleeve shirt, doing more french cuffs (which most of my clients say "WOW! You're wearing cuff links to work!"), spread collar, and standard tie. 


I want to be bolder and more adventurous and I hope I can ask some stupid questions along the way that everyone says "why the hell did you do that?" No better way to learn than to try and fail. Thanks in advance for all your advice and suggestions. 

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Hi Guys, first thing you'll need to know is I'm a girl and so far it seems I'm in the minority. Not easily put off by that and have belonged to many groups where I have been dubbed an honorary bloke. I take that as a compliment. 

My business produces high-end, hand made English leather belts and I love my job.

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22 yo. (in less than 24 hours)

College student preparing myself for big-boy stuff

My favorite things in life are simple and significant

I work in sales part time

I am a marketing major

favorite color is blue

I like blondes with big butts

Brother of the Kappa Alpha Order


I like meeting new people, so please feel free to DM me if you would like to chat

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Hi guys.

We are a mens brand and we have a small shop in Winston-Salem, NC. We focus on American made goods. Denim, work wear an sports wear.

We'll be post new items we make or get in the shop. Also, when we get down to a single items in the shop we'll through it on here for sale. Keep a eye...we've got a coue items about to pop up.
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Hey all, I'm new to this forum and I guess style in general. I'm looking for tips and pointers.

I wore the same pair of boots every day for years, old hand me downs for clothes, and everything else as I was a poor college student more interested in playing music and getting laid than looking good. Now that I have a reasonably well paying job, I bought myself a new pair of boots. I forgot how nice it was to wear new shoes. I now own over a dozen pairs ofshoes and some really nice clothes. I like thrift shopping and I sometimes get free clothes from my job (aka hand me downs from millionaires and billionaires) that are far nicer than anything I could actually afford. Notable things include several H Huntsmen And Sons suits and an overcoat, brand new frye dress boots, etc etc
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Hi there!

I'm italian. My name is Alex And I'm from Rome.

I want to sale my Belstaff Jacket on this forum.

Sorry for my english!


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