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Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I have a passion for fashion and I work in the industry. :) 


My favourite brands are: Phillip Lim, APC, Acne , J Brand, Issa. My personal style is a blend between contemporary design and timeless appeal.


Nice to meet you all! :)

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I'm a style maven. At 49. I want a well tailored suits super 160's. Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren purple label for classic silohuettes and Zegna for fabric and cut.
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I'm Alex from Geneva; living&working in Seoul, South Korea.

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Originally Posted by dogtoothgrin View Post


Calling myself a denimhead might be a misnomer.  I'm obsessed with the stuff but just started into raws.  I have a NF and a Levis STF.  Saving up for something nice though, like Flathead or RBJ.  I go to school in the newengland area

Ah so the truth comes out. "Alright, the cat is meeoooow out of the bag!" (-Kramer)
It seems alot of the guys here aren't really big on J Brand (might be because it was a woman's brand) but they recently started up their men's
lot and i gotta say, I'm a big fan. They're made right in here in L.A. too which i really like.
Check 'em out.

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Originally Posted by SarahW View Post

Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I have a passion for fashion and I work in the industry. :) 


My favourite brands are: Phillip Lim, APC, Acne , J Brand, Issa. My personal style is a blend between contemporary design and timeless appeal.


Nice to meet you all! :)

Welcome Sarah.
Are you taking advantage of the J Brand Sale?

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Hello All. Etienne here from Imperial Black.  Here to answer any questions,criticisms,wants,desires (as applied to our shirts, but I'll answer anything) that you might have .  Contrary to popular belief we actually do like to make shirts, just not terribly many.  Looking forward to it... E.M.M.

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Hey everybody,


My name's Christian and for some reason I had no idea this forum even existed.

Clearly, I'm not in the loop on things.

I've recently gotten into fashion and menswear within the past couple of months and I've dove into it. Buying menswear book, speaking with people on Tumblr, purchasing better clothes and just learning day by day. It's been a blast.


I live in Southern California, am a freelance journalist, I take pictures with my camera but won't dare to call myself a photographer and I will eat the hell out of a bowl of macaroni and cheese.


Nice to meet you!

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Hello...just joined the forum searching for a pair of Layer-0 that I saw we're posted here & have yet to find them. I live in the hateful city of Los Angeles where it has become virtually impossible to find any interesting clothes in small sizes. I am currently possessed by A1923 & Layer-0 boots in size 41, but I am having trouble getting my hands on them. H. Lorenzo is the only store here where u can find A1923 and size 41 seems to be sold before they ever make it to the floor. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions to increase my footwear collection. Also have a couple pair of A1923 boots sz 41 that I would be willing to trade for Layer-0. Thanks, inperil
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Originally Posted by mister memento View Post

New Year's Resolution #3:  Join a style forum.  Done.  


(happy newbie now)

What was resolution 1?

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Hello Gents!


I live in Las Vegas, a Divorced father of 2 and I am always looking for information and advice.  Becoming a better man (In all aspects) is what I strive for.



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Hi all, I'm a kid in my late teens who gave up the life of graphic tee shirts and jeans with chucks about 3 years ago. Since then I have embarked on the adventure of self improvement both inside and out. I live in Singapore and I have a dream to one day set up a shop in Singapore that specializes in nothing but fine shoes, offering shoe shining services and also resoling. Gotta have those Saphir products. I love shoes. I believe the three things that make a man are his shoes, his timepiece and his suit. 


Also, I do believe that one should strive to break out of being a brand whore, one thing that many Asians, I feel, sadly still cling on to. My style icons would be Lino Ieluzzi and Nick Wooster. Did I mention I love monks? Absolutely adore them.


I hope to one day own a small collection of Edward Greens and Lobbs. See you guys around the forums! 

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NYC>married>2 little princesses....


Long time browser and finally signed up. The information that I have obtained from everyone has been invaluable. I wish I would have know about this site years ago when I first began my career but better late than never.


I actually spend more time on this site than ESPN and fantasy sports. Never thought that would happen!

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I am Gerald from Addison & Park. I just wanted to take a second and formally introduce myself to the community. I am based in New York and spend a great deal of time designing couture for private clients and ready to wear collections. I look forward to interacting with you!

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Finally registered after reading for a while.  Cart before horse, of course.

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Long time reader here...just finally registered. In college getting my undergrad here in CA. Basically got into style and dressing nice a year or so ago, still have a ton to learn. Love the site, hopefully I can be of some worth here at some point.

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