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I'm Nick, a seattleite 

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Hi all.

I'm Scotty and I'm new to StyleForum.

I just signed up today... though I have come across the forum many times, from several Google searches. There seems to be a lot of valuable information on a breadth of subjects.

My interests right now are in vintage items.. Dress shoes, mainly, but also luggage, cowboy boots, old overcoats (wool, camel hair, furs) similar to stuff I found in my attic and then from extended family. Right now I am working on restoring some old dress shoes.

I am a regular lurker but will post when I have a specific question that needs answering. And I have already learned a lot here.

Thanks in advance!
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Names Wilson, currently live and go to school in Chicago, Illinois (Noble Square/Wicker Park).

Into vintage americana and heritage brands (especially rugged outerwear) such as: Filson, Pendleton, Woolrich, L.L. bean, Red Wing, Harris Tweed, Nigel cabourn and Barbour.
Planning on having a career somehow related to this.

Also love interior design and most of my tastes reside around simplistic mid-century pieces and many rustic antiques.

Would love to meet others with similar interests if you're in the surrounding area.

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Hi, Chris here. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. 


I'm the business guy in a custom clothing company (both made-to-measure AND true bespoke) based in Philadelphia (but I currernly live in San Francisco) and am lucky to work with fantastic partners in the US and Italy. As you may have guessed, quality is my mantra. Sports, food, physics, and economics are cool to me. I'm an avid skier.


Not sure how frequent my posts will be, but I promise they will always be substantive.

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Hi, I'm Katrina. I realize this is a men's forum but you guys talk about denim and leather, the loves of my life...


I dig vintage equestrian-inspired Americana and classic silhouettes. I'm working on my first pair of raw denim and loving it!

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Hi, I'm new here. I actually just got into educating myself about menswear a few weeks ago and have spent a lot of time reading SF since. I'm in the first year of college where as you can imagine not so many people care terribly about stuff that is discussed on this forum... but I believe it's never too early to start dressing like a grown-up!


About a week ago I got (and wore) my first OCBD. It was one of those milestones in life. Now I'm in search for a blazer or maybe a full suit and everything in between.

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I'm Zack,  Originally from the Minnesota Iron Range, so I like to say that I am de-ranged (cheesy but true).   I grew up most of my life in Minneapolis MN by the Mall of America.  After getting married my wife helped me to change my sense of style, wives tend to do that don't they.  I went from being Zack, king of Walmart, to actually learning how to shop at BR, Express, Macy's, etc and spend similar amounts of money.  


Two years ago we moved to Ohio, land of the Buckeyes, and slowly we are becoming fans. 


These days I am a huge fan of CK jeans and Robert Graham shirts.  I am hoping to find some new style here at this forum.


Lastly I am hoping that I can garner some pointers and advice on the men's clothing line my wife and I started last year. However I am trying to be careful to not be "that guy" that is just doing nothing but spamming his site.  So if it seems I am being ambiguous about our company, please know it is not at all because I am ashamed of our company or what we do, it is simply that I do not want to be a spammer.   

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I'll introduce myself with a little stream of words that are sometimes just relevant right now and sometimes always there:


Drawing, Paris, London, McDonalds, Sushi, Topman, Cat, Family, Tom Ford, Skinny Tie, Tags, MacBook, Coffee, Field Day, W+K, Red Marlboro, Norse Projects, Media, Berlin, Photography, Saatchi, Museum, Bob Dylan, Queens of the Stone Age, Big Mac, Lies, Fruit, Hermès, Friends, Weekends, Selfridges, Liberty, Girlfriend, Accents, Cold Weather, Canada Goose, Cormac McCarthy, iPhone, Persol, Kronenbourg, Gainsbourg, Selima, Europe, LVC, Lee, Fever Ray, Graffiti, Action, Ren and Stimpy, Stephane Grapelli, Wes Anderson, Zizek, Party.

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Hello all


I am a 24 year old grad student near Atl, GA, who became interested in fashion about a year ago. I'm coming from MFA and browse this site largely for Marketplace. I spent my first few months of interest on fashion which was either poorly fitting or not my style as I have developed it. Will most likely stay a lurker for the most part but with the time I spend elsewhere an account here was inevitable.

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Another lady here. I'm based in the UK. I LOVE buying and selling vintage and designer clothes. Found this forum whilst research Grenfell coats as I recently found a vintage one and couldn't find much info on them.

So much interesting reading.

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Hey gentlemen,


Im a long time lurker, but decided to sign up today for real.  I live in Nashville, TN and up until now have been selling men's vintage clothing on eBay. I love reading about men's fashion --especially vintage western stuff. While shopping for vintage stuff, every now and then I would come across an amazing piece that I could not sell but the fabric still had a story to tell, so I decided to start making pocket squares out of that fabric. I recently opened an etsy store where I sell my handcrafted pocket squares. I have them in a few local boutiques here in Nashville, but I know there are people outside of Nashville who still actually appreciate pocket squares. I have to say....some people are like "WTF is a pocket square?".  Seriously.


Anyway, nice to meet ya'll.


Danielle at New York to Nashville


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Hey there,


I'm from LA, lurker of 2 years, out of all the forums this is probably my favorite.  I'm a college student operating on a modest budget.  I'm a big denimhead and have a soft spot for cold weather jackets.  I use this forum for a lot of information on fades and stretching on jeans I buy.

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49 year old Georgia boy with no style living in Southern California, hoping some style will rub off on me here.


But in all seriousness, I guess my problem is that while I know how to have style, I'm too lazy to spend the money to build up a wardrobe and dress nicely, add in being a little overweight it just seems easier to go the jeans and tee shirt route.    Hoping to pick up a few tips here that will give me the incentive to change.

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I'm here for help in transitioning my wardrobe to clothing appropriate for a 30-something man--neat clean and classic.

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Originally Posted by dogtoothgrin View Post

Hey there,


I'm from LA, lurker of 2 years, out of all the forums this is probably my favorite.  I'm a college student operating on a modest budget.  I'm a big denimhead and have a soft spot for cold weather jackets.  I use this forum for a lot of information on fades and stretching on jeans I buy.

What are the denim brands in your wardrobe?
And what college are you attending if I may ask?

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