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added to my list of places to pass time.  not much of a style / fashion junkie, but from some of the pics posted in the waywt seems many others aren't either...  peepwall[1].gif  


luckily there's lots of other entertaining things to read and discuss here.   

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Mikey is the name, I go by my last name as my first name at times as well, which is McClarron. I enjoy fashion for a number of different reason. Working in the industry as a Marketing Director for a streetwear brand, I'm naturally enamored in that specific area, but I'm a follower of high fashion trends and designers as well. I'm on Styleforum now to get new perspectives, opinions, outlooks, ideas, etc. from like minded individuals, as well as hopefully give some constructive input that may help others looking to further their knowledge. Cheers



Mikey =!=

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Hello from Los Angeles. 
Love tailored shirts, nice denim, cashmere sweaters, nice shoes, sneakers, etc. 



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Hey, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Like many I've been lurking here for some time. Over that time I've gained invaluable insight into proper clothing fit, color coordination, brands, garment construction, etc. I recently took a new job at a company that requires formal CBD attire (coming from a job that was "business casual"), so I'm excited about the prospect of slowly building a respectable wardrobe over the coming months and years. One thing I have definitely learned here is to not rush out and buy everything new all at once, so I'm starting to get a couple of pieces at a time.


Looking forward to chatting with everyone here on SF!

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I just graduated college, starting to take my style more seriously. I am an assistant store manager/pharmacy tech. for a large retail pharmacy and a specialist in the NG. I have a girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and a kitten.

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Hi, I'm Tim.  I'm in finance and have started to get interested in upgrading the quality of my wardrobe.  Hope to get some good ideas/information here!

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Hi, I'm Simon. I'm just starting to explore the world of MTM and bespoke and SF seems like a great place to learn.

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hey guys,


just wanted to say 'hi'.  i'm a footwear junkie who is happy to have found some similar soles.  i live in LA and make perfume for a living.  thanks for the killer forum,





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New guy here. Vasili, is my name. Interested in the forum and new denim styles. I'm a starving artist...well, I am well-fed...but you know.

Probably will read more than I post.
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Hi, all. I've been lurking this forum for a good half-year now, and it's provided me with a ton of assistance in reassessing the way I dress. I'm still learning the basics of decent looks and such, but coming from over twenty years of just throwing on whatever was on the top of the stack, it's an exciting and encouraging process. These last few months I have been rebuilding my wardrobe from the ground up by purchasing core, basic articles, and bit by bit I'm starting to add new elements.


Thank you for all the help these boards have provided me. I've gleaned everything from opinions and reviews of brands and products, to tips for matching, to inspiration for different styles. I look forward to partaking in the discussions.


Now, it's time to post a pick in the WAYWT thread and get some feedback. Wish me luck. wink.gif

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I'm Sugiya, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia :)

I'm interested in classic menswear, suit, tie, etc. and of course beautiful shoes :D


I'm more likely an observer, :) but I occasionally do take pictures on what I'm wearing.

Nice to know you all.

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Hi guys!


I'm James, from Australia. I'm in IT, and my sense of fashion (and most of the people I work with, bosses included, it would appear) is absolutely atrocious.


I heard a lot about SF from over in Whirlpool forums (heh... mostly critical about how snobbish people can be) and decided to join up to see what it's all about. Hopefully I'll learn a little more about dressing and improve my own look while I'm at it!

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Hi guys,


T here from Australia, the land of overpriced suits and everything else.  I finally joined now that I can somewhat afford to buy half decent clothing. Looking forward to reading and contributing to the forums.

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hey im jupiter from indonesia, im 18 yo and im wearing UB 101 jeans. i love to wear rawdenim because it show up my character 

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Greetings... I'm new here, but I would like to ask right up front if anyone can tell me of any good sources for suits in small sizes? I am 5'7" 125lbs. generally a 37short with a 29x30 trouser.

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