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hi all,

new here. interested in jeans and boots..

hope to learn more.


thanks and best regards.

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I am an ex-NYer living in the mountains of TN.  Ex-baker,ex- pastry chef, ex-cake finisher, ex-vegan caterer, ex-layout artist, present day astrologer who helps people understand themselves and their relationships, and a beginning vermiculturist.  Ever changing Aquarian. Two kids - bookends - 16 years apart.  Lots of animals. I have an eye for color and design, and I love to see what the different sign of the zodiac are attracted to in fashion and decorating.  I find treasures.  Lately, I have found silk ties.  Now, I am obsessed with ties.  My guy wears dirty old denim and flannel and works with his hands.  I wear his jeans and flannels - most of the time. Our office is the outdoors or the kitchen table.  But men in suits....yum.  I live in a crumbling old farmhouse that is a restoration work in progress, but I greedily eat up pictures of houses in Architectural Digest to feed my alternate reality life that goes on in one of my mulitverses.   


This wonderful forum presented itself as I was searching for more info on ties (now that I have about 100 of them, and I sense more are on the way) so that I could find answers for questions like:


Do men love ties or hate them? Or some of both?


How carefully do they choose them?  Do most men wait to be given ties at Christmas or do most men want to choose their ties as a form of personal expression?


What kind of messages do ties send?  If they speak to me - they must speak to other people, too. 


How much is communicated in a label/designer name?


I imagine a very specific man in physical appearance and emotional energy when I look at each one of my found ties.  Am I right?  Would the man most likely to like that tie look like I imagine him to look?  How do men choose a tie?


How many ties do most men have?  When I worked in NYC, I had dozens of shoes.  Do men have dozens of ties?


Beyond the tie is the shirt, pants, suit, footwear, etc. that some ties just seem to be made for - at least in my imagination.  I am here to see if my sense of fashion is correct.


And I am here to learn about ties and men who wear ties. 


My guy has already pulled two ties from my growing collection - there may be a real date in my future wink.gif


"All Together" aka D. Rae

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I joined a few days ago and I am blown away by what's going on here.

I'm all about thrifting and that unbelievable deal. 

Shoes, Suits, Shirts ...


Beeing born and raised in Germany I'm not a native speaker and i hope i don't get in trouble for not knowing some of the abbrevations.





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Hello All,

New member here and first post.

I'm a late thirties guy who lives in Perth, Australia, and I've joined your great site to pick your brains in the lead-up to my wedding in May.

I have pretty classical (some might say beige) tastes and love to dress well.  Climate and work conspire against this however, and see me in heavy PPE or shorts and thongs (or whatever you guys want to call them) but what better excuse than a wedding to buck that usual trend.

I look forward to learning heaps.



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Thank you for this site, I find it very helpful and useful in my research of menswear and fashion.

Men's fashion is my passion and I work for a men's haberdashery in Chicago.

I believe your wardrobe is a serious investment and should fit your body and lifestyle.

I consider myself very lucky to perform the due diligence, on behalf of my clients, in order to find quality clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit their wants and needs.

It's all in the details and quality feels good.

Once you wear a pair of Corgi socks and Alden shoes, it will all make sense...




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hi, my name is -- you guessed it -- mvxwell.

if you can't figure out my given name from my handle, we probably won't be friends.

i am a firm believer in retail therapy -- it's the only therapy that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time -- particularly for hangovers.

i am a sucker for leather accents and, well, leather in general. but s&m creeps me out.

if you're opinionated, we have something in common. but it's important to admit when you are (or i am) wrong.
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Just signed up here. I'm the store manager of an online menswear store in London called The Great Divide.


Interested in variety of brands and styles. 

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Rick here.  I live in Charlottesville VA where I've settled after 10 years in Manhattan. I have a wife & 2 year old son who keep me pretty busy.   I've developed a fetish for fine cordovan shoes which led me here.  I'm in the process of building a respectable wardrobe & look forward to getting feedback here. Cheers.

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Hello All,


Just a quick hello and thank you so far for all the info contributed to this site. Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Hey guys,

I'm Guy.  Lurked here for a while, and the osmosis got me geared up nicely for my wedding last September.  Really love the place and wanted to jump in.


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Hello everyone.  


I'm new to this whole sphere, and am here to get some advice.  I hope I don't prove to be too much of a nuisance.  

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Well, I've been a lurker around here for long enough. My name's Ed and I'm currently in southern California.  Just began ramping up my wardrobe (about to hit 30, probably time) and learning how quality garments are actually created (who knew all of my previous suits were glued together? Not I).  Anyway, thanks everyone for all of the great info you've assembled here.

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Hey everyone. I am glad I finally stumbled upon this forum! I've been trying to improve my wardrobe for the past couple of years and have made slow but I believe steady progress. :) Hopefully I can learn a few things on here!

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My name is ORN, I actually have a vagina, literally and figuratively, but I'm pretty much a dick. I'm a freelance online troll, but I also love style forum because I've had an OBSESSION with jeans since I was 11 years old, and judging that I've had the physique of a fat model ( 5'10" 130 lbs) since 7th grade, I could never find jeans that fit, and I mean NEVER. These discussions help me figure out what I'm looking for, and I've been a pretty huge skank for a boyfriend jean since foreverrrr, soooo it all works out.

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Hey, Sarks here. I've lurked for about half a year, and while I'm comfortable with my style as it is, I'm always looking for new things to consider, new things to try. My wardrobe has been improving gradually, though not steadily, during the time I spent lurking, and I feel I am well versed enough to only ask stupid questions 90% of the time.

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