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Can't provide any help on your tie question. Thought i should get that out of the way. I am curious ,however, as to how you style yourself. I am starting my first year in College to become an English professor and I imagine myself adopting the tweed jacket look.

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New member here. Just bought my first tailored suit (suitsupply) and came across the forum while reserching shoe brands to finish the look. 
I'm a big fan of wool. I'm not too big on silk ties, not my thing. I do have a 50/50 wool/silk tie that I enjoy very much. I go for a more contemporary look so that means thinner ties, slimmer suits, and funky socks showing. 

Help on a double monk brand decision would be much appreciated. (Meermin vs. Magnanni)

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New member out of Atlanta.  Ive been watching this forum for about 2 years but finally decided to do so to better my style.  

I'm getting older (26 now)  and I need to stop buying sneakers and get myself together. I want to start a blog for fashion and hopefully get into that somehow. 


As far as my style I still want to be able to incorporate sneakers but not as bulky.  I really want to start wearing suits again but i want to make sure i invest in the right things before I try to buy a lot of things. don"t want to make the same mistake. and thats about it. 

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New member here as well. I live and work in San Francisco doing writing and editing. 


I travel a lot to Japan and have some links to the fashion industry in Tokyo. I did some consulting work for a department store there and wrote a book about girl's fashion. I try to follow the local and international scene there as much as possible.


I like to accessorize with Japanese stuff (mostly BEAMS lately), but the core of my personal dress comes from the UK or Europe. "Nobody does it better" as they say...


My office is near Sutter street in SF, so I am always peeping in the window at Cable Car Clothiers, Alden, The Hound, etc, and regularly visit Andreas Gorges Tailoring to get my stuff fitted. 


I'm not a fundamentalist preppy guy, or a slick business dude; just someone who likes to mix and match pieces to try and find my own personal style. Reading the threads and getting insider info here at styleforum help a lot with that, so thanks to all for welcoming me.

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Originally Posted by donjuan17 View Post

As a fellow biker i'm curious as to what you use for casual riding? Favorite denim brands?
I was thinking of getting me some red wing boots for the road.


I'm a semi-gear nazi (armoured leather jacket, full gauntlet gloves, riding boots, full face helmet) so 98% of the tiime I wear TCX Competizione RS boots.  I really worry about damaging my ankles so I have no problem clanking around in them.


Although I am considering getting a pair of Dainese Axial boots because if they are good enough for Valentino Rossi, they are good enough for me.  Plus they are less obtrusive under jeans and don't squeak (I have a hilarious story about me in the Library of Congress.  The acoustics of that place are great




The other 2% of the time I wear a pair of Frye Harness boots.  They aren't very safe and if things go sour, they would probably fly off my feet but I love them still.  




Recently I ran across a French company called Vitesse and they have a boot called the Hunt. 



 I think these are great, safer than the ole Fryes plus they go well with my favourite jacket, a Dainese Stripes model.  One of these days I will pick up a pair.





As far as jeans, I don't really wear any motorcycle specific pants and just ride in 501s or something like that.  Its is the only area where my gear nazi-ism falls flat.    I do have a 1 piece leather racing suit but I rarely wear it.  This year I plan on buying some leather pants to zip with my jackets. 

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Hey everyone, I'm Miekka. I studied fashion management and now I make trousers. I'm just here to kick it. I'm always poor so I don't have a waredrobe to be proud of, but I'm working on it. I'll probably learn a lot from guys, hopefully I can contribute something myself.
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Hey guys I was recommended here from Reddit. I've been browsing /r/malefashionadvice their and I've learned alot from the big boys. I'm a college sophomore currently looking to get into the medical field. My current job aspiration isn't related to fashion but I'm always trying to improve my wardrobe. Nice to meet you all :) 

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Hi Everyone,

I love to read the posts here.  Everyone seems so interesting and doing fascinating things.  My life is pretty basic.  Much too basic at the moment actually.  I'm a woman and I love a sharp dressed man.  I'll try to do more posting than reading.


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Hello, i been reading SF for about a year now and i finally made an account a couple of months ago. I don't know anything about fashion and it all started because i had no sense of style and became single as well(that was a blessing ). I am trying to find my style , don't have much to contribute in that aspect. Only things that i can contribute on are motorbikes , worked in a shop since i was 18-25 and now at 27 trying to finish school but it's hard (I'm the old dude). 

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Hi Everyone,


I am Victor and just moved from Amsterdam to London to study marketing here.


I worked part-time in a classic high-end menswear store for over 7 years.

Although I am currently not working, classic menswear and well-made clothing is still my passion.


A couple weeks ago I started my own blog Dapper Edition and I joined this forum to learn more, to stay up-to-date and get inspired.

Looking forward reading all the interesting articles.


Kind regards,



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I have a Ph.D. in English but don't effect any particular look.  My shirts are colorful solids. I have collected about 60 good ties. I started with Ralph Lauren Purple Label, moved on to Hermes, then to lots of Ki ton, Brioni (and other Italian brands), some floral Duchamp and Leonard of Paris.  Duchamp can go overboard and Leonard of Paris become effeminate or too staged. At their best though the colors and designs--especial pure floral--can be quite vibrant.

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Hello all,

I'm Terence. A photographer and lighting director here in Los Angeles. Work quite a bit with magazines such as GQ, Details, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Been lurking here for years and thought it would be a good time to contribute. 



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Hi everyone :)

I'm Jason. Recently found out about styleforum (better late than never?). I have a thing for quality over quantity and I'm glad SF can be a reference for something I want to purchase.


That's all I have for now. Excited to see what else SF has to offer :).

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I had been browsing several forums for a while, finally decided to sign-up.

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Hi Chaps and Chapesses


Just joined the forum as I found there was a healthy 'Nigel Cabourn' forum chat going on with plenty of recent discussion


I live in one of the the oldest villages in Lancashire, England (UK) with my wife and two boys. I am a commercial interior designer and when not working enjoy the outdoor life, camping, open caniadian canoeing, playing the piano and watching football (soccer to all my American Friends)


My wardrobe is pretty much dominated by clothes from the faboulous British designer Nigel Cabourn often coupled with the odd Ralph Lauren shirt and well worn (but never washed) Lee 101 japan jeans.


I started collecting and wearing Cabourn in 2009 when I wanted a stylish English made outdoor tweed jacket for an outdoor adventure and one that harks back to an earlier vintage and pioneering age.I came accross the Tenzing Jacket (now called Mallory) which was my first purchase.


I admire the quality of the fabrics, design and contruction and the fact that most of the fabrics and manufacture is done in England or Scotland.


I am a firm believer in paying a premium for something that is quality and helps our once great but now declining manufacturing of cloth and clothing and I try to exponge all cheap, low cost, mass produced items that pervade a 'throw away' culture.


Hello to all like minded individuals

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