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Hi All  I am Tailor for more years than I wish to say.  I see there are those who appreciate hand made buttonholes.  This is my favorite tailoring task. I  look forward to offering this service to those of you who desire this classic touch to your jackets.

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I'm just some guy who knows to much about technology,motorcycles and cars. I live 10 minutes away from Laguna seca race track and that's it.
I been single for a couple of months so I need style advice, searched other forms but this one seems best.
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Originally Posted by fallforall View Post



Been lurking the forum for a while. Decided to finally join up so I can get some advice.

Don't be shy :)

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Hi - I'm archovist, used style forum before to do some sartorial research, finally joining so I can show off my White's Boots when I get them, and thank the folks whose past experiences helped shape my choice! I'm mostly a car guy, though...

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Hi to everyone.  At 61  years of age, I am  a late bloomer when it comes to interest in fashion, and have a great deal to learn.  A fictional character on TV was  a life changing catalyst, bringing long suppressed and dormant interests back to life.  With these feelings, I spoke with a few fashion conscious friends and  was astonished to find the character tended to dress in classic timeless  style, many of his examples  age appropriate for me.  I remember many of them from the 1960s, but could not enjoy them at the time because of where and when I was.  Now, I am incorporating  many of these examples into my wardrobe,  thoroughly enjoying it, and getting very positive comments from many people. The one big problem , pun intended, is I am tall and husky. Trying to find many of these fashions in a size that fits is a serious problem. I hope any of you who are working toward becoming or already are designers will keep taller and larger guys in mind, there are tens of millions of people in my age group wanting to wisely recapture what they could not have in the past,  eager to span the generations. 

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I've been a longtime lurker and think is about time to start participating, I also like to look at items that are for sale to see what suits me, so hopefully I'll be able to purchase some nice goods here! Thank you for having me!
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Hi there,


i have been strolling around at the English speaking forums for a while, but now decided to participate a bit in this one. Currently active in a German forum, i hope i can give some input at least getting close to what i hope to receive here ;) Though my personal relationship with the British society in general might described by what is called in German a "Hassliebe" (hate and love meanwhile, not sure wether this is a common English expression), British style and especially Scottish craftsmanship are definitely an enriching aspect of the Island for me. As I have studied half a year in England, I got to know all this stuff a bit more intensely. 



ze Banker

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Greetings all


I love styleforum because its magical.  Seriously though, I have been a frequent peruser for years and have found that I can find answers to even my most obscure inquiries on the forums.  I typically do research on the site prior to making any menswear purchase.  I always recommend the site for newbies to mens fashion and for advice on dressing and generally conducting oneself like a classically trained gentleman.


Even though I'm a millenial, this is the first forum website I have actually joined in my life.  Im a busy professional.  However, I am looking forward to actually becoming a contributor.  




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I've recently stumbled on to this forum while looking to update my wardrobe, and been lurking for a couple of months just to get a feel of things.  A lot of good stuff to read up on.



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Hey everybody,
I am 38 and from Germany. Over the last 3 years I have realized that dressing street style gets more and more unconvincing at my age and sort of upgraded my wardrobe to a smart casual look. Enjoying to wear tweed and Budapesters and even more frequently a tie or bow tie is what happened with it. Hope to find some more inspiration here.

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my name is Stephan and I'm from Bavaria, Germany. Being a teacher at grammar school and uni for English language and literature as well as for European history, a fell a quite natural affinity for the English-speaking community. Having spend a considerable time in the UK (Scotland) I also came across British style, which I first regarded as too settled for me. Growing older (and being back in Germany, where especially shoe-culture seems to be rather underdeveloped) I started changing to goodyear-welted and handmade shoes and boots, tweed and corduroy, waistcoat etc. .

I'm really looking forward to taking in new ideas and information in this forum!


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Hi folks!



This site has been a treasure, have been following you for some time now.

Got hooked on Wolverine 1000 mile boots by the way... ^^

Next topic of interest will be real denim jeans but first I have got to get myself a pair of those boots.

Sadly Revolve has changed the new customer 30% offer to exclude Wolverines.

(I will post a WTB in the marketplace to see if someone here has got a Wolverine 1000 mile pair in brown 9,5US size in good condition... ^^ )


I am from Germany and just making the jump from student to employee. One could say, perfect timing for joining here!  



To a good time and wardrobe enriching posts!


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I am have been reading SF for a while now but this is my first post. I am a senior in college with a taste for finer things in life, thus I have been trolling around the forum for about a year now. I am about to enter the workplace where the dress code is  professional, so have been building my wardrobe accordingly. I have an affinity for prince of wales check, houndstooth pattern and cap toes shoes.

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My name is Simon, 30 years old, from Montreal (Canada). Fanatic about luxury, fabrics, clothing, watches, cars, shoes, etc. 


Also a big fan of James Bond (Daniel Craig) :-)


I've just started to get bespoke items, never going back to a store! LOL!

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I'm kevin and I enjoy Alden, Edward green, charvet shirts, and long walks on the beach.
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