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Originally Posted by Macormick View Post

Hello to all. I stumbled upon this site as I was browsing for more information on suits, and can't believe the wealth of information I've found. Its been very informative so far and I look forward to getting the info I need to update my wardrobe.

Great to have you here :) 

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Hi, I'm Andy, age 47 living in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Interested in casual clothes, I hardly ever wear a suit, but am proud owner of several pairs of Red Wing boots. My passion for Red Wings led me to this board, as I was in search for some advice on care products.

Other interests are playing tennis and cycling. Until my 35th birthday I was a road cycle racer, in my prime I was pretty close to become a professional racer.

I try to spend as much time as possible in the US, favorite spots are Fort Lauderdale (have some friends there) and wherever they don't know the meaning of the word "winter".

Have fun,
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Hi! I'm a new member here.  My name is Steven and i work from home in the health and safety field.  I wear house pants or other loose and comfortable clothing most of the day at home (eat your heart out office gnomes!), but i like to dress well when i venture out into the wider world.  I prefer jeans or cotton slacks, wear suits occasionally, and dress slacks and shirts frequently when in a professional situation. 


i have long been a clothes horse but only began to buy higher quality clothing over the last 5 years or so.  as i approach middle age (pass it really, but i am still in denial) i find that styles get more boring and fit is more problematic.  Coupling that with quality issues and the barrage of marketing barkers, selecting good clothing for casual/business casual wear is almost more work than its worth.  Looking forward to some reasonable feedback and helpful advice via this forum.



"When you see a problem, and don't fix it, it becomes your problem."

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Heya all,


Been observing this forum for quite some time, and I have to express gratitude for a tremendeous wealth of information, advice and opinions I have acquired over time. I personally took interest into men's fashion and style around a year ago, and am currently building up what I hope to be a solid and proper wardrobe that will last for years to come. I would say that I probably like the 60's/mcqueen/rat pack look the best, with a bit of a modern twist, ranging from old-school bespoke/classic masters like hardy amies, gieves & hawkes, brioni, etro, church, grenson, to the more modern ones like lanvin, brooks brothers, paul smith, balenciaga or such. Also, your marketplace section has some really great deals, might be worth checking out if anything interesting shows up in the future :)


Anyways, see you guys around, have fun. 

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I'm a young professional. I've been updating my wardrobe, and doing a lot of research regarding clothing. I've come across this site often enough to want to be a member. In the future I hope to be more of an active participant in threads and also buy and sell on these boards. I'm still learning a lot and it's hard to have favorites when you feel as if you know so little. 

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Been lurking the forum for a while. Decided to finally join up so I can get some advice.

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Hello All,


I joined the forums to learn and meet other people with the same taste as I do for classic menswear.


*I love suits!

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Hi all,


I´m lurking for years, and finally joined up. Interested in classic mens wear..

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Hello. This is obviously what the internet was made for! It seems like an incredible resource and community. I'm very glad to be here.
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Jaguarlover from Belgium....member of the dutch equivalent "Stijlforum" for some years...

As I'm an anglophile, my style is "British gentleman farmer" => tweeds, Jaguars, corduroy or moleskin trousers, waistcoats, hunting ties, etc...

I will be more a reader than a poster though :-)


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Hi I'm Philip from Manchester UK.

Just looking to perfect my style and want to see some idea and perhaps copy a few fashionably savvy gentlemen.

I'm not used to the forum, but if someone can make it easy for me and link me to the best threads I would be greatful.

Here is a pic of me and my style so you know what kind of look I'm going for.

Granted,I didn't tight up my waist coat straps properly but it does fit nice, perhaps change my shirt collar, and perhaps a pocket square with a pattern.

What you think?

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Hi everyone!


Like a lot of others I've been lurking for years, finally registered just to be able to send a pm smile.gif


This forum is really a great resource and I hope I'll be able to contribute in some way!

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Hello, i'm Qerb.


The name doesn't mean anything, i just like to make up random words from time to time.


I'm from Manchester, UK.


When it comes to fashion i'm definitely a noob, but i feel i'm quite creative. I'm hoping to learn a few things to do with fashion and styling on here, and hey maybe even make a few friends along the way.


I'm pretty much just here to learn some stuff and vibe with like-minded peeps.



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Hi All  I am Tailor for more years than I wish to say.  I see there are those who appreciate hand made buttonholes.  This is my favorite tailoring task. I  look forward to offering this service to those of you who desire this classic touch to your jackets.

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