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Hello! I'm Ryan writing from Santa Monica! Long time reader, finally decided to make an account. Cheers!

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Having read on the sidelines for a few months I thought it right to sign up and join the fray.  Hoping to learn bit, contribute where possible, and generally enjoy myself.  I've been thinking about shoes lately.  Perhaps too much, if that's possible.

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Lawrence here in Houston. I've been lurking for a few months when I caught the traditional menswear bug. I'm about to purchase my first pair of high-quality dress shoes north of $100 and embark on gathering a small but versatile wardrobe for the decades. 

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Hey fellow newbies
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Originally Posted by hoodyear View Post

Congrats! Quite an achievement.

Thanks. It took alot of doing but it is a great feeling replacing an XXL wardrobe with a Small.
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Hi there gents, I'm from Sydney. Been reading a lot lately about men's fashion and found this website. I am pretty keen in proper maintenance of the garments and shoes I own. Look forward to share some tips. 

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New Year's Resolution #3:  Join a style forum.  Done.  


(happy newbie now)

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Hi everyone ……i'm from Hong Kong looking forword more fashion in men wear … cheers
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Hey everyone,


I'm a Texan currently working in DC, where style goes to die.  I've been a fan of SF for a couple of years and use it almost as a reference for specific product reviews at this point.  I figured it was time I joined and started participating instead of being a wallflower.  I'm all about basic heirloom-quality pieces that build a wardrobe that will be as good or better in 10 years than it is now.  I'm right at 6'0" and 175lbs and athletically build (meaning I don't have chicken legs and stay away from skinny jeans).  I usually seek out advice on the quality of clothes because my current obsession is with how long an item will last. Any advice up these alleys would be greatly appreciated.  

I'm all about learning from like-minded people and think I'll fit in well with the crowd here.  

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My name is Frank. I live and work in wine country in Northern California, moved here from Milwaukee about a dozen years ago. I've been reading the forum and getting some sage advice for a while now, and being the New Year, I figured it was time to join. Thank  you all!

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Hi all!


Allow myself to introduce... myself. My name is Andy and I am the owner/craftsman/brains behind my little startup business called Blackthorn Leather. I create handmade laptop briefcases and leather accessories out of my home workshop based just outside of Los Angeles. My style is very rustic and influenced by my love of all things medieval and Celtic in nature. As a kid, I was greatly influenced of my Irish heritage by my grandfather. My wife and I traveled to Ireland for our honeymoon and I was able to visit a centuries old grave-site containing my ancestors. Needless to say it had quite an impact on me personally and greatly influences my work and area of interest.


Have a look at my Etsy store:







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I'm from England, found this site and have joined.more into classic quality clothes, rather than fashion.


Like the classics such as barbour, Loake, Dents etc...

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Have read up random threads but ready to jump into posting.  30 years old from Hoboken, NJ.  Into watches, denim, scotch, cigars and anything else well made.  Big into researching purchases so love places like this with a vast collective knowledge.  Thanks in advance for all the advice!

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Hello all,

I have been reading the man's clothing forum for a while and I wanted to thank everybody for all the things I have learnt so far.

Just got some bespoke shirts made, hopefully a bespoke suit by the end of the year.

Take care,

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Hello, everyone. 


I am a new member to the forum, but i've heard many things about Style Forum throughout the years. I am a full-time college student and work part-time in an office. I hope to learn new things and meet new people on this forum. biggrin.gif

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