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Hi folks,


I'm a male in my late 20s living in BC, Canada. I've been benefiting from the collective wisdom of the forums for a few months, and decided to register so that I can ask questions and maybe eventually contribute something of value.

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Long time lurker. Finally decided to register. Wishing you all a fantastic 2013!.

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Originally Posted by sil0ver View Post

I only recently joined the style forum so that I could respond to an article that touched on a subject of particular interest to me: men adopting some items of women's clothing and making it part of their own personal style. I have long been disappointed in the lack of choices and variety in men's clothing compared to the overwhelming choices available to women.  Men should have the same opportunity for choices that women have.

I hope you mean color wise and not design?

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Hello. My name is Coolman5. I found out about the website from Mr. Peacoat at the fedoralounge. I would like to be open to any help regarding measurements to find a nice Kersey wool peacoat that fits. 

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Long time lurker, finally decided to join. Have a happy and healthy 2013.
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Hi guys! My name is EJ (20 years old) and I've been lurking for a while as a guest and taking notes on some of your tips :)


I've been all my life wearing the same clothes, traditional modern clothes (jeans, jeans, jeans and more jeans with a polo shirt and/or T-shirt). I tried to change a bit, wearing "Seattle style", open long sleeve shirt with a T-shirt underneath, I wore that and the jean/shirt all way through my first 2 years of College (I'm still studying Accounting). I know, what a shame...


Last June, I started working at Old Navy, and gosh! I was missing out! A lot of cool clothes! So, thanks to the employee discounts, Im buying like crazy (I can use my discount on Old Navy, Banana Republic, GAP and more). I buy stuff I thought I would never wear ever, like a Cardigan. So I decided to join this awesome community, keep up to date and to learn how to dress like a real human being. I go to church, and I use a lot of suits too... Most of them are made of Polyester (dont hit me! I read the suits thread XD ). Im trying to change the way I look and how I dress up.


P.S. Im not against jeans, nor polos and shirts; I still use them in a random basis, when Im lazy or is too hot. I live in Puerto Rico and sorry for the long post.

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Hi I am Mark.


I am living in Australia having recently returned from living in Europe for many years. Mens clothing and shoes are not quite the same here as in Europe so discovering this forum is a great way to keep up with fashion. Having lived in Spain I love quality Spanish shoes!

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I'm Sahadoha, not my name at all.

Been on this site several times, never really cared to joined, mostly would google a style issue and itd end me up here, reading about some non-topic. I also did see this site linked to the tumble page 

I'm into style, A LOT, as a college student, with bills everywhere my meager minimum wage job doesn't really afford me the luxuries. Right now i get by best I can.

I got an okay collection of about 30 shoes, ranging from sneakers to boats to loafers and boots. I'm looking to add some Chukkas to the collection which is the main reason why i joined this site, i need affordable, comfortable chukkas, i like having the ability to dress up or down with my clothing being that i cant have a ton of it. I have a certain style, certain things i like to wear. i like all my clothing fitted, and fitting just right. i like wool, crew socks. i dont really wear ankle or no show socks anymore. i have a nice assortment of button up shirts. im just starting out now, i have plenty to learn about fit, feel, denim, and everything inbetween but right now i want to start with the Chukkas, someone help me get something affordable.

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Hello everyone:


I currently switching up jobs right now and I'm hoping that this forum will be able to help me select some workwear for my new job. I am currently working as an engineer in the aerospace & defense industry (hence my handle) and I'm switching into the construction industry.

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Good day to all. Newbie here from the lovely, sunny Midlands. On a few other forums and looking forward to getting invovled on here. Lover of fine footwear and owner of too many jackets. 


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Hello to all. I stumbled upon this site as I was browsing for more information on suits, and can't believe the wealth of information I've found. Its been very informative so far and I look forward to getting the info I need to update my wardrobe.

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Hi. I discovered this wonderful site about a year ago. I am 47, a physician executive and live in Chicago IL. I spend most of my free time trading financial derivatives, eating out and dancing.

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Hello everyone!
I discovered this forum searching the internet for information on suits and tailoring.
I'm an economics undergrad from Switzerland planning to get a new wardrobe tailored.

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Just wanted to say "hello" and "thanks for such an informative forum here". Lots of interesting input...
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