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hi guys, I'm new and here to get advice on suits

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Hello everybody

My name is Martin, I'm from Italy, a lawyer, and I like traditional england style more than italian so-called fashion.

I am bit obssessed by shoes and never buy them online. I must wear and feel them.

I once bought out of exaltation a very expensive aviator leather jacket just to realize that it was much bigger than my size.

So be aware of clothes exaltation!

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I'm Will.


Basically, I'm tired of wasting money on split decisions at the mall. Time to get educated, shrug.

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My names is David and like Fok I am living in the great state of Idaho.  I own a website  I joined the forum to get some ideas from everyone.

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Hello I'm Alex, and I understand the importance of man style. I am 16, turning 17 in 1 month. I have basic things but I am not allowed to have a job so I am stuck financially. I have a few dress shirts and some casual button ups. I have sweaters from American eagle, vneck obviously, and some stuff from express. I have 2 or 3 pairs of shorts which are flat front. It's you can tell i a stuck in a situation and style will be hard for my age as trendy is the better thing to do in highschool. Nice to meet all of you.
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Hello! My name is Matt. I recently graduated from college and joined this forum to learn more about formal dress and style.

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Introduce myself

Hi, I'm Jan and just entered his forum.

Living in the Netherlands.

I'm a Graphic Designer at Belkin and a denim and fashion enthusiast.

I have a passion for detail photography especially fashion and denim.

One of the things I recently picked up was writing for

I think you will probably find me in the denim and streetwear section ;-)

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i'm a dyslexic lefty and can't type-so forgivr me:)

in health care-semiretired-2nd generation preachers kid

recovering-learning to deal-intuitively with lifes issues

have 2 grown sons-looking forward to the holidays

best wishes to all-jim c

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Hi... I've been lurking around for some time, but now I decided to join (to post some questions). I was the stereotypical hoodie+jeans college students until I started to work fulltime, and now I try to build my business wardrobe.

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Hey SF!


Living in Chicago where I started my own business.  From Michigan originally.  I wear suits daily (by choice not necessity!)  Looking forward to chatting it up with everyone and expanding my breadth of knowledge with you all.  Looking forward to having fun on the 'What I'm wearing today' thread as well! Cheers!


Here is a photo I love of me and friends dressing up to go out!  I have the double breasted Loro Piana on and my friend is wearing my buffalo check Vitale Barbaris 3-piece.  Amazing that it fits him as well as it does!  My wife is closing her eyes don't tell her I posted this ; )





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What up yall.  I'm a 25 year old professional cubicle sitter from the dtla area.  Have been lurking on this forum as I diligently sit in my office cubicle.  This is my first post.  Feel like a new man. My dreams in life are: to get promoted to professional office sitter and eventually retire (asap).  

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Hello Styleforum, my name is Patrick. I lurk here quite a bit and some of it is starting to rub off. I live in St. Louis via DC via Philadelphia via Tulsa (with a few stops in between). I am recently married. I am attempting to change careers to web development, after I have worked in online marketing and, initially, in academic publishing.  I used to drink a lot of beer, now I like wine, and I really like whiskey. I'm an ailurophile. Even though I'm from God's USA, I somehow became a soccer fan and support Arsenal FC.

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hello friends

I am a new user to the forum. Long time lurker. Looking forward to talking shop with you all.
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Hi, I am have been a lurker here for awhile. I spend a lot of time over at /r/malefashionadvice, came here to learn more.


I am an 18 year old student. Even though I spend a lot of time in jeans and casual wear, I have a passion for suiting. I have an interest in sewing as well and enjoy practicing on thrift store finds. Brands that I would say define my style would be Dior Homme and Surface to Air. Glad to be here.

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Hello all,

I'm here to talk about men's suits: I would wear the on the beach if it weren't too hot!

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