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 I work in a fashion company surrounded by stylish women, feel that I need to update

my wardrobe, hence joining this forum :)

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Originally Posted by afton1 View Post

 I work in a fashion company surrounded by stylish women, feel that I need to update
my wardrobe, hence joining this forum smile.gif

Feel free to post flicks of said stylish women!
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Originally Posted by i am error View Post


i'm just here to learn mostly. i post on reddit's mfa, but want to learn more about and expand on streetwear, which isn't covered too well there... 
i've lurked a little here, and this seems like a cool forum. 


Originally Posted by deek View Post

Hi I've been a reader of StyleForum for a long time and it has been a tremendous aid in helping me upgrade my look. I've gone from being a complete knuckledhead when it came to fashion to the person who my friends ask for advice. I don't mean to say that I'm a style icon - i'm not - but I am at least competent. All thanks goes to StyleForum for being the inspiration.

Originally Posted by JPoli View Post

Hello all, Ive become interested in my appearance and style only a couple years ago after moving to Melbourne Australia from Southern California, where I used to wear nothing but ill fitting surf wear.
I've made mistakes and am still learning everything about fit and materials, but I've made great strides, and now I'm finally starting to find my own personal style.
Unfortunate that Australia is less accommodating than America is in the retail availability and price brackets, but it took me leaving the SoCal environment for me to even get this far. Still, I've found some gems like Up There, Beggar Man Thief and RM Williams boots.

Hope to share in some discussions.

Originally Posted by adhamh View Post

Hello. I'm building a wardrobe from scratch, and slowly.

I'm a humble gentleman, 5' 7" & 38S generally in a suit. I hope to reap the benefits of those more knowledgeable than myself.

Originally Posted by CanGren View Post

Hey, just wanted to pop in here for my first post.

I joined this forum because I'm trying to create a more "mature" wardrobe. I'm 22 years old, Canadian but currently in France for graduate studies. I wear mostly oxfords/polos from J.Crew and RL with slim tapered APC jeans, and am currently trying to improve my shoe game. I've browsed this website occasionally over the years, and it's because of this website that I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds 5 years ago in high school.

Now looking for a pair of monks and some oxfords, and think I'm going to start with some from Meermina! I've been reading that thread all night, and they seem very promising.

Originally Posted by stylememerry View Post

I am a 25 year old women, with a strong interest and passion for men's wear. You could say it is in my blood my family had a mens department store in Denver for 80 years it closed the year I was born. I just moved to the Detroit area after being in Chicago for 2 years. I desperately miss big city life. I currently work at Nordstrom. when I lived in  Chicago I worked at an independent shoe store in wicker park. I sort of fell into shoes I have a background in politics my bachelors is in Political Science, I was all set up to work in politics after college only to have a change of heart. I aspire to start my own business

Hai and welcome!!!
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DMB here.  I'm a retired Army officer and currently a detective sergeant with a medium size agency in the south.  I blow money on nice watches, shoes/boots, and cigars.  Due to the hazards of the job, I don't dress for Wallstreet but still like to wear something in the "nice" range with respect to footwear.  I've been wearing a simple Rolex GMT II or Sea Dweller in the military and continue to wear one in Law Enforcement.  A decent watch is one thing that I won't compromise on.  If I go boots up at work, I'm not going out wearing a plastic digital watch.  See you on the boards. - D

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Greetings all!  New to the group and interested to see what's out there.  I own several pairs of Alden shoes/boots and love them.  I get over to San Francisco frequently and usually stop by the Alden Shop on Sutter, but really enjoy following the offerings from LeatherSoul.  All the best.

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Just. Introducing myself. I love shopping for fashion bargains, especially in the high end luxury department. My favorite brands are Etro for shirts, Bally for shoes, and Diesel for my denim needs. I rarely pay full price for anything I buy. Getting married in a few short months, so I have a feeling that things may change up slightly on the high end stuff, but I have enough quality stuff to keep me stylish, and comfortable for a long time.
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Hello, My name is Michael and I'm in the process of learning how to dress in classic styles. I'm very traditional in my dress and feel the style and fashion has two different meanings. Style is classic and will last forever. Fashion trends come and go. I'm learning alot from this site and have started building a minimalist wardrobe with classic styles. I've learned that I've worn clothes to big. I just threw out (sent to Good Will) all the clothes that don't fit me. I started shopping at consignment stores for high quality clothes for discount prices. So far I've bought 10 shirts, 2 sweaters, 4 pairs of pants. I have some more work to do because I just learned that the pants I just bought are all too long. I'm in the process of getting them altered. I'm learning!

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Greetings all:


Not new to reading the forum but thought it was about time I joined.  I also frequent askandy's forums and am still trying to figure out what my style is or should be.  I enjoy hunting the thrift shops nearby and spend way too much time looking at shoes I can't afford on the interwebs.  I guess I got into all this a few years ago when I was getting married and decided to build myself a morning suit from vintage pieces.  It's all been downhill since then...

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Hi all,


I've been lurking for quite a while and finally decided to take the plunge and join. I love wearing suits and am working towards a job where I will be able to wear them daily.

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Hi ya

Just searched, found and joined today. I am a criminal defense attorney in Michigan. I wear suits everyday. In the past 10 months I have lost over 65 pounds. So now I need a new wardrobe. I like nice clothes!!! wink.gif
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i ve been lurking the forum for a while, spending good time reading and trying to learn about good quality clothes...

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Hi, newbie to site. Joined to buy japanese selvedge jeans. I'm 40+yrs old, married with 4 kids. Living in SoCal. Cleaning closet to sell items for later. 

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Hi everyone, my name is Guido and I'm a 32yrs old lawyer from Germany.
I've been following this forum for quite some time, so it was time to finally join the community.

Best wishes from Dusseldorf, Germany.

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Hi All! 


I've read this forum from time to time, usually as a result of finding threads via Google search. 


About me, I used to be very very into high-end men's clothing when I worked in sales in the 1990s and into the early 2000s, and still have that closet full of Oxxford, Brioni, Zegna, and one Savile Row bespoke piece. Then in 2003 I started an internet business and since then have rarely worn suits save for the occasional wedding or graduation.


Fast-forward to now: I've started another company specializing in lead generation for businesses, have recruited a sales team, and that has me out with them on appointments, going to networking events, and so on, so the need for good clothes is back! Sadly, with the exception of my Oxxfords, who seem to be the only maker to be very generous on extra fabric, most of my clothes that were purchased 12+ years ago cannot be let out any further to accommodate, my umm, "change" in physique :)


So I'm back! My interest now is strictly in custom suiting, although I may look into the made-to-measure offering from Oxxford Clothes since nothing gives me that feeling of luxury and power that putting on an Oxxford always has, not my one Savile Row piece, and not the new custom suits I've recently purchased locally.


I look forward to both learning and contributing here!


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I finally found myself here after discovering style was very important to me, not as much as fashion. Although I wear Multicam daily and have very little need for civilian clothes I find that when I am out of the uniform I wish to make it count as much as possible. After years or buying "outfits" or individual pieces, I now want to build an actual wardrobe of style, substance, and quality though not necessarily quantity.
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