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I'm Jules and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I'm a bit of a newbie to this forum, but my primary aim for being here is that I'm embarking on a legal career and need to replace all of jeans,etc... with high quality 38R suits, 15.5 shirts, 32" waist pants, and ties. Guess I'm here for a bit of direction and hoping to score some good deals.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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I'm Ken and live in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I've been lurking around the forum for some time now. But i finally decided to make an account and join in on the fun. I'm mostly here for inspiration wether it be in the Men's Clothing section or in the Fine Living, Home, Design & Auto.


If i decide to post in one of the WAYWRN threads your gonna see scandinavian clothing mixed with some american brands.


Hope this is the start of alot of new knowledge and interesting reading. 



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Hi all,


I'm Alvin and I live in Singapore.


Lately I've developed an obsession towards shoes of all kinds, and I'm sure joining this forum will simply worsen my condition and my bank account. 



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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, finally registered here!

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Nate here. Joined SF after browsing it for a while. I thought I knew decent style, jokes on me. Just signed up to learn and eventually contribute. I'm from Phoenix so anything I get needs to help me bear 100+f weather. I'm 25 years old.


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Hi everyone!

I'm from canada, long time lurker and finally registered,

Love this site!

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Whatsup Everyone.  We are THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS, a Men's Lifestyle Brand & Boutique. Our first boutique opened 2006 in a quaint neighborhood in Brooklyn NYC.  Since then we have humbly grown into a niche yet global brand (BKc) with an additional shop in San Francisco.

Experience more at


Excited about joining in on the Styleforum fun!

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HI there!  I came here to learn more about vintage clothing and style. My wife and I are avid thrifters and sell on ebay ( ) 

The thrill of finding treasures and passing them on to others who appreciate the same is our drive. We hope to learn lots from you all (spoken in a southern drawl). 


A lot of the items we sell on Ebay and at our website is normal pre-owned clothing, but we do periodically come across true vintage items. I need to learn what is valuable vs. what is "normal"

In our rush to find fast sellers we quickly look through thousands of items per week. We dislike the thought of passing over something that is rare or hard to find. Not for the monetary reason, but for the idea that an item would be purchased for someone unaware of the rarity or uniqueness that item may have. 


We know denim only but really need to branch out and really need an education!

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i'm just here to learn mostly. i post on reddit's mfa, but want to learn more about and expand on streetwear, which isn't covered too well there... 

i've lurked a little here, and this seems like a cool forum. 


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know what you mean, learned quality from my dad, he was a dairy farmer with six children, if my mom bought us something cheap, his would raise holy hell, did not have a lot of money back then, but he always told us that there was a difference between price and value

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Hi I've been a reader of StyleForum for a long time and it has been a tremendous aid in helping me upgrade my look. I've gone from being a complete knuckledhead when it came to fashion to the person who my friends ask for advice. I don't mean to say that I'm a style icon - i'm not - but I am at least competent. All thanks goes to StyleForum for being the inspiration.

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Hello all, Ive become interested in my appearance and style only a couple years ago after moving to Melbourne Australia from Southern California, where I used to wear nothing but ill fitting surf wear.

I've made mistakes and am still learning everything about fit and materials, but I've made great strides, and now I'm finally starting to find my own personal style.

Unfortunate that Australia is less accommodating than America is in the retail availability and price brackets, but it took me leaving the SoCal environment for me to even get this far. Still, I've found some gems like Up There, Beggar Man Thief and RM Williams boots.


Hope to share in some discussions.

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Hello. I'm building a wardrobe from scratch, and slowly.


I'm a humble gentleman, 5' 7" & 38S generally in a suit. I hope to reap the benefits of those more knowledgeable than myself.

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Hey, just wanted to pop in here for my first post.


I joined this forum because I'm trying to create a more "mature" wardrobe. I'm 22 years old, Canadian but currently in France for graduate studies. I wear mostly oxfords/polos from J.Crew and RL with slim tapered APC jeans, and am currently trying to improve my shoe game. I've browsed this website occasionally over the years, and it's because of this website that I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds 5 years ago in high school.


Now looking for a pair of monks and some oxfords, and think I'm going to start with some from Meermina! I've been reading that thread all night, and they seem very promising.

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I am a 25 year old women, with a strong interest and passion for men's wear. You could say it is in my blood my family had a mens department store in Denver for 80 years it closed the year I was born. I just moved to the Detroit area after being in Chicago for 2 years. I desperately miss big city life. I currently work at Nordstrom. when I lived in  Chicago I worked at an independent shoe store in wicker park. I sort of fell into shoes I have a background in politics my bachelors is in Political Science, I was all set up to work in politics after college only to have a change of heart. I aspire to start my own business

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