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Came accross this forum trying to find another denim forum on tapatalk.  I work in the apparel field and find it easier to just observe in these forums.

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Hey everyone! I'm Matt and I'm from Upstate New York. I'm kinda new to the fashion world. If you have any friendly advice for a newbie PM me. smile.gif


PS: My favorite color is black.

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Hello All, I'm a 46 year old professional visual artist, musician, and filmmaker from North Alabama, USA.  I guess you might call me a man of classic style. As they say, "Trends come and go, but style is forever."  

I'm a fan and collector of all things Golden Age (1930s/40s/50s): automobiles, architecture, men's clothing and accouterments, film, music. militaria, etc. As a hobby and side-income I buy and sell vintage ties, clothing, musical instruments, and other unique vintage items on eBay and elsewhere.


Looking forward to seeing what this forum has to offer.

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Hello styleforum, hello everyone!!
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Newbie Here



my name is Alden.I just joined few hours ago to this forum.I'm 25 years old.I love anything relate to fashion.Fresh designs and unique styles are new life into your personality.One of my friend tell me about this site.I would be happy after entering this wonderful forum which might be nice and interesting ideas from lovely people here.




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Greeting from Thailand, I am Peach, Motion Designer based in Bangkok

My english ain't good, just wanna say this place is wonderful


I love shoe!!!!

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Hello styleforum

I will be primarily looking for fashion deals, hope to find some good picks !

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Hi everybody!


I'm glad to have signed up!


Looking forward to hearing your amazing advice and helping others with what I know too.


See you all soon!

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By the way, here is my occupation:


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Hi, I'm Jim. Joined the forum because I'm in the first throes of my next obsession (shoes!) and liked a thread on Meermin MTOs here. (My linea maestros arrive tomorrow!) style wise I'm mostly jeans (Ironheart and triple works) and T's with overshirts and have a financially unhealthy obsession with Swiss watches. I'll probably spend too much time on here but hey, it beats Facebook!
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Hello all, just joigned this forum. I am a socks geek from Belgium. I am not here to promote my site but to get and share information with you on the trends in the socks market. Why Sockalia? Guess ... Socks from Italia. Talk to you soon. Bernard.

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Geordie Sam here.

Hi lads (yes I'm British)

just joined the forum, if anyone is wondering what Geordie in front of the sam is? it's from where I come from, Newcastle,  in the UK. People from Newcastle are called Geordies hence Geordie sam.

Sting, Brian Johnson (AC/DC) Rowan Atkinson, Eric Burdon to name a few are all Geordies from Newcastle.

I'm an ex shipyard Boilermaker, solid working class (Labour voter, Democrat in the USA) likes to dress well, never the latest fashions, they dont last, total waste of money, just the classics, they DO last.

Tailored suits, jeans and suede brogues,(suede wingtips to you Yanks, that's said with affection by the way) Oxford shirts for casual look, heavy double breasted overcoats (worn over a suit) in winter time, quality dress shirts,a good wristwatch, basically a well dressed fella who likes to look his best.

Big football fan, ( I hate the word soccer) also rugby (makes American football look like a game for girls) not all Brits are like Hugh Grant (Christ he's an apology for an Englishman) and no I dont like the Royal family, an awful lot of us don't actually.

Anyway before you lot get bored that's enough from me, so without any further ado thank you, and for the moment good night.

Geordie Sam.

Gods country.


PS. I have great teeth, and I don't eat kidney pie (I don't know anyone who does)

PPS well done Obama.


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We don't discuss politics on SF.

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Hello SF,


I've been lurking for a couple of years now and finally decided to make an account.  I live in Canada and I'm currently finishing my last year of law school.  This means I'll be wearing a suit every day so that's primarily why I'm here.  But I'm also passionate about watches and whiskey, so I'm sure that's what you'll find me discussing most of the time...

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HI good admin and the all the other members......: 
I am here a newbie to this forum so i have joined this board today here is my introduction.. 
Name..: curisjerik 
age,...: 21 
status..:  I have been playing golf since years. 
Object ... : To share my ideas and learn more about the golf what i can get in there. 

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