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I'm JP. I live in Montreal and I am all about New York urban style, with a zest of italian chic, toned down with parisian nonchalance. I love to travel, discover and think. I believe our greatest gift is our ability to create.




"Sum ergo cojito" - JP

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I'm Dave AKA Cropknox. I'm a new member here but I've been a lurker on SF for years. 

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I'm gcmilburn, new to the forum.  Recently moved back to LA with my family in involved in government lobbying.  I come from a corporate background and regular Esquire subscriber.  The information I have read about style tips, suit vendors, etc has been helpful thus far...I just bought two more new suits based on the feedback from the forum.  I must say that one of my goals is to be the most stylish government official in City Hall. :)

Thanks for everyone for the candor and links.  

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I live in Atlanta, recently started learning about dressing well after making very subtle progress for a while. I recently read Alan Flusser's permanent fashion and my next project is figuring out what patterns match my old grey glen plaidish suit.

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I'm Jonathan.  Born in NYC, raised in CT, college and first part of my career in Beantown and now live in the Bay Area.  I am definitely a late bloomer to fashion and probably still not aged enough.   Let's just say I took the scenic route.  Although, hints of fashion came out when I was young.  While other kids were wearing their white converse chucks, I took my markers out and painted different sized circles on them because I thought it looked better with all the colors and shapes.   In college, I dressed part hippie, part punk, part brooks brothers.  I was just really confused...  When I entered my tech career, all fashion sense lay dormant.   Tshirts, khakis, plaid shirts.  Think Bill Gates, the early years.  Although, things have changed in the tech world.   The new generation of techies and geeks are really becoming fashion forward and want to express them selves in ways beyond the code they write, the tweets they make, and their pursuit of world domination via bits and bytes.  In fact, the whole world is changing and evolving so quickly as more and more people are increasingly becoming more global and social in their ways.  Being able to borrow ideas and styles from all countries and cultures has made this a really exciting time to be in the world of fashion!  I am looking forward to seeing what the next decade will bring, both in terms of my own style and the evolution of the fashion industry! 

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Hai! I'm felix from Indonesia...I'm new member..Thank you very much....

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Hi all,


I'm Mayur. I'm from India. I live in a state where people believe in saving and spending more on utility stuff than fashion gears. But I'm different. I'm crazy about brands and love to spend on any great quality product (I'm soon going to be bankrupt :)).


Hope to gain from and contribute in StyleForum in any which way possible.

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Hello All -


I'm ESP from PA been lurking for a while and liked what I saw so I decided to join. I'm middle aged and wear a suit 5 days a week but I soo enjoy looking nice on the weekends  maybe a pair of denim RLs and some nice boots.. Can't wait I am expecting a pair of 1000 miles early next week. I love to to train MMA and live a Paleo lifestyle (and I have never felt better in my life). It seems the older I get the more I am interested in what I look like and how I dress (I like the Nivea ad "give a damn") my wife just laughs.. She understands me and tolerates me.. I hope that I can contribute to the forum in a positive manner! BTW currently reading a good book Choosing Civility The Twenty-Five rules of Considerate Conduct. Support your local library and check it out. It may make you look at life just a little bit different!    Enjoy


Thanks for having me,





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Hi all. I'm Antti aka konda and from Finland. I'm more of a smart casual and a jeans+jacket kinda dresser. Work in sales and wear a suit maybe once a month. Shoes are my passion as well as dress shirts.



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Hi! You can call me LT.


I'm a college student outside Chicago. Grew up in Southern Michigan, live outside DC. 

I lurked on SF for a while before a certain for sale post nudged me enough to make an account and PM the seller. 


I'm still getting my feet wet in the fashion game. I dress mostly in a clean-cut preppy look. Working the college budget, so I'm looking mostly to invest in staples that will last me, with little expenses for flourish. 



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^ Well I think this forum will prove to you that not a whole lot of money is needed to look stylish.

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Hi...I am new marchal.gif.


I am soon-to-turn 27 old guy..I guess my location will be kind of a rarity here, cuz I am from Prague, Czech Republic. Not your average destination for fashion happy.gif


(street style here = often horrid)


I already have two MTM suits made by asians and a fair share of oversized shirts, so I believe I have learned something already (by learning I mean making mistakes). I hope to improve fit, attention to details and various combinations mainly with regards to color and accessories in business dress context.



I love cooking, call myself a movie guru and ehm...still play games sometimes. I do have a girlfriend thoughbigstar[1].gif.

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Been on this site for ages, just now registered and decided to not simply browse.


By the way, I'm getting random 'you're new so your post is held for moderation', can anyone tell me when I'll stop being considered new?

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Hi everyone!, I'm Mark.

I had my own menswear store in South America a few years back, now clearing remaining stock online.

I am from Melbourne Australia where we can have four seasons in one day without exaggeration.

I love this city and its cold autumn/winter's best.


So much interesting information on this forum, I look forward to posting here regularly.

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Greetings all.

I am a North Carolinian living outside of Geneva, Switzerland. 

I don't care for fashion. Rather, I am content to wear something that would have been sharp 50 years ago, and will be sharp 50 years from now.

By extension, I care more about the quality of an item than the name or price attached to it.

I joined this forum to hear others' opinions and ideas.

And... I am a sucker for pocket squares and good socks. Mea maxima culpa.



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