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I'm d-squared. Just joined today but I've checked out Styleforum for years. Lots of great advice and ideas. I'm not much of a fashion guy but I know exactly what I like and often it tends to be basic or rugged or classic (as in "essential no-frills classic" and generally not a high style view of classic). In any case, thanks for having me. I'm a coffee roaster and small business owner. I'm into playing soccer, reading Vonnegut, riding Moto Guzzi bikes, and traveling. It occurs to me that one question about clothes I've never had answered is: why is it so horrendously difficult to find anything (pants ideally) made of moleskin (that great, soft, durable-as-iron fabric)? Cheers.

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i am richard


nice to meet everyone here!

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What's up guys, just here to learn more about style as I continue to evolve style wise. Happy to be here!
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What's up guys! I'm ahdaeeeee from Indonesia, spent most of my life growing up in Singapore and USA. Lots of interesting stuffs going on here, guess thats it.

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I'm Nyquist. I live in Canada and I am looking for some fashion advice.

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Hi, im Scott....32 from Birmingham, England.   Staple colours blue, beige and white.   Used to love Reiss clothing but its going down the pan a little now. 


Love a good trench coat and deep brown shoes.  Classic styles, clean crisp lines......english gent ;-)


Nice to meet everyone!

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Hello to all. I lurked on here for a bit trying to find the right pair of double monks. This forum introduced me to AE, which has become my favorite affordable non-sneaker shoe manufacturer. Otherwise I'm a coffee and wine snob. Web developer by day, snowboarder by winter and all year round denim head. Heres to spending hard earned money on overpriced gear!

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Hello! I'm Robert. When I'm not working to support my expensive hobbies, I play and collect guitar gear, rock climb, travel, enjoy good coffee and great denim.

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I'm a 28 year old politico and soon-to-be law student. I live in Denver, have 2 dogs and a girlfriend of 7 years. I've always been a street wear kind of guy (Crooks & Castles, Play Cloths etc). shog[1].gif I've always been able to dress well when the situation arose but now I need to start dressing for my age and profession. I've been lurking for awhile and completing my due diligence but if there are any must reads besides the standards, please point them out to a noob. I appreciate the sense of humor around here and am looking forward to participating. Thanks guys, for building this great forum. 

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Hello iam Berg from Holland. I have a little English shoe fetish. But i can live with that :)

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Hello all!

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Hello styleforum!! :)

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Hi, I'm Andrew.  I found the site while searching for information about Tom Cruise's suit in Collateral, and I ended up in a great thread that was just what I was looking for (  I like what you're doing here.


I saw the thread on thrift/value purchases and was going to post these pics there, but the introduction thread seemed more appropriate.


My favorite suit belonged to my Dad until he gave it to me when I was in high school, about 16 years ago.  It's a Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece 3-piece in charcoal, with faint gray pinstripes.  It's from the 1970s (!).  Click for giant size.


100_3565_1.jpg 100_3566_1.jpg 100_3567_1.jpg 100_3568_1.jpg


The suit looks and feels amazing, and now that I think about it I've worn it occasionally through high school, college, law school, law practice, and up through the present day.  I wear it more now because I finally had it tailored properly a couple of years ago and the difference in feel was dramatic.


The labels are all gone from falling off without being replaced except for a small, partially visible label sewn into one of the pockets from the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.  They merged with another union under a different name in 1976, and so that is the youngest the suit could possibly be.  I can probably get an exact date from the series code if I unsew the pocket lining, but other than knowing it's from before I was born I don't really need to know.  I love it, and while there are a couple of damaged areas that were repaired at varying levels of quality, I don't care because it means a lot to me :)


Anyway, it's great to be here.  I'm a fan of Brooks Brothers and Alden, otherwise I don't know much about clothes.

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Hi I'm Cpt Stowe

I picked that nickname up senior year of undergrad from some freshmen as their RA and it stuck.


I'm married (6 months next week) to my college sweetheart. 


As for style I prefer Clarks (DB's Desert Legends and Desert Khans 80% of the days) 
Jeans are custom Imogene and Willie's, Levis, and even though I know some hate them Unbranded.

Shirts are thrifted or sale racks.


I'm way into outwear and looking to thin my herd soon. 

I'm also into some EDC stuff.


Outside of menswear I'm into hiking, fly fishing, and a bit of a lot outdoor pursuits.


I've read a bunch of threads on here and finally decided to join.



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Hi im Henrik from Sweden but lives in Norway. 20 years old and is a big shirt fan. I have always been interested in fashion and shoes etc. But never had a place to wear my clothes. Im not that well knowledged in fashion but i enjoy good quality clothes. Got here after a decision to remake my wardrobe to a little bit mor fashionable cleaner old school look. That is now in the making and i hope to get some good advice and share som clothes here.


Peace! /Henrik

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