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Hey. Peter. 30, living in Toronto. 


I am on the hunt for vegan-friendly menswear. I'm not here to debate ethics, just to keep my ear to the ground about menswear. Otherwise, I collect vintage amplifiers and cabinets, records and have two cats that have made an impact on my fashion decisions (everything always has a touch of cat hair).


I keep it pretty simple: I am in love with Wings + Horns, Brutus Trimfit, Fred Perry, and have a soft spot for the Cheap Monday Denim that hasn't given up the ghost on me. Yet.

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Howdy folks.  I'm the wife of NYR, and the two of us are getting ready to release a line of handmade neckwear made in Brooklyn, NY under our new company's name, Yellow Hook Necktie Co..  Fell free to check us out on our website (currently under construction) or our facebook page which is linked at the bottom of our site holder page...and wish us luck!  Here's a little about what we plan on doing:



Hi all.


We are a very small startup based in Brooklyn, NY.  We are just dipping our feet into the world of exquisite men's neckwear, featuring some beautifully designed, lightly constructed ties for a discerning clientele.  


What separates us from most other tie makers, is that our ties are made entirely by hand, and entirely by ONE artisan.  We do not use a factory set up where each employee is responsible for a part of the tie, but each maker is responsible for the entire tie, from start to finish.  We feel that this will give the wearer a unique, beautifully made item, at a fair price that will connect the wearer to the maker in a way that only a hand made garment can.  We strive to bring this "old world" aesthetic to our customers, and bring back wonderfully crafted hand made garments, one at a time.


We also strive to keep as much of the money you spend on our goods, right here in the US.  Almost everything (except for some of the finer fabrics we use/will be using which are from England or Italy) we invest in our product will be from American companies; from our merchandise tags, to our packaging supplies and materials, to our wonderful local artisans (who are ALL locally based).  


We hope you guys give us a shot and that you love what will be producing!



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Hey, I'm Ryan from Philadelphia. I've been reading a lot of threads on this forum so I figured I'd sign up. At this point I have little to nothing constructive to add as far as clothing and style are concerned but hopefully soon I will. I'm sure that won't stop me from posting in the meantime though:D
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whats up peeps.newcomer here! :D

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Hi guys, posting from London (UK). I write, edit and design a website with a lot of men's style in it (although the main concept is design and travel). The first time I landed on this site was finding a thread about things someone had learnt on their travels and it was outstanding advice.


The second time was when I was searching about Revo and Rake magazine. Hope to continue running into inspirational discussion. Best to all.

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hello,everyoneMy name is wincy,In spare time, I like reading books,Moreover, I would like to say something about my family. I have my mother ,my father,and my elder sister,they love me very much。

I work in an e-commerce company, I'm interested in all fashion:)
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I'm essaybrah. Just joined today. Recently single after a long relationship where my S.O. dressed me.

Time to figure out how to buy my own clothes and dress myself.

Oh yeah, I am 26 and this is all new to me.

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Long time lurker here, I spend a lot of my time perusing through this site and AAAC, hoping to learn a thing or two and perhaps up my style a bit

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Hello everyone.


I'm here because I need inspiration and because it's snowing here so I can't ride my bike.




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I am Ali.

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Hi, i have an addiction..


Im married, a skateboarder for both business and pleasure, style enthusiast, turtle farmer, freelance videographer, and (according to my wife) denim obsessed. 

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Duspin from Boston, MA

Management consultant and I've been wearing designer duds from original Pierre Cardin, Geoffrey Beane & Bill Blass (1970s) amongst others,  to Paul Stuart, Isaia, Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece, Incotex, Zegna, Canali today.  Know what I like and don't mind paying for quality.  I rather see something go out of style in good condition than have to replace items within the same style cycle. I wear an entire spectrum of clothes from jeans to made-to-measure suits and everything in between.

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Hi Michael from London in the UK.


I like clothes, records & Girls.


I should grow up really.

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i'm from france, like sneakers and everything smooth

that includes clothing of course

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I'm galvic. I just joined about an hour ago. I came here from posting on Reddit's /r/malefashionadvice for about a year. /r/mfa really helped me get my shit together as evidenced here:







That about covers the basics for me. Anyway I came here because I felt I've graduated from the beginner level and want to learn more. Look forward to getting to know you all.

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