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My name is Pat and I am from Kansas City Missouri but now live in Norfolk Virginia. Brand new here, though I have been following the forum a lot recently.

I am not what you would call a fashionable guy. I wear a nice pair of boots, Levis, and usually a Fred Perry or Ben Sherman button up shirt. 

I dont work a fashion job, I am a photographer/videographer.

My wife and I buy and sell many things but mostly antiques.

I have bought and sold very few clothing items but I loved learning about the brand names and designers.


I literally know very little about fashion or style, but I am trying more to get more into this.

Please Be kind to me during my first few posts around here... hahaha I am what you would call a total n00b at this.


and Im looking forward to being a part of this great forum.

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Hello All

I'm Mike.  I ride a triumph speed triple 955i.  I collect LEICA M film cameras on and off.  Analog Photography is my other obsession besides men's fashion and style.  My taste is too expensive for my budget, My current watch is an OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PRO.  I'm on my 2nd pair of Cordovan shoes by ALDEN and I own a pair of Mark Mcnairy country brogues.  A Panerai Luminor with sandwhich dial is HIIIIIIGH on my wishlist and I'm a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Manhattan.  

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My name is Chris and I am from Sunnyvale, California. I currently attend college in Orlando, Florida so I return to California on breaks. 

So far I have only looked at what is being bought and sold.

I usually wear sperries, shorts, and a polo or a casual button up.

I am excited to become a part of this forum.

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Hey SF,

got really interested in clothing recently when I had to buy my first suit for a wedding. Four months later my wardrobe has completely changed and my home is filling up with thrift acquisitions for resale (my new addiction.) Looking forward to being part of the great community you guys have built. If you need me, I'll be in the thrifting thread!


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Hello, my name is Moris Mackland, no its not a parent given name and yes I gave myself that name and it was a misread by a friend of Highschool from my real name, which comes very close to it. Anyway, I joined styleforum, because Superfuture and FUK couldnt answer a price check I need for a Lanvin shirt.. that I got as gift. Hope more people here are down with Lanvin. Now I gotta go looking for a Lanvin or price check topic or I just post in the ask questions topic. Thanks for reading, have a nice sunday if you're on the side where the sky is still bright.

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I'm a new member based in London. I've read this site for some time and have now joined as I have a few questions on men's clothes.


I am a strong believer in vintage clothes and shoes, not only because the style is great but because it is a way to re-use items rather than sending them to the landfill. This does not stop me from buying new things such as work shirts and shoes as vintage like everything else is best in moderation. 


Kind regards,

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Hi all

Law student from Melbourne, Australia here. I love getting amongst op shops and finding nice bargains. Also a big fan of watches and nice suits.

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Long time lurker at this forum, living at the moment in China, near Shanghai.


Usually wearing bit shabby ulta business casual / engineerig bum look as well I am engineer. Hoping to be able to refine this a bit




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I'm Pat from The Netherlands and I am a lover of all the fine things in life like bespoke clothes, leatherwares, Cuban cigars, fine spirits etc.

Hope to engage in some meaningful discussions here and meet some likeminded people.



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Whats up,

I am Kyle from Portland Oregon, been a lurker for awhile decided to finally make an account. 

Been inspired by fashion and have been hooked since.

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My name is Darren and I am from New York. I am finishing up my Bachelors in Business and will be relocating to the San Francisco area in May. I am a huge fan of GQ Magazine and I think clothing is one of the ultimate forms of self expression. I have been a lurker here for a while and I am looking forward to contributing and learning.

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I'm Anthony from So Cal. Long time lurker on this forum. My love for ties and well made wingtips is pretty ridiculous. I'm a former infantry grunt who turned in my stripes to go back to school. Usually I'm on this forum instead of doing homework. Don't know if that's good or bad...

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Its bad.... go back to your homework!
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Hey I'm Thomas from Edmonton(and hopefully Toronto soon!) and I've been lurking here for a little while. Hopefully I find some ways to contribute or be brainwashed by the SF crowd!

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Hey, Chaz here.

Another Portlander checking in. Although as my nic sez, I'm from Cali. the "Silcon" Valley to be precise. Found this site through the Fedora Lounge where I've lurked for years without ever signing up. I'm mostly checking out the thrifting thread here on SF. I recently bought a nice Harris Tweed jacket for 8 bux at a local Value Village. I'm learning what to look for, thanks for the thrifting wisdom guys.


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