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Hi, my name is Tim, I am from Atlanta Georgia and I love fashion. I work in accounting. I am 5'6 188 (40R or 42R suit, 16.5 dress shirt, and 8.5 or 9 in shoes). I LOVE good dress shoes. 

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I'm a 30yr old, 5'7 male and weigh 170lbs. I am new to the fashion world. I'm in pursuit of elegance. I'm a huge fan of Ralph Lauren and have been since the late 90's.  Last year i subscribed to GQ magazine for a year. I have gradually learned and implied some of what I have learned. Lately I have been transforming my image into a gentleman dapper kind of style. I'm starting from the beginning when it comes to everything. My purpose on here is to learn, discuss, share and evolve into more of what i want to be; a fashionable gentleman.

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I'd like to keep my real name private, but im known as Tkarali at some places and I like styles. Especially Justin biebers clothing, not a fan of his music, meh.


Been abit of a metro since I was 16, and whenever I get paid, I wouldnt stop wasting it on new clothes.

I currently goto highschool, last year. College in summer, going to study astronomy, cant wait. Besides that I love football <3

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Hi guys. New here. I'm from Poland, 25 yo. Love this forum.

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Hey all, Mike here, live in Brooklyn with my wife and two pups. I actually live two blocks from Epaulet, which means I have to keep myself and bank account in check, as that is my favorite store, and the folks who work there are awesome. I've been a lurker for a long long time, and decided to finally join. 

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Hi there. I'm a freshman in college who doesn't want to look like every other dolt in jeans and a t-shirt, khakis and a polo, or take part in the ghastly trend of enormous brand names and logos plastered to shirts. I'm also a watch snob, although too poor to afford one :/ 


I've spent lots of time lurking, it's nice to meet you all!

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Hi I am Emporium and I am a new member of this community.

I like everything about styleforum and I guess I will be spending a lot of time here so see you around everybody.

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hey all, shoe fan here

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hi all, new member here. through searching the net for shoes, came across this forum multiple times..  looks like my car habit is slowly disappearnig in favour of shoes. hrm. 

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Greetings from North Idaho!  I've been rocking the "corporate drone" look for years and just recently realized that clothing fit makes a difference.  I am planning a wardrobe refresh for 2013.

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Hey guys, I've lurked for a while, and created a profile in order to buy and sell stuff.  Nice to be here.

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Hi Jonathan here. Great to be part of the forum.

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Hey All, my name is Jay, and I found this forum after looking for a quality leather belt where I can change the buckle.  I've thought about buying one for years, but after seeing the stuff from marshalls and other placed where the backs rip off and it looks like junk after 6 to 9 months, I decided to look for something better, thus why I am here.  Thank you!

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Hi everyone, my name is Miroslav and I am 36. Married, two children ...
I have been following this forum for a few years. However I have only just registered.
Its never to late...  Anyway, it is nice to be here, officially...

Greetings from the city of Novi Sad, Serbia

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i have been wearing red wings, kahkis, blue button down since 8th grade. i never buy cheap, if i can't afford it i don't buy it. just like the filson motto, might as well have the best

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