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Hello, I'm Jerry and just joined to get my fix of fashion from people who appreciate it and enjoy it as much or more than I do.

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Hi all. Just joined to get some fashion advice and learn some new stuff.

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Hello everybody,

I am new here.Hope i enjoy here a lot.


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I am so happy to get this forum because i can easily my views here on any topic.

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Hello there, my name is Christian. I am 18 years old. I'm old fashioned yet new fashioned, and have been looking into men's style for quite some time now. I really could use some friends that share my interests. Feel free to send me a message if you want to get to know me better, I love meeting new people and making friends! 

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Hello guys!! I live in Queens, New York and currently work at UNIQLO on 34th, Manhattan so if you need inside help with anything, let me know wink.gif Other than that, I have a major interest and appreciation in denim such as APC, Nudies, and Imperials. That is mainly the reason I registered, but it's always nice to meet new people who share similar interests and maybe broaden mine smile.gif

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Hi All,

Based in London, like nice shoes, denim and English shirts. Been reading posts on SF for ages but never signed up till now.

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I was searching the net for some inspiration and found this forum - looks great so far!

I'll probably spend too much time here, and much more money than I had planned for my fall attire... bounce2.gif


Anyway, I'm based in Sweden, but the world is my office.


// Carl

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I'm 6"3, and 170 lbs. Long legged, and I'm slim for my height. As most of you tall/slim people out there, I find it unnecessarily difficult to find clothes out there that flatter my build. So, I joined to get information about brands that would fit me well, and also share some info on what I already own that works for me!


From the NYC/Long Island area,



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Hi guys,


I've lurked on here for quite a while before deciding to join.  Mainly just trying to minimize my forum activity but this has become one of my go to forums so I finally gave in.  I'm finding myself becoming more and more into style.  I am from a very small town where style and expressing yourself is against the norm.  I graduated from ASU in 2009 and now pretty well established in my career and working my way up through the corporate ladder.  I think of myself as a pretty cultured guy who loves to travel, actually planning a solo weekend trip to England for a Manchester United game.  Thats about it for now.....



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Hi everyone,


I'm Jay...just graduated college and started a job in finance.  I love soaking up everyone's knowledge on here, especially about bespoke and different tailors.  I post rarely, because there's so many people that are more qualified to answer questions.  But I check in at least once a day during work.



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Hi! I am a total newbie. Age 20. Any tips for a stylish suit for a uni student? Planning to get 1 suit soon :)

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Hi All,


A newbie from Singapore. I like good shoes.


Cheers :)

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I'm Tyler, 19 years old. Just moved to New York from County Donegal. I have a lot of warm clothing due to previous weather conditions, so since I now live in the states, I'm looking to change that up a bit.

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Hi all!

I'm an university student from Italy and I want to apologize in advance for my english. However, I'm very interested in fine clothing and sartorial details, I hope to have interesting discussion and  I'm feel sure that I'll learn even more.

Thanks to all!

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