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They say you're the next logical step after r/mfa.

I have started to develop a sense of fashion and now the Pandora's box is not to be closed again biggrin.gif

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Hi Everyone,


Longtime reader, new poster. Hope to have a great time with you clothing aficionados as the manager of Louis Purple, a french made to measure boutique in Soho. Looking forward to answering questions and be a part of the StyleForum Community.

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Hi, 30 year old from Toronto here.  This forum has been excellent in helping unlearn some bad style norms and put me back to essentials of dress.  I work for a bank downtown and I've put the knowlege to work - just bought 2 MTM Samuelsohns (grey and navy), plus two pair of AE shoes on a last week's trip from NYC (30% off sale), one brown pair whose monicker eludes me, and a pair of black park avenues. I've got a lot to learn in the denim/casual space and I'm looking for clothing that has value - versatile, long-lasting, and well fitting.  My next bit of research will be in cufflinks and ties to accompany an insufficient roster of dress shirts that fit my uncommon dimensions: 15.5 neck, 37 sleeve.

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Hey all,

25, married grad student in Durham, NC. I am a fan of the bow tie have enjoyed the finer side of men's clothing since my girlfriend (now wife) converted me from free t-shirts and jeans to a more refined, and just better, look. I'm always looking to expand my wardrobe and am excited to search the forums. Bit overwhelmed by the mass of threads, but looking forward to the adventure.
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Hey all,


I'm 25, been doing some very hardcore lurking here. Looking to overhaul my look in all departments from smart casual clothing to suiting.


It started with a virgin wool blazer I got on holiday in Canada. The staff there convinced me it looked good on me and was a perfect fit. I had actually gone in to buy my first sport coat with a view to spend 1/3 of the price! Have since worn the hell out of that blazer and love it. Time to expand on that and get some sport coats.


I'm caught somewhere between 36R and 38R/S so finding a shirtmaker that suits me is proving to be a nightmare. May have to go MTM after all. Wish I'd known about ToJ before I blew £400 on a Ted Baker leather jacket! Ah well, live and learn.


I'm frequenting Bicester village to get a feel for what I like and what I don't. I prefer to pay for quality over labels (may be a contradiction with the Ted Baker jacket). Absolutely in love with Pal Zileri there. Perhaps it'd be a cool day out to go there with fellow SFers :).

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I live in Chicago and have become familiar with styleforum after seeking out information about menswear and finding it here more often than not.

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Hi guys,


I may be one of very few women on this site! I love men's fashion and used own a company that specialized in custom tailored business suits. A few years later and I am back in the fashion space... so I am here to make new friends and perhaps get some feedback on my new company.. its travel inspired ensembles from around the world curated by your own local stylist. :)


If anyone is in a similar space or would like to connect please get in touch. :)


Jas -


Thanks to the founders for this awesome forum.

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Hi every one, I've been a long time lurking (3-4 yrs if my memory serves me correct) and finally I decided to join. I'm primarily interested in watches, shoes, high standards of living, architecture, and the finer things life has to offer. I am a student and rather mature for the ripe age of 22. I am local to DC, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Richmond. 

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Hi all,

I'm a college sophomore who's interested in improving his personal style and wardrobe. I first found the forum when searching for advice on my first quality footwear purchase, and have been coming back ever since.

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I'm Mouang Lee, from the U.S

I dress casual and formal or I guess more modern, I'm always trying to learn fashion/style. I'm physically fit!

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Russell here. I found the site when searching for care info for my 1000 mile boots.I look forward to learning more about fine quality clothing.

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Just registered. Live in Brooklyn, work in Soho. Looking to see what else is out there in the world of style. Cheers!

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Hello folks,


I'm Russell from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Big fan of blogs like Putthison, Well-Spent. 
I have a couple Ratio Clothing shirts and while most #menswear makes me laugh, I love the serious style here. I'm looking at picking up some MOP buttons here, check this link out.

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Hi !

Carl here from the sunny S. California. One question, how do I make the latest post appear on top of the forum puzzled.gif

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Hello, I'm Jerry and just joined to get my fix of fashion from people who appreciate it and enjoy it as much or more than I do.

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