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Why are >50% of the posts in here from people who still have one total post, even one year after submitting the post? Why even introduce yourself in the first place? Not to say that you shouldn't, but think about the necessity.

Anyway, some fun posts in the first couple pages.
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What's going on new here just saying what's up.

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Hello new here!

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AcademicDandy here.


As the name implies, I am an academic, currently "professing" at a regional State University. Married to a beautiful and lovely woman, no kids (yet).


My typical weekly work attire includes a slim fit or tailored fit button-down non-iron plain shirt (white or light blue), and a deconstructed suit (sports coat + matched dress pants).


Weekends are for jeans, sports-shirts and V-neck sweaters / cardigans.


I'll admit that I am a big fan of JAB (big bargain hunter) for work clothes. BB and BR for casual attire. Shoes: A. Testoni and AE (dream of owning a pair of bespoke Berluti sometime).


I (almost) never buy retail.

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Total newbie here, looking to update my wardrobe and actually dress like the 30 year old man that I am. I work in IT where the dress code is quite casual but I always feel like I'm underdressing so it's about time I do something about it. Looking forward to some inspirational posts and pointers!

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HI my name is Pablo, im from Marbella, Spain, i arrived here from a Spanish style forum.

Im here to learn and i hope to have good moments here.

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im b, work in the ski snowboard industry. i have clothing and sneaker addiction. :P

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Hi SF - I'm a 37 year old, working in the financial district here in Toronto. I run a private equity fund that focuses on SME businesses located in and around Toronto. I'm married with one kid (and another coming in December).  I typically wear a suit 4 days a week, and on Fridays I usually wear a blazer with denim (black or grey) or in summer something lighter. I always thought of myself as better-dressed then most of my friends, but after only a couple of weeks on SF I am realizing that perhaps I've spent a lot of money on suits from brands like Hugo Boss that I could have earmarked for better-constructed, lower or similarly priced brands. Also, I never knew there were such rules for wearing a pocket-square!


I love feeling like I'm well put together, without looking overtly trendy or fashion-forward. To me, good style means looking current without departing too drastically from what classic men's fashion would dictate.


Unfortunately, I'm looking on SF and realizing that I have a lot of learning to do!


Looking forward to being educated - now, can anyone point me to a thread that gives me a Shoe 101? I'm in the market for a couple of pairs of lace-ups and don't want to waste money on a name brand when I could be spending the same dollars on a better-made shoe.

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I'm a student from Texas and I've recently become interested in looking better and I'm pretty obsessed about having my clothes fit properly. For starters, I'm on a quest to find the best possible t-shirt for my frame, which seems to be shirts from Everlane (so far). Next I'm looking to find a great pair of raw/selvage denim jeans.

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Good Morning all, from a Pacific Time Location. I joined the Styleforum Website just yesterday. I have known about style forum for over a year now, but never got around to join it. I have found great post here and members here truly are knowledgeable. I hope to learn more and post some interesting threads here. - Mario.

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Hi I'm Itsuo, 


I'm a young professional in DC but originally from Hawaii.  


I'm pretty straight forward when it comes to dress.  I've usually got on a pair of Alden's suede LSH or chukkas in the summer and short wings or indys in the fall and winter.  Most of my shirts are from and I've honestly had them for years and couldn't be more pleased.  I'm also a fan of incotex trousers so I alternate between the very few I have of those.  Finally I have family that works for a company in Japan called Sartoria Promessa, so I have a variety of jackets from them. 


That's really the long and the short of it.  I basically live by the principle of having few things so that you can afford higher quality longer lasting things.  



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Hey everybody,


I'm a recent college graduate looking to start a career in the entertainment industry. I recently found a passion for nice suits while searching for my first "real" suit (I'm still looking for it). This forum has been a great education so far, so I'm here to get involved and learn more. 

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Hello everybody. 


I'm Triangle Walks, a swede who just graduated from university and started working, which means I'm finally able to afford buying the clothes I want to. Problem is, ideally I'd want to wear business suits but my line of work would make that very weird. So I'm coming here for some inspiration, and to learn, I basically don't know anything about how to dress and there are a lot of basics that I haven't got yet. I will try to learn as much as I can from the experienced and stylish members here.

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Hi everybody, 

My name is Chris and I'm an attorney. I stumbled on this site while looking to basically replace most of my wardrobe. My clothes are kind of pathetic when I'm not wearing a suit and was just looking for ideas in improving it. 

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