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Hi, I am new here.  Been a member of mynudies for nearly 2 years and my love of raw denim has expanded to other apparels - hence why I joined SF.

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Yo. I like to get inspiration from all the threads here, so I joined to be able to display more posts per page. I don't know if I'm going to post anything, but I'm checking out how it looks anyway. Peace

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hi, i am kane
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Hey all, I'm mostly a lurker here on the site, I love to read everyone's posts and ideas about style rather than post myself usually, but figured I'd say hi - so hi. :-) I'm Aaron, live in NYC.

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Hello, Styleforum members. My name is Edward. I was recommended to this forum by a friend. 

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Yo, I'm Paul Newman. But not the real Paul Newman. London style lover..

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Looks like I'm an old man around here. 


I'm Jeff, a 41 year old high school special education and social studies teacher.  In the past I joined the Army out of high school (early discharge due to a bad ankle) and I have done sales (retail and real estate), banking, and retail/department store management before moving into the "human services" field (I have my degree in psychology and I worked in a psychiatric hospital before moving into teaching). 


I have always liked to dress stylishly and fashionably, though not necessarily trendy or faddish.  However, for several years I got away from dressing well due to several factors (job, weight, motorcycle, and religious "uniform" the years I was an Orthodox Jew).  For a few reasons I have decided to start dressing well again (for myself, and also the old "dress for the job you want" and I'm training to move into educational administration).  I wear a lot of khaki, blue, black, green and white.  For work, I currently tend to wear a tie and khakis or slacks, with maybe a sport coat (I'm a teacher, dressing up more than that more than once in a blue moon would look very out of place).  At home, jeans or khakis, button downs and polos are my usual if I'm not riding my motorcycle (then boots, thick jeans and polo or t-shirt, and usually an armored motorcycle jacket).


I do have a few current challenges when it comes to fashion.  I have an 11 EEE to EEEE foot size so I am very limited in shoe styles and even brands that are available to me.  I am still quite overweight so a lot of today's slim fit styles won't look good on me (at my peak I was 305, but I'm slowly losing and I'm down to 275).  I am a teacher so my budget is somewhat limited (especially, it seems, compared to many here).  Finally, I am 41 now, and while I want to dress stylishly and fashionably, I don't want to dress in a way that would make it look like I'm trying to look like I'm in my 20's again.


Other style and non-style related hobbies:

I smoke and collect pipes (I have 40 or more now) and smoke cigars.  I am a target shooter and gun collector (though I'm paring down the collection).  I have a nice knife collection, though I am no longer actively collecting.  I ride a motorcycle (a cruiser right now and in the future I'd like a Harley or Victory, but I'd also like a Japanese sport-touring bike, BMW or Triumph, so while I'm a cruiser guy, I'm not exclusively a cruiser guy).  I used to, and am starting to again, collect watches.  Not really collectable watches though- in my 20's I collected 'fashion' watches and now I go for quality non-premium watches like Victorinox, Citizen and Orient.  I love the outdoors and love to camp (nearly year round) and fish whenever I can. 


Well, sorry this is so long.  Kudos to those who waded through it.  smile.gif

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I'm a 21 year old student from Amsterdam. As a young kid I already was interested in clothing. When I was twelve I asked my parents if I could get a monthly budget for clothes so I could choose to save money for particular purchases. However, just until recently I really started exploring the world of (life)style. This forum has already given me lots of great information about which pieces to buy and how to build a solid wardrobe. You guys give me a great amount of insipiration already, thanks for that! I hope that in the future I also will be able to contribute a bit.



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My name is Alex. I'm 28 and I'm a young entrepreneur, craftsman and Fashion enthusiast. 

I'm selling hand made felt flowers in Spain. The same as those used by Path Guido mwink[1].gif
I have a website where I sell the flowers.I hope to open a thread to sell my flowers but first I have to talk with forum admins :
A preview... 
Best regards. Alex
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I'm Gerry and am glad to be here. I'm currently in the process of building up my wardrobe to have a decent collection of well made pieces that work together. I got turned onto the forum after visiting Put This On and it's been an interesting journey so far. The information here has been really helpful and I hope to be able to contribute someday.

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Hey all, name's Ron. Started reading/seeing style in college, when on a flight back to my home in the DFW Metroplex, my then girlfriend begged me to read a GQ instead of a videogame or computer magazine. One in-flight read and I was hooked. I remember as soon as I got back to school, her and I went to a Gap and got some clothes, which at the time was a definite upgrade. Before that I was ratty jeans from wherever, college/nerd t-shirt only, hoodies from places I went on vacation, etc. *shudder* 


Now I believe I dress a lot better. This last summer, I made a pact to only wear freshly pressed white button down dress shirts. I found that the Brooks Brothers slim fit worked best for me, so I picked up about 6 of those. It was fun to have a uniform of sorts. My next goal is to really work on getting my pants looking great, and picking up a few other nice pieces to complete a wardrobe, probably another suit or two, some new dress shoes and nice tan/khaki colored blazer.


Once that's done, then I really aim to set about balancing the colors of my closet, I'll branch out from white button downs to some other colors (pink and light blue). I've also found I like splashing color in via socks and sweaters best, so I think a few of those will be gotten. 


Outside of that, my ongoing studies are to learn the most about men's clothing I can. My never ending journey is to cultivate a style that's utterly my own, but firmly rooted in Americana. I dont' think I'm unique in wanting to do that, but frankly I don't give a damn, the more the better I say.


Finally, and this is a recent development, I've began to feel a bit freer with my style. There are basic rules you gotta follow (no socks & sandals, etc), but other than that you gotta go on your own. So what if som,e random magazine says bowties are dead, or your wardrobe is not complete with a chambray shirt, just do what you like. Hell, half of a good looking man is his haircut and grooming, and life is too short anyways to fret about always being on the cutting edge. Enjoy your clothes most of all, because one day you'll be gone

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Hello, I am Marc. I was enjoying different styles and felt kind of alone... glad I found in here an endless source of information!

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I'm Brandon.  Currently living in the Los Angeles area and a somewhat recent graduate.  I've been lurking for the past couple weeks ever since I found this forum looking for my first suit... Still haven't bought one yet, but I'm thinking about going with TaT since he's local.  


My budget for clothing is pretty low since I'm not making much right now, but I'm slowly trying to build my wardrobe, etc.  Forums are dangerous for me... I always end up buying stuff as I learn more about something.  Not sure about you guys, but I think it's tough shopping for clothes that I like in LA. 

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My name is Dave, ChinkSmiley is just a name I got off of a gravemarker in Boothill Graveyard from a Chinaman that was gunned down in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona in the late 1880s.


Anyway, I mainly lurk the streetwear and denim forums and once in while wander to the mens clothing area even if I usually only have the need to get that dressed up about once a year. 

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Hey all,


I'm Brian, a 24-year-old medical student living in Boston. I'm trying to transition from high school/college wear to stuff that is more appropriate for my age casually and for my profession down the road. I came here from the malefashionadvice section of Reddit.

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