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Hello to all. I'm the new commer. I love jeans, still have to gain knowledge in fashion, brand, prices, originality, story and many more. So, this is the right place to dig in. Nice to know you all.

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great to see so many like minded people!

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Good morning!


I am a 25 year old working professional from Michigan, my style is classic in inspiration, I rarely wear jeans or polo shirts, more often than not I wear a tie, even when lounging around. Sport coats are my go to item, rarely do i like to wear a full suit, unless i can really mix up texture or colors to create a unique and interesting look.


I have been lurking here for many months! so many useful tips. Thank you all!


Marc Voorhees

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Hey everyone.


I'm a 23 year old young professional in the start up community.  I live and work in Montreal but grew up in Tokyo and Vancouver (half japanese/half canadian). 


Anyways my style is a mixed bag but I like to draw influence from my Japanese background and just from what I see on people and like. I love button downs, v-neck shirts and tons of color (I'm working on pulling it back as its not as accepted here). I only recently bought my first true pair of jeans in over half a decade as I'm not the biggest denim fan but I am slowly getting back into it.


Like Marc above me I have been lurking here for months and well finally had the time to sign up.

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Hey everyone my name is Stephanie, I'm a graphic designer and have a passion for everything pop culture, music and more!! I'm here to learn and engage with everyone about what's new in the fashion world. If you have a Facebook account then I would like to recommend everyone to LIKE my Fan Page entitled Kicks Whips N Other Shit, this page is dedicated to all the sneaker heads, car fans, and the latest fashion & accessories!! Check me out, the support is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my introductory of who I am. fistbump.gif

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Hi all,

I am a 25 year old Londoner (UK, not Canada), and I work as an IT Consultant in one of the biggest technology companies in the world. I have a love of dressing smart, but oddly enough my current work environment permits me to dress smart casual a lot of the time. Either way I am new to the sartorial world, and I have just had my second suit tailored (By Pinnas & Needles in London, recommended here) and am slowly (money permitting) fixing my wardrobe.

I have been a long-time watcher, but now with a bit more funds I would like to become more active in the forum.
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26 y/o military officer returning from Afghanistan.  Have never had an interest in fashion before I started reading on these forums two weeks ago.  Fascinated by the passion everyone has here for how they look and it has made me seriously reassess how I present myself in my civilian attire.  In my world we'd refer to it as "professional pride in appearance".


I own no clothes to speak of but have an abundance of cash on hand.  Seriously, no dress shoes, no suits, no ties, nothing.


I will never be one to own a "collection" of shoes and never impulse buy.  Everything I own has to be high quality and versatile since-as my name implies-I'm always travelling.


Looking at SF to fix my closet and help me grow up.


6'2" at 185lbs

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I am newbie here in this forum. Just signup and want to say hello to all of this forum. I am Sumon and I am 24 years old. I am a self-employer and I like playing games, travelling new place, listening songs and internet browsing. I hope I would get some important information through this forum. 





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Ill paste and copy and what I posted in the Australian members thrread


Hi guys I'm new. The V in Vantastic stands for Va Damme cuz I love the guy and it's my nickname on the vandammefan forum. I thought I'd join since I love clothes and tapatalk.
I'm in Perth and today I received a few shirts from A&F, I've got a hat and sunnies coming as well. Getting ready for summer.
Looking forward to getting involved and getting to know you guys.

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Hi. I'm Finola. Married with two grown up sons. I live in Dublin Ireland and also have lived, live and will always live in jeans.( Levi's my favourites) I can get red lable only in an outlet in Kildare. But the red lable demon is no where near the same quality as the denim in the USA. Hence when I am over I pick up a couple of pair, thing is I can't get a pair of high rise anywhere. The girl in the levy store when on holidays this year in Chicago said that they are not making them any more. Is this true? Mabe someone can enlighten me as to where I might find a store that sells them.😃
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Hello everybody,


I am from 'Old Europe' wink.gif, approaching the mid thirties, traveling for a living and spending between 150-180 nights each year in hotels around the world.


Have been reading on this site every once in a while during the last two years, I finally decided to sign up after I found several really interesting threads on here.


Looking forward to lots of discussions with you all.




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Patrick, 19 years old living in Zürich. Love to do some weight lifting, that's basically me :)

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Hi, new to the forum, just started my career and started overhauling my closet. Hoping to get some good advice and learn some new stuff here. Started to move away from how I dressed in College and wearing more proper and fitted clothes.

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Hi everyone!  I am Jeff in Raleigh, NC.  I currently attend NC State, and am trying to start building a legitimate wardrobe for life after school.  I get a lot of my style inspiration from the likes of Harvey Specter (tv show Suits) and Neal Caffrey (White Collar).  Since I am still on a tight budget, thrift stores look like they are going to be my best friends.

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Hi everyone

I'm Florian, interested in high quality shoes but also in classic clothes. I live and work in Switzerland as a lawyer and I hope to learn a great deal here.


I found this forum a long time ago (years, really) but never registered. I got into reading further the last few days and decided on registering after a purchase of a pair of Vass shoes I made. More about that in the Vass P0rn thread.





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