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Hi I'm new here. Names Kristian. I love music and currently unemployed aaarrrgggg!!!

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Hi I'm Kuznetsov. Live in the North East of Scotland. Mostly interested in Engineered Garments, Monitaly, Oak Street Bootmakers and technical wear.

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Somehow I missed this thread.


I'm Shawn, currently living in Georgia. 20 year old prospective engineer. Engineering student by day, electronic musician in the free time. Enjoy style and what it stands for. Current aesthetic is taking a turn in the minimalist direction. Looking to learn as much as I can to further develop my style.

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Hi there,  I am Kevin a mid 40's Australian living in Germany for some time now.   I own a small software company and enjoy quality in all things, including what I wear.  I look forward to getting some style tips and interacting with the community.

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Hello I am Quaker. I stand 6'3 and weigh 235. Finding suit jackets, sport coats and dress shirts that fit is the bane of my existence, but hopefully I can get some help from you guys. I live in DC and love wearing bright colors

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Hi, I'm from California. Im here to find new twists on old styles. I'm a bit conservative in dress. I prefer bleeding alpha male styles and have an unhealthy addiction to flannel. Which I'm trying to redesign for the modern male. I love alot of brands but if I had to pick one, Ralph Lauren.

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My name is Rod, i'm 27 and I like the  italian brands like Attolini, Brioni, Cuccineli, Kiton. Usually I buy in stores like shopthefinest or Ebay for good prices. 

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Hi, my name is Zack


I'm 30 years old, and only been really paying attention to my clothing for the past 2 years. I'm 6' and 160lbs so its hard to find stuff wire-y enough for me, so I've been going custom as much as I can afford. I really like clean modern cuts & styles with classic materials. I'm hoping to find some good advice here.


random style I like, off the top of my head: plaid ties, slim notch lapels, timberland chukkas, grey jeans, military style jackets, ticket pockets, custom stuff

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Former Lilly Pulitzer, Stradlader preppy seduced into working for Yves St. Laurent London and New York store for men in the mid 70's, later had stores and business in fashion in LA. Now Totally Anglo in style, especially shoes. Way too many Alfred Sargents, Peals, Wildsmiths, Edward Greens, and Aldens in my closet, but I just keep buying more. Will buy any size, any quantity, high quality English shoes in good shape.

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I'm a italian 19 years old student, and I'm going to attend my first year of university this fall.
This summer I decided to change my old, school boy style, shifting to a more mature way of dressing (from t-shirts to shirts, from sweatshirts to sweaters, etc).
My budget is not that big... but I found the way to dress good, even without being rich.
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Hi folks. I'm 29, single, live in the U.S. midwest and work on campus at a large public university. I just started following menswear around January of this year, and have been slowly turning my eye more and more towards Ivy and other traditional dress. I find myself pretty fascinated with J. Press, Gant, Gitman Bros. and keep an eye out for Brooks Brothers staples that I still need.

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hello, i'm from switzerland and i live in geneva. i'm 21 years old and i work in a bank. I love basic english wear and of course suit.

nice to meet you everybody



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Hey everyone. I'm 30 years old and live in Toronto Canada. I'm in financial services and work downtown, but in a business casual setting. While my work clothes are okay for a young guy starting out, I think it's time that I start investing in some better stuff and dressing a little better professionally.

I've been lurking for a while, and finally decided to sign up and start asking a few questions. Thanks to all of the SFers for the great information and opinions!
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Hello everyone.

I currently live and study in Denmark, I'm 18 of age and over the last 5-6 months I've started developing a love for style and clothes. Which is why I'm here. I decided to sign up, after reading a few threads and noticing how brilliant and friendly this community seems to be. I'm almost certain I'll enjoy my stay.

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Hi, folks:


I'm a middle-aged English professor in North Carolina.  My clothes style is humanities-professorial:  dress shirts, khakis, ties, sport coats and blazers.  My biggest style challenge is finding wearable somewhat dressy shoes for 12.5 EE feet with a variety of problems:  at the moment the only ones I can wear are Clarks, which mean that I can't dress "up" too far or the look gets unbalanced.  Any recommendations for mildly dressy shoes with wide tops and removable inserts?  I've been looking at these:

but haven't ordered a pair to try yet.  Anybody try them?



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