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Greetings Everyone


I love shoes, watches,jackets, jeans, range finder photography, books, art and almost anything hand crafted..

Sums me up really cheers.gif




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This is my first post on SF, but I've been reading it for some time.  In fact, I've been reading it much to my chagrin.  Let me explain.


I'm a 27 year old who has developed the hobby of wanting to dress well and wearing high quality clothing.  Unfortunately, I was a slave to marketing and thought high quality clothing was one thing before discovering it was another upon heavy reading of this forum.


My first "brand name" suit purchase was a Hugo Boss from The Bay here in Calgary, Canada.  It was a sharp navy that I loved and immediately started bragging about it to anyone and everyone who would listen.  I got it at the "bargain basement" price of $700 after all.  I followed that with a another Boss purchase from Harry Rosen for what I thought was a steal at $990 when regularly priced at $1300.


Then I started reading SF.  Sigh.  If only I had read it first.  Don't get me wrong, I still very much like my suits as they fit me very well.  I just have realized that Hugo Boss is only worth spending hard earned dollars at a certain price point.  The price points I just mentioned do not fall under that umbrella.


A suit is required for my job around 60 times a year and I will choose to wear one, whether it be to dress well to an event or to add that extra touch, another 40 or 50 times a year.  Despite telling myself I wouldn't buy Boss anymore since learning about construction and quality, I've broken my rules south of the border at Cabazon, San Marcos, and other outlet locations.  I've picked up 3 more for a total less than the $700 I paid for the first navy I mentioned...for whatever reason, I always stumble upon crazy discounts on top of the outlet pricing.  They're all Boss Black or Boss Selection.


Yet, here I am yearning for a real suit.  A suit with a full canvas, a suit with real handwork, a suit I can really be proud of.  I have an athletic build, wear a 44R off the rack in most brands, and I don't go a week without looking at deals, stores, etc to see what is out there.  I've determined my first fully canvassed suit will likely be a Samuelsohn during Rosen's MTM event...a nice charcoal can be had for around $1100 and will fit me very well with a sizable drop from shoulders to waist.


Just like to thank SF from afar as a lurker, as it has helped me see the light AND helped me learn the value of contrast and coordination.  I'm not a pro by any means but I learn something everyday on this forum.

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I'm Cesar, a military officer that just joined the ranks of the newly late 20's club.  I've been reading the forum on and off and thought it was finally time to join it.  I'm surrounded in a community that has no value for style (the military) and I'm looking for some inspiration.  Right now I am seriously researching the purchase of a pair of Alden 405 Indy boots.

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I'm William, and i'm clueless.

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Hi All


I live in Sydney Australia, I drive an Internal Ambulance in Northern Area Health.

I hope to improve my appearance by taking advice here, hopefully I will learn alot.


PS I am also clueless

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25 from New York. Looking to dress nicely once I have some cash. I'm not into fashion so much as just looking nice and presentable. Clueless as well.

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Hello all, 


   Central PA here, going to college in a little while, hoping to have a good time on this forum.  Seems like a good group of people here.  

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Hi all. I'm Jim, a law student (graduating in 9ish months, yikes) in Connecticut. Law being a profession that tends to require suit-wearing, I've found myself paying more and more attention to what I'm wearing. 

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Hi all im Sean from Australia just dropping in to say hi and im looking forward to contributing and getting good tips, all the best

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Hi SF,


My name is Jay and I'm a 30 year old from Sydney, Australia. I work in IT (Web) and tend to spend quite a bit of time online. :)


While I've known of this forum for a while (years in fact), I've never joined or read many of the topics here. However a recent interest in taking my own style and appearance to the next level has led me to broaden my horizons and read up as much as possible. 


Being in IT and particularly my area, you dont see too many sharply dressed men about the office. Coming from a finance background I was once used to suiting up daily and have a couple of heavily tailored Versace suits collecting dust from those days. 


More recently however you will see me dressing much more casually. The wardrobe has shifted from a suit during the week with very casual weekend wear to a sharper street look combining the best of Acne, Lanvin, CP, Balenciaga, LV, Zara etc with simple basics. 


Anyone who recognizes my name will most likely associate me with watch collecting as I have been into watches for about 5 years now. The collection consists of Rolex and Panerai but my main interest lies in the latter. I've owned everything from a PAM000 to PAM127.


I've noticed a few names I recognize from other Aussie forums so it'll be good to get involved over here as well. 




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Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I've been looking for a legitimate forum on fashion and came across with Styleforum. Hope to get to know some people! I'm into streetwear mostly and really into headgear/hats and stuff like that!foo.gif

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I'm john, a 22 year old senior in college, graduating in December. Currently getting my undergrad in business with a minor in econ and finance. Currently have had internships with Merrill Lynch, and a property management company. Will be getting my MBA in finance or accounting, not too sure yet. I am going into the business world and will need a suit every day. Joining this site so I can get an early start so I can dress to impress my clients when I start my own financial advising career. I like to ski, play golf, ride bmx, play the drums. I'm from Kansas, and plan on moving to Colorado to get my life started within the year. Wish me luck!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Hello, I'm DrBi0. I am a 20 year old college student from WV. Currently working on my undergrad for psychology. In my free time I play a lot of League of Legends.

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I`m "Ravn". I live in Oslo, I am 45 years old.


Looking forward to get some good tips from the forums. I guess I`m the kind of guy that have no more than two suits and three pair of shoes, but then again, who wear a suit and a pair of EG when they are mostly outdoors fishing or playing fotball with their children. But I still got some houers left at the end of the month and thats when it`s nice to dress proper, at least some of the time smile.gif

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Hello everyone,


I'm from Brooklyn, majoring in Architecture which I'm currently in my senior year. I work at a gym part time and blog about "fashion" on Basically, a close friend recommended this site a year ago and now I decided to join, primarily because I need to sell my "BRAND NEW" Alden Natty Tanker Boots please message me if you're interested. Non the less, this is a great site. smile.gif

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