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Hi guys, Alberto from italy... Finally joined the forum after some years of taking advices smile.gif
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DapperMan here.  A working man that likes to dress nicely and make (at least) first good impressions.    

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My name is Tanner and I've lurked for a long time but finally decided to get something set up. You gents have a good grasp on things and I thought it would help step up my own style game to become a part of the conversation.


I run a site/style consulting business on The main purpose of the site is to help men who aren't style conscious learn the reasons and the ways to improve their overall masculine presence through what they wear.


I've had very little interaction with other guys on here or style bloggers so I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better.

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Hey guys,


I'm Zach -- been lurking for a while, just found this thread, so figured it was about time. Based in DC, but considering a move back to NY. Mid-20s, so as much as I drool over bespoke tailoring and formalwear, my lifestyle's just not there yet... Doesn't mean I can't pretend. 

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New person from the west coast of the US.  Relative newbie mostly looking for advice

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Hello SF'ers! I am a long time lurker, first time poster; a late-twenties financial services professional, living in the Windy City. I first started coming to SF to pick up some advice as it relates to my work attire, as I've gotten older, I'd like to think that my dress sense has matured as well. I spend most my time on threads that relates to business formal attire; I graduated from poorly fitting OTR suits to better fitting MTM suits and SCs in the last couple of years. So if anyone has some questions regarding tailors I've frequented in Chicago, I'm more than happy to share my experience.

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Welcome everyone.
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I'm Joe. This looks to be a great place to hang out! Look forward to being a part. I worked for the great retailer Nordstrom for over 4 years, selling and fitting men's shoes. I learned so much about fashion/style there, but always looking to learn more and share ideas. My first love in style is shoes in any shade of brown!

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Hi all,


Sheen here hailing from sunny Singapore. Been lurking around this site for about a year or so and decided to finally create an account. I'm rather young, not even in my twenties and frankly, it's hard to find people (my age) who share my love for sartorial elegance or single malt whisky. Hence I'm hoping this site would allow me to connect with others with similar interests. 

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Hi, AKTor here.  30-something from Canada, interested in food, photography, and cultivating a classic style sense (and matching closet).   Long-time reader of SF, finally got around to joining, and happy to be here.

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Hello, I am Legion. Style forum comes to my computer every few months based on searches that I'm doing. I lurk for awhile and then it goes away. It came back yesterday and I decided to join today. There is something damned impressive in the way you guys talk about

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Hi all, today I decided to join SF but I started visiting it something like a year ago. Somehow, when I was looking for quality information about shirts and later suits, SF was usually used as a point of reference and source of quality advice. Today I decided to join and to contribute more to this community. About me, Prague based, late 20s, fascinated by photography, modern music and good dress shirts :)

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I'm Mark.  I buy a lot of shoes and refuse to wear jeans.  Watches are the only "jewelry" I can bring myself to wear.  I wish I needed eyeglasses so I could start a collection, and I have more ties than I will ever need (but I still want more).  I'm interested to keep learning and to talk "style" with other people that actually care.

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jonnie here.


Not much of a poster but a lurker lol! I like clothing and gotten on the streetwear bandwagon back in high school. Currently in university, hopefully to get a degree +.+

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Hi everyone, this is TravelFun.  Looking forward to discussing the latest style trends.
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