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Do you work for yourself, or do you make cases for another company?

Originally Posted by casemaker View Post

Hi, I'm Simon Baker, I am a master casemaker. I found a thread talking about Swaine Addeney briefcases, which was fascinating, so have joined, hope to be able to contribute to a greater understanding of leather and case construction. I live and work in the highlands of Scotland, which after 17 years in the west end of London, is a dream. But with the internet, nowhere is remote.

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I've never found this website until tonight while looking for info on Korean tailors. How could I have missed this?


I've always cared about what I wear, but I'm not a clothes horse -- or snob. I hope. I've subscribed off and on to GQ and Details for years. I'm mainly a J. Crew kind of guy, but appreciate good shoes. And the best part about that is that I live in KY and am near the Zappos outlet. Yes, they have a real outlet, and you can get incredible deals on incredible shoes!

(Hedd Wyn was a famous Welsh poet.)

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Hello to you all, I'm sure that this forum will be useful! :-)
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Hello all!


I'm Don from the Philippines (or Philippine Islands, hence the handle). I live in Manila and stumbled upon the forums after seeking out counsel regarding suits.  


I look forward to happy exchanges here with fellow SF members. smile.gif

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Hi, I am and have been self employed for 25+ years. I have on occasion sold to other companies/shops, but mostly I make to order.

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Hello all. My name is Nate, and I started working in sales last year. This is the first job I've had that requires wearing a suit every day.

I'm not a genius on fashion, but I really enjoy it. Actually, I enjoy anything nice: cars, watches, shoes, homes, wine, food. Etc.

I still have a quite a bit to learn. I have lurked these boards for a bit, and decided to join.  I am looking to build a wardrobe, and add some more suits, shoes, etc.

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Hello everybody icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
My name's Mack/Mcster
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hello, i'm 55, a below knee amputee, but walking. i'm looking for some quality footwear, and was wondering if anyone could tell me about trickers boots. i quite fancy a pair of the ripons.

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Hi I'm new here. I mostly wear very simple things. My favorite brands are Levi's and maybe American Apparel. I also like jackets a lot.

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Hello All,


SoHighSoFly here!! Just wanted to intro myself, lurked around for a couple years, but finally figured I need to join the convo!!


Fave's include:



Orvis catalog

CK suits

Allen Edmonds

Jordan shoes (classics and team shoes, not streetwear or "Jordan brand")

Danner Boots

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I'm new. I wear very traditional clothing in my very traditional workplace. "Style" does not enter into it at all. Right now I have been lurking and now posting to learn about shoes, and care for them. Although I conform to the, narrow, standards of my office, I have been wearing cheap throwaway shoes. now wearing nice ones, but I love vintage, so always have questions about restoration and care. But if anyone has suggestions for nice travel blazers, lightweight, but well made and wrinkly resistant, I would be interested as well. Thanks.

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Afternoon all. I've been using SF as a reference for several years, and finally decided to join in the fun. As the moniker suggests, I'm a fan of single malt Scotch (among other drams).


My tastes have shifted over the years from Milanese Italian (never been a huge fan of Neapolitan or Roman styles) to a more English aesthetic these days. I work in a fairly conservative field in which suits are required, and clothing helps convey a seriousness of purpose. I appreciate more adventurous style, but can't really indulge in it very much.


Finally, I blame this place and Ask Andy for ruining me by introducing me to Edward Green shoes. 


Looking forward to learning from all of you, and hopefully contributing a bit.

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Hello to everybody, I am karib very simple & i am here for leering, sharing & discussion. I want to be a part of the forum community. Hope everyone will be friendly.
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Hi there,


new french guy in this forum. I already reading to other french forum, but I want to see more ! And of course I have to improve my english, so I think it's a good way to match hobby and learning.


I am looking for new inspiration and way of clothing (not european style). Thank you for reading.

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Hello Everyone,


My name is David I am 38 years old and I live in the California Bay Area. I have been married to my awesome wife for 15 years and we have no children. I have been a member of the SF since May of this year but this is the first time I have written a post. My personal style is a mixture of many different influences ranging, from classic American preppy style, hip-hop, and bohemian sensibilities.  I have done some freelance fashion styling work in the past and I even (unsuccessfully) launched a t-shirt company in the early 2000's. Men's fashion and interior design are passions of mine and I hope to be able to transition into a full time career in within those disciplines sometime in the very near future (I HATE MY JOB). Maybe joining this forum is just the kick I need to finally organize my thoughts and make something happen!


I frequently browse this forum and I find to be very informative as well as equally entertaining. I look forward to continuing to learn from all of you, and I hope to be able to network with those who possess similar interest and or goals. Cheers..

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