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I'm Paul Jamal (yes my birth name rhymes), 23 yrs old, currently a Front Desk Agent/Night Auditor at Holiday Inn.

Engaged and living in the South (moving sometime soon). Recently figured I was old enough to spruce up my dressing habits and style. (kind of why I'm here at SF)


  • Love: oysters, suits, fonts (yes FONTS), wingtips, music, all the stuff guys my age usually love
  • Hate: being either sleepy or hungry haha


I dream of expressing myself creatively (hopefully getting paid for it too!) and traveling the world.

Looking to learn alot here and help as much as I can!

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i am in France, living 15km in the area of Paris, i found the forum thru a search about a New York Shop.(Epaulet)

Some article of this shop are being discussed here and then i found some thread and by the way the forum

I post from time to time in Watches english language forum: watchuseek, orientalwatchsite...

Here it is my first inscription on a non watch forum site


and sorry for some english mis typing:usage, i mainly read english documents or books but speak and write very few times.


To be complete as i am of Basque origin i have some family in your country in California (San Francisco area)



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i'm a recent grad, beginning work in the west coast and I found this forum through friends as well as research on styles. I'm hoping to pick up some style tips and of course how to learn better :D 

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My name is Jaj, I know its not a common name. I am here mostly for advice on dress clothes and suits. I am a recent college grad and deep in the job hunt.

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Hey guys, I'm Phil. I'm a high school senior from Tennessee who tries to exceed the dress standards in the south. That said, it IS the south, so jeans are an essential part of my wardrobe ;) I've been lurking for awhile and found some great advice. 

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I'm Christian. I'm a designer living in Los Angeles. Looking to get information and style advice. (fit pics, reviews, etc.) Also looking for good deals.

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Hello everyone,


I am fairly new to the professional workforce. I just recently started viewing these forums because my small body frame has caused me to start learning about fashion. I can't buy over the rack suits, so I just started with MTM and may move up to bespoke. At first, all the fit and customization options were overwhelming, but I am learning a lot from this website. While reading others' posts, I am starting to learn about my own personal style and preferences.

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Hi Everyone,


This is Adele, co-owner of Epaulet. Just wanted to introduce myself officially on the forum. I love scanning through and seeing the great conversation and pictures.


I'm here to mainly help you with any questions/issues. I handle most of the Customer Service at the shop/online, so please drop me a PM if I can help with anything. I'll try to check in daily, but sometimes it gets crazy. In that case, the best way to get in touch is to email


Looking forward to participating!




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Hey everyone!


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am LeeroyDaBoy. I work in Nashville, TN, in the mobile electronics biz. I live in Brentwood, TN. I'm 30 years old. I am 6'3" 225 lbs, size 12 shoe. I work and work out all of the time.


I am also a big fan of fine fragrance.


I look forward to being a member of this forum, and learning more about style.

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Hi all! New to SF. I live in UK. best

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Hi all!  New to SF. I live in UK



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Hey guys my name is Kevin and I feel like I finally found my home online! I like to wear lots of things really. I have a pair of drivers in two colors that work well with almost everything. I also enjoy mixing a little dark brown wingtip with my jeans! But I also have a pair of JP converse I enjoy a lot! So my look has kinda been developing for casuallly more dressed up then most people towards more of a street wear kinda trend. Idk where it's going to take me but I'm incredibly happy I found this forum. I've been here for like 3 days. I have a leather jacket and shoes on the way already. Haha thanks style forum!
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Hey styleforum,


This is dillon, i write a blog called thread & salt focused on food photography and personal style. i live in nyc and am currently a bartender pursuing a career in mens styling. I've know of SF for years, but for some reason never really got familiar with it, looking to change that. glad to be here. looking forward to reading everyones opinions and feedback.

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I have been lurking on the site for a few months now and you guys (and AAAC) have been an excellent resource for learning about good quality clothing, fashion, shoes, and general gentlemanly things. Six months ago, prompted by my wife, we went out and got my first custom suit (MTM). This month I got some new shoes. Some decent MTM dress shirts are next on the list. I am just getting started on my fashion journey and am loving it so far. I figured it was time to sign up for an account and introduce myself.



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My name is Akkakarn. I'm working for my family business in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Nice to know you

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