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Hi. My name is Alexey. I'm a lawyer. I prefer to dress in style casual, preppy. I do not like pompous brands like D&G, Gucci, etc. For the same money there are far more different brands. I prefer brands such as Stone Island, CP Company, Edwin, Evisu, Garbstore, Our Legacy,Ralph Lauren, Paul and Shark, Paul Smith. Shoes: Red Wing, Sperry, Paul Smith, etc.

Clothing size depends on the brand. I wear L size top (jackets, sweaters), 32/34 waist size (jeans, pants), and 10 US (9 UK, 43 EUR, 280 JP) shoe size.


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I'm Jeff - born and raised in Chicago's South Side, I live in the city now.  I saturate myself in menswear until the point that I can't do it any longer.  I count Riggity Ralph Lauren and Tony Tanfani as style inspirations and enjoy shoes that have scoff-inducing prices.  Always on the lookout for a good tailor, new shops, and classic pieces that withstand the abuse I put them through.

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Hi styleforumers -

I have been an avid follower of the MC forum for about two years.  I have found the bespoke shoe threads, waywrn, and the recent tailor critique thread very valuable. Joined up because I am at the point where I might be able to contribute to a few of the discussions. 




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I've been lurking SF for a while now, the S&D and the MC are both amazing and very informative. I'm also quite amazed at the BST section.


I'm fresh out of college in my first job. I've always been interested in clothes, but since I've been getting paychecks on the regular, I've been more more serious about researching the topic.


Big fan of:

Margiela, Momotaro, Herringbone, Schneider, Ervell, Gitman Vintage, Kent Wang, GATs, CPs, Allen Edmonds, Tanner belts, JLC Reverso, Wings + Horns, Happy Socks, Leather Bombers, Thick as Thieves, Gaspar Gloves, and many others


Right now, Streetwear and Denim applies to me most, since I often dress very casually and am still quite young. I hope to learn from and contribute to the discussions.



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Hi I’m new here. I joined because I am looking to become a little more knowledgeable in the area of clothing and style. I want to will be able to teach my two strapping sons a little somethin’ somethin’ some day I would love to take my wife out to dinner sometime and surprise her with my incredible style sense  

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Been lurking around for a while. I make cartoons for a living and travel to Japan on a yearly basis for fun and business. I casually enjoy looking at men's fashion and recently have grown an interest in rugged/workmen union type life styles. 

You can catch me always wearing denim no matter the occasion and a bag of some type (currently a Porter).


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Hello I am Brian, new to this site and was referanced by a friend. He suggested I become a member to help better myself with the new styles, and to possibly get feed back on some good finds. I am a Minnesota native, and just landed a good job that allows me to wear nice clothing (suit, tie, ect) so you can imagine how excited i am to get out of construction. Thank you and hope to hear some good feed back.

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Hi, been interested in fashion for a bit now just fairly casually. I generally like to try and look reasonable when I go out. I'm from Australia currently still a student so on a pretty tight budget. I love bow ties and that sort of quirky vintage things which would probably explain my recent purchase of a blue top hat. I'm a fan of sports coats and jeans i'm not really particularly phased about the brand as long as it's well made, fits and looks good.

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33 year old lawyer from Sweden looking for some nice deals but mostly inspiration and more knowledge about clothes. 


The range of good quality clothes, especially suits and and workwear, is quite limited in my area so I mostly shop online. I have recently developed a freaky interest in suits and right now I want to know everything...





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post #116 of 4797 name is Uros, i live in Slovenia ( Europe ) Im ex fashion model, and i like casual wearing, Pret a Porter. Giorgio Armani is perfect for me, and  my personal friend too.I also like Nino Cerruti and Kenzo Takada....

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Hello everyone,


I've visited this site every one and then for a while now mostly looking at the marketplace and reading certain threads. I decided to sign up because the marketplace and greatly improved since i 1st checked it out and there are very knowledgeable members here that can help me and others when ask a question.


I'm from miami beach, Florida and it gets really hot here for me so i tend to wear very light clothing so not much in the style department =[

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Im Kevin ...Joined the forum about a week ago...currently living in Dallas on here to network with fellow fashion heads such as myself.

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Evening all,

I've been acquainted with the forum for some time, and somewhat arbitrarily decided now would be a fine time to join. I rather enjoy being knowledgeable about those topics that interest me, and the body of knowledge (and knowledgeable bodies) here is a wonderful resource. Thank you all for that.

Biographically, I'm an incredibly boring 20 something in the greater DC metro area who occasionally manages to look presentable.
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Hi. My name is Lu. I'm 23 and a full time college student here in Northern Michigan. I like clothes and I am single.
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