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Hello Everyone,

I am Mert and I live in Istanbul.Just turned 25.I work as an engineer for a big German automotive firm. Lived for a while in Europe, met a lot of people from everywhere around the world.


I now have a huge passion to start my own clothing company.The gears already started to roll. Want to learn some style and ideas from you all.(Rhymed quite nicely there :) )

Take care.

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Hello, I'm All Tatters and I'm from The Netherlands.


My interest in stylish clothing has recently increased after years of 'hibernation.' I'm especially interested in good shoes and better-fitting clothes because I'm tall and very thin and therefore most clothes tend to be baggy.

My very first 'international style' inspired shirt was a Tattersall, combine this with the fact that I'm far from satisfied with my current garderobe and you'll see how I arrived at my nickname. :)


For now I will mostly just read, especially in the Meermin/Carmina and other shoe threads.

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Jason from NJ suburbs

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Just joined. My search for a J. Crew British Millerain Jacket led me here, but looking around I'll probably stick around. Pretty cool site!

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This site is pretty crazy. Once you get going with this stuff it's hard to stop. 



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This may be a little self serving, but I need to get a few more posts so I can post a picture. 

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I figure people wouldn't care in this thread. 

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I'm Hunter, been lurking for a while so decided I should make an account.  I'm a law student in my late 20s in Seattle, WA.  Through my early/mid 20s I tended towards the crappy jeans and t-shirts look, but had a bit of a road-to-Damascus moment where I realized that the best antidote for my young-for-my-age look is to dress it up a bit.  My personal style lately is largely hybridized collegiate, with a penchant for mixing levels of formality, and sometimes for the unusual or whimsical.  Living on a student budget, I'm always looking for good ways to balance looking good with not spending a bunch of money, and I'm a sucker for vintage and consignment.

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I´m Pepin. 64 yo. But crazy as a young man for fashion.Happy to find this community.

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Great forum. Been lurking on and off for years whenever I needed quick information about one brand or another. Time to jump in and swim now. :)

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Cheers from Utah.  I've become obsessed with raw denim and all the sundries that accompany the lifestyle of breaking in a proper pair of jeans.  I found the site after looking for the perfect belt and wallet.

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Gentlemen ..

new here , obviously , love clothes , have a real passion for quality garments ..

Brands I love are EG / Post O'Alls / Nigel Cabourn / Viberg / Red Wing.

cheers all - smile.gif

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Hi all. I live in the DC area (NoVa). I appreciate - and aspire to be - a gentleman who always looks fit for the occasion. Can't say I always get there! But that's why I'm here.

I shop at J. Crew and Nordstrom mostly. Have used Trunk Club a few times and had a good experience. I have two pairs of Alden shoes and wear Clark's desert boots for casual wear. I'm a sucka for the chukka.

No tailored suits yet, but I see them in my future.

See you around!
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Hi all I am from Sydney Australia and I have lurked here for advice and I finally thought I would jump in.

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My name is Thiet, i am a newbie
I am from Hanoi city, Vietnam and work as a graphic desiger for Mythuat24h thiet ke logo company
I am 31 years old
I am male
My hobbies include visiting art exhibitions, drawing and designing
My favorite author is Dean Koontz
I love pop music, football and action movies

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