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Puerto Madero?  Was it an Argentinian style place?  Puerto madero is the name of the redeveloped waterfront area in Buenos Aires.  It is home to the greatest steakhouse I've ever been to, Las Cabañas Las Lillas, they own their own finca, so the waiter can tell you the pedigree of your dinner.  I can still taste the steak in my haed.  Not to be missed if you are ever in Buenos Aires.

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It is. They do a mean grilled octopus too.

Next time there, try Paixa (Mexican, in San Angel or Santa Fe), Au Pied de Cochon (French, in Polanco) or, for really authentic treats, El Bajío (in Azcapotzalco), Casa Merlos (in Observatorio) and Fonda 99.99%(in Colonia del Valle) or a cantina, such as El Bosque (San Miguel Chapultepec).
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Thanks for the suggestions, Ernie. I like Paxia San Angel--went there last summer. Very interesting beer list. Just went to El Bajio in Polanco for comida when I was there at New Years'. Their caldo de mole is great. I'll check out the other ones you recommend when I'm there this summer.

Do you have any clothing recommendations in DF? I'm thinking about checking out some bespoke tailors this summer: Stefano in Cuauhtemoc, Adrian in Polanco, Solito in Polanco. I'm guessing that the locations of the latter two imply higher prices, and Solito's Naples connection even higher.

Can anybody recommend any decent bespoke in DF besides those three?

(I like what I see on Stefano' website: the owner drafting a pattern.)
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Gracias Ernie -

PS - is that a Tommy reference? If so... creeeeeeeepy
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I did a litte more research. According to this Jan 2011 article:

Antonio Solito is the famed Gennaro's brother, who left Naples for the Mexican megalopolis.

According to this October 2011 article:

Mexican Presidents de la Madrid, Salinas, Zedillo, and Fox have all worn his suits, as has singer Luis Miguel. I think I see some Neapolitan styling in some of Miguel's suits.

Makes me want to check out Stefano's cut and silhouette. What is homegrown Mexican tailoring like? A 2006 article about Stefano and owner Raul Caballero here:
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biggrin.gif big Keith Moon fan.

Carmina has a distributor in Zona Rosa, "Rio Bravo". They only had a couple of models, but they have another shop on Masaryk in Polanco that has more options, mostly on the Simpson last if I recall correctly. Unfortunately I can't recall the name or address... Plaza Zentro perhaps, on Masaryk 407. They had them for Mx$8000 a pair, but would quickly discount down to Mx$7000, about US$500. Both shops have tailors and I understand they offer MTM (or bespoke?) suits and shirts, although the later didn't strike me as affordable, at Mx$3500 a pop.
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Pineda Covalin is another source. I understand they're a designer duo who do mostly printed silk items based or inspired by Mexican art... Certainly colorful, and some things are beautiful. They have plenty of ties but, alas, no pocket squares. Try

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Thought I'd revive this thread by mentioning a few of the bespoke menswear options I've discovered in Mexico City (DF) in the past couple of years.

Here's the deal on bespoke in DF and the rest of the city. There are 20 million people in the metropolitan region; DF is the country's political, financial, legal, and cultural capital; Mexico has the world's 10th largest economy at purchasing power parity; and DF rarely reaches 85 degrees F, since it's so high up in the mountains; and pretty much all male bankers, lawyers, politicians, and corporate executives in DF wear suits and ties to work. So there is definitely bespoke menswear in Mexico City. The trick is finding it, especially for those who lack good Spanish or much experience of Ibero-America.

What I've discovered is that in Mexico, for almost any luxury item, there are at least two or three bespoke makers who can make it up to the world's highest standards. And the rule of thumb is that the price--if you order and also pick up the item in Mexico--will be less than half what it would be if made in West Europe, the Anglophone countries, or Japan.

Take bespoke suits as an example. You can easily find in DF a number of bespoke tailors who will make you a CTM bespoke suit for half or less than half what a budget-bespoke maker in NYC frequently discussed on this forum charges. You will get a full-canvassed CTM suit with two fittings, >50% handwork, all kinds of options for quarter- and buggy-linings, a fit better than the world's best MTM or NYC budget bespoke, all for less than 450 USD.

So here are some options for bespoke menswear in DF. Most of these people could use more business.

(1) Sastreria Gilberto Ortiz e Hijos. In the City Center. This guy has been called the world's third-best bespoke tailor. I don't know about that, but I do know that he cuts some impressive suits. This Youtube video shows him making up a dress coat, which sounds promising:
I haven't asked, but I would guess his prices for CTM are less than half what a good Savile Row house would charge. On a good day, he could probably deliver a suit just as good as Huntsman. If you're into pagoda shoulders, but don't want to pay Roman bespoke or Davide Taub/Gieves&Hawkes prices, this is your guy. He can also do a good Huntsman military shoulder.

(2) Botas Amozoc. In Mixcoac on Revolucion. Bespoke boots, shoes, and riding boots for men and women. They'll do you a bespoke-lasted Goodyear-welted balmoral boot with no petroleum products for under 300 USD. Also do chelsea boots, chukkas, and cowboy boots. I think I even saw Goodyear-welted high heeled women's pumps in the shop!
Av Revolución 979, Nonoalco, Benito Juarez, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal. Tel: 3330 3989

(3) Hermes Pieles Finas. Custom-made and ready-made leather jackets. In the Center.

(4) Camiseria Bolivar. Bespoke shirtmakers, who also sell plenty of ready-made shirts, guayaberas, and related items. In the Center.

(5) Guayaberas Finas Cab. MTM and RTW guayaberas. MTM price is ~250 USD in good linen. The traditional Yucatan guayabera.

(6) Sombereria Escandon. Bespoke hatter; also alterations, cleanings, and RTW hats. Near the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods, in Escandon on Jose Marti. The bespoke service is for wool felt (semi-)dress hats, mainly fedoras and trilbys. Nacho quoted me 600 pesos. He can reshape, cut, and adjust the many Panamas and Milan straws he has in stock for the same price. You buy the hat from him, and he'll reshape, cut, and adjust it for you, all for 600 pesos.

(7) Sombreros Tardan. Since 1847. Famous RTW hats in the Zocalo, and I believe they will have bespoke orders made up in their Monterrey workshop.

(8) Vaquero. MTM leather jackets, coats, boots, and shoes. Also MTM fur coats. Most of their business seems to be in repairs and cleanings of leather jackets. They quoted me 1500 pesos for MTM cowboy boots in calfskin. They seem to really know what they're doing when it comes to cleaning leather garments. In Condesa on Insurgentes, and also in Coyoacan, and in Division del Norte.

One thing to keep in mind: it costs a lot to import bulk amounts of materials for luxury goods into Mexico. There are tariffs, plus transport, distribution, and warehousing costs. So if you want a Scabal suiting or a Monti Prince Rose shirting made a couple of years ago, they may well have it in stock or be able to source it, but it's going to cost you. So bring the materials with you, or use Mexican materials (a number of Mexican firms make good suitings with two-ply yarns in both the warp and weft, and Mexicans can make shoe leather as good as any); or ask about older stock that's been setting on the shelf for a couple of decades.
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This might also be of interest: DressPRMex, who used to post at AskAndy, had a useful discussion of several DF tailors, their work, and their prices in 2006. The prices in pesos don't seem to have changed that much in eight years. I'm guessing you'd add 20-25%.

Here's his 2006 post. "Gilberto" is Sastreria Gilberto Ortiz

DressPRMex says that Gilberto Ortiz is the tailor to Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, Mexico's top TV anchor. L-D does wear some well-fitting suits with high armholes.

Here is a link to photos of a 6x2 Neapolitan-style DB that DressPR had done by a DF tailor, Bernardo Galicia, in 2006. I can't find that shop--I wonder if they went out of business. The head guy had apparently worked for Antonio Solito before setting up on his own.
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