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Red Wing 875 sizing?

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A few people here seem to have these. What's the sizing like? True? Half large? Red Wing seems pretty inconsistent with this (kind of odd, considering Chippewa is extremely consistent and they're both owned by Justin).
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They're pretty true to what the red wing foot measureing system claims is your size. Though they come w/o insoles so the thickness of the insole you add comes into play as well.
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Given that I've never been to a Red Wing store and bothered with their measuring machines, how would you compare it to other shoes?
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Well my size in Redwing 875's is a 12EE, I have a pair of fyre chelsea boots in a 13D that are a bit too big, a pair of vintage frye ropers in 12M that are a bit snug width wise, and all my dress shoes are a 13 bit tend to be kinda loseish especially in thin socks. and in sneakers I'm all over the place from a 14 in NB/Addidas to a 12 in converse , 13 in Nike's so I'm going to wager that a 12EE I am in the 875's is probably pretty close to my true size. I'd just go to a Red Wing store and ask them to measure you. It takes like 10 seconds on thier machine.
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yeah, the measuring device is actually pretty cool. not only does it give you width and length measurements, it lets you know what areas of your foot experience the most pressure when you're standing.

if you're in the LA area, i highly recommend the El Monte store on Valley. just picked up a pair of 1905s from them last week. i think it's got the same last as the 875s and they were very true to size.

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I'm on the wrong coast for that. The closest Red Wing store to me is 30 miles away, which in Connecticut is about an hour. Not really practical.
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Red Wing has been the only folks that have been able to properly size me. Turns out I am a 12 B with a 13 arch so I have been sized for a 13B with perfect results. I would say let them size you and at least start out with what they tell you and go from there.
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