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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

You guys bring a very valid point of stability.

My friends, myself included, are still pretty young. I'm even contemplating about relocating after I wrap up the 2nd master's.

You guys don't get bored of your job due to repetition though? Or do you truly love what you do? I read in an article that an average person switches careers 3-5 times.

Well think about it: If the average career last 35 or 40 years and the average person changes careers about four times, they're still probably spending a lot of time at one place at least once in their career. I think the nature of most people's lives is that they come to a point where they want or need to stay in the same place for an extended amount of time. Usually those that continue to move around regularly are in the military, childless, or are "career first" to the core.

Furthermore, most jobs require that you relocate to corporate headquarters eventually if you really want to climb the ladder, so even most ambitious people usually end up in the same place for awhile.
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A little over 4 years for my first job out of college. I left for better pay and more promotion opportunities though the hours worked is a lot worse. But since I'm single with no real responsibilities I might as well try to move up as much as I can before marriage, kids, and mortgage all kick in.
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I have been self-employed for 16 years.
The schedule is super; the money usually is good.

My boss, however, is a real asshole.
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post

I have been self-employed for 16 years.
The schedule is super; the money usually is good.

My boss, however, is a real asshole.

Buy him a little bud and I bet he mellows right out.
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6.5 Years at my current agency (federal government). I have been promoted to different positions 3 times, and I am currently looking for another grade increase soon.
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8 months, woooo! But my job sucks so hopefully I'll be here no longer than 1 year.
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~5 years
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10.5 yrs at my current....
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Four years... And only because it was the Army and I couldn't leave a day sooner. Prior to that 20 months. I just turned 31 and I'm on my fourth job.
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8 1/2 years. I went from contract to full time with three lateral moves to an international assignment to middle management. By that time I had hit the ceiling because I needed to wait for people to retire before there was any more room to move. I was really at the top of my game in the Canadian side of the organization and thought I'd blow it up and move on. Originally my plan was to stay two years to be honest.
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In October I will have been with my current employer for 8 years.

I work at very large company. As such I can, and have, worked in a few different areas doing very different things all while still being at the same employer. I don't even think that you have to be at that big of a company for this to be true either. Especially if you're bright and hardworking. Good management will sometimes want to move you around to different areas to groom you for management.

Also, you are still at your first job out of school so you shouldn't feel anxious about the impression your resume might give if you leave after one year. Sometimes it just takes a while to find the right fit. The first job that I worked in out of college, actuarial consulting, was awful. I hated my job and my life. Nine months later I started working for my current company at 80% of pay and loved the work that I did.
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The first job is always tough. Stay too long and you feel like you can't move, don't stay enough and you feel like you'll be branded a flake. I think there's more latitude than most people realize. Stay until you feel that you should leave. It's as simple as that. If that means staying 8 years, great. If that means 6 months, fine.
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The reason I feel like it's my time to leave is because I'm not being challenged anymore. I've done all the stuff here to the point where it's a cycle. Plus the pay is not the most competitive, I'm not getting tuition reimbursement, and I'm driving about 40 miles one way. I am grateful and all to get the job with relative ease.

I have my 4th interview with a potential employer this week. I hope I land the gig. The ambiance feels a lot more to my liking as well. The process is a 5 step system...first 2 interviews were via phone. The latter 3 are in person. They keep weeding out the prospects with every single one. Feels like I'm deep in the play offs right now, haha.

I read some where that a person of my generation who is fresh out of school will switch careers 3-5 times. With me, I wouldn't doubt it. I find interest in so many things. The downfall is as the saying goes "Jack of all traits, master of none".
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current job. owned company for 4.5 years, there over 1 since acquisition. before that, never more than 2 years
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I'm currently at my first job and I've been here for 3.5 years. But this is my 3rd job within this company, so it is not as if I've been sitting still. Pay has increased as well over the years. I cannot see myself in this particular job for more than 2 years actually, so if I can move up here I might consider it. Otherwise, I'm looking at a different company.
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