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Laphroaig quarter cask. I really enjoy a good peaty scotch.

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Finally opened and finished my bottle of Glenndronach 18 that's been sitting in my cabinet for over a year. Stuff was great.
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

Finally opened and finished my bottle of Glenndronach 18 that's been sitting in my cabinet for over a year. Stuff was great.
I read this a little quick the other morning and was wondering what was so special about Glenfiddich 18. Glendronach, now thats a different story.
Although someone here was just commenting on how Glenfiddich 18 has changed and is pretty good.
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GlenDronach? I misread that as well. Yesterday had a taste of the cask strength, and tried another ounce of the Bruichladdich Octomore 7.1, just as good as the first time.


There is so much wonderful stuff out there, and my local bar has a good spread of stuff.

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Hey guys, need a quick opinion... I'm going to Astors tomorrow and can get 1 bottle of something to bring back to Toronto with me... my goal is to get something that's fairly well known/reviewed, a fairly standard expression, and most important, adds something quite different to the styles I've already have. So I'm looking to add a whole new type/style here... and ideally under $100

Here's what I own:
Laphroaig QC, P/X, an cuan mor, 18
Ardbeg 10, uigeadail
Lagavulin 16
Springbank 10
Talisker 10, Dark Storm or DE (I don't remember)
Aberlour 12(?), a'bunadh
Highland Park 12
Auchentoshan Three Wood
Cragganmore 12
Macallen 12
Balvenie doublewood (12?)
Walker Double Black, Green

So here are the ones I'm choosing between:
Glenmorangie - heard good things... is it different from what I have? which year is good?
there's original, quinta ruban (port cask) or lasanta (sherry cask) - all $53
Bunnahabhain $52 (was leaning towards this since it's sort of like what I have and like but different)

Glenfarclas 12 Yr. Scotch $58
Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength $100
Glenfarclas 17 Yr. $100

i was kind of leaning hard towards Glenfarclas just because I've heard such great things. Is the 12 an easy way to get in and worth trying? Am I better off spending $100 instead of $60 and getting something much better? And better to get the higher 105 proof or is that a cheap thrill and better to get the 17 for a fuller more classic version? Basically will Glenfarclass as a group add something that say Aberlour, Auchentoshan , Belvenie, etc aren't giving me, and is the 12 good or better to spring for a higher year version? I don't own a lot and I barely drink so I'm aiming for quality over quantity here.

Suntory Hibiki 'Japanese Harmony' Blended Whisky $65 - my concern is it's totally different 'whisky' and also this isn't the normal one, it's a special edition..
Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition Scotch $70 - is even the regular one any good?
Arran 10 Yr. Scotch $52 - heard the name, worth trying if you only picked one bottle?
Glentauchers 16 - $85. Never heard of but Sarah at Astors recommended it..
Port Dundas 12 ($50) or 18 ($105) single grain - again, never heard of it but it was recommended... I'm just thinking i've never heard of it and still getting my feet wet in this business
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I would say Bunnahabian because it does have other expressions and independent bottlers that you get more of in the future if you like.  That and it is a little different than what you already have.  It would probably be closest to the Craggenmore.  A little more flavor though.  Fruity and woody.  Nothing else really pops out to me on your list.  Maybe the Glenfarclas 105 but that is pretty close to A'bunadh in styles.  The Glenfarclas 17 is nice, but again pretty close to Aberlour.  I tend to stay away from Glenmorangie.  I've tried a couple of them and never really been impressed.

I havent tried the Dalwhinne but like I've said before most of the distillers editions are great.  Arran might be another good choice but that is a pretty standard whisky there.  Arran varies a ton now that the distillery is a little older.  When I first got started, they had just released some of their first whiskies.  Now they are doing some cool finishes and different older age statements.  I would stay away from the Glentauchers unless you can get a sample.  Not much is out there in terms of offerings from that distillery so that is basically their only offering (not saying that it wont be good)


My vote is the Bunnahabian, Dalwhinne DE, or Arran.  Read up the tasting notes and decide yourself.  Places like post a lot of tasting notes for whiskies.

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That's a great collection. I've got the Glenfarclas 17 and it's very sherried- goes down super smooth. Maybe too smooth.
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Hibiki Japanese harmony isn't a special edition, it's their core NAS offering now. It's alright but not for $65.
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I think he's saying its a special edition of the harmony? Maybe an Astor's selection??

I would go with Glentauchers mainly because I've never had it or seen it. But you should judge by how hot Sarah is
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Sarah was very knowledgeable but not hot. Correlation?

Ended up going with the Bunnahabian. In truth I'd already bought it and come home but then figured I'd post up here just to see in case you all said something radically different like get the Glenfarclass or something else.

So the Hibiki, is it just called Japanese Harmony? Is that the standard expression? Because I thought I saw one that was called Hibiki 12 that was quite a bit more expensive and then a cheaper one called "Harmony" so thought maybe it was some sort of lower end blend.
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The 12year has been discontinued, and the Harmony NAS has replaced it - so prices of the Hibiki 12 have ramped up since it is all old stock.
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That makes sense.

Will crack open this Bunnahabian in the next few days and let you guys know what I make of it.
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Haven't seen many posts on Caol Ila or Glengoyne... Thoughts? I haven't tried either.

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^ Very much enjoy Caol Ila 12. Obviously, you have to like peaty scotches, but it's not as in your face as a Laphroaig or Ardbeg.
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I can highly recommend Arran. I went to a tasting and tried six; all were excellent. I personally have the Arran 12, but that was due to budget constraints...

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