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Got an opened but basically new bottle as part of a cologne swap so not much into it and that was the option. I'll keep an eye out for the 15 in future.
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Finally -- a whole bunch of this just came into the state, but it seems like nearly all of it was destined for bars and restaurants.  It's nuts, but only five made it out to the stores, so I grabbed one.

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Congrats. Did it set you back a pretty penny?
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Yeah.  At least the mark up was pretty minimal since it was through the state -- no real gouging here.  But it was still $50 over what it was the last time it was in stock.  Even at that, every bottle made available sold today.

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Whats sad is that 6-8 years ago it was so cheap and readily available that it was in my daily drinker category. (It was roughly $90-100). Not anymore. Shame.
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Originally Posted by jcman311 View Post

Whats sad is that 6-8 years ago it was so cheap and readily available that it was in my daily drinker category. (It was roughly $90-100). Not anymore. Shame.

Story with most bourbons as well. As recently as 4 years ago, the liquor store around the corner from me always had at least 1 bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 and 2 to 3 of the 20 year old stuff year round, Buffalo Trace Antique would sit on the shelves for months.
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Drives me crazy as IMO Yamazaki is good but not insanely good. The Nikka yoichi is done now and so I'm going to have to start searching for another similar soon..,scotch is so much easier.
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I definitely agree that the 18 is overpriced now. But, after failing to pick any up when it was last around about a year ago (the customer service here is terrible) I was unwilling to pass on this. I'm sure I could've turned that money into at least a couple of bottles that I might find more enjoyable, or find myself more apt to drink.
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Just got a bottle of Bowmore 12 and tried it. Little sharp and sweet for me, better on the long finish. Anyone have opinions/thoughts on this one?

I actually only tried this for the first time a couple weeks ago. Thought it was decent... nothing show-stopping, but a good everyday whisky.

In contrast, I am a huge fan of the 15 yr Laimrig... The aroma is incredible.


Just picked up a bottle of the Glenrothes Select Reserve; been meaning to try it for a while. It's one of the least expensive scotch whisky's in the LCBO, so looking at it from more of a daily drinking perspective. What experiences have people had with Glenrothes?

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The few Glenrothes I've had have been rather forgettable.  Its in the category of I'd rather have a decent blended scotch over it.  Just nothing about it seems good.  Weak flavor, weak nose, no legs.

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I only tried one Glenrothes and only tried it once but also found it rather forgettable. I will admit that I don't generally like that summery light fruity (lowland?) style of Scotch so have a general bias against this type, but erm yeah, didn't find there was much to work with there. Special editions might be nicer?
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Havent been imbibing too much as of late due to funds and trying to shed a few pounds. However I opened up a bottle of this. Its very complex with notes of raisins and fruitcake. Potent as well at 60+ abv. One of my favorites.

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Was at the DF airport in Zurich and picked up a bottle of JW Green label. Not generally much of a JW fan but figured I'd give this a shot since it seems different from their usual offering and has a lot of positive reviews. Will post details when I've opened it. 1 liter bottle for $65 CAD ($50 USD) so not bad I think.
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All, thoughts on Bowmore 18 and what a decent price would be for it? I've never been a huge fan of Bowmore, but I've only had the bottom of the range.
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I haven't had an OB Bowmore I've enjoyed.

Sorry it's Irish whisky and not scotch but this was so fucking good. Hooooo boy. Bushmills 21. Finish was incredible. They use pot stills right? Had that intense fruity smell I associate with pot stills. Finish was like candied oranges and that super expensive grand marnier. Just went on forever
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