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i like the coffey grain. light and delicate, very very sweet almost like a bourbon but lighter.

completely different than a single malt. drink this and, say, a lagavulin 16 and you'll see very clearly the difference between column distillation vs still pot distillation, i hope this make sense. one is very very light and delicate, the other heavy and "oily"
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jeez, $ 800 bucks for a bottle of Macallan 18, i mean it's good but not that good. in Argentina, it was around $ 500... confused.gif granted that bitch Cristina Fernandez Kirchner has made almost impossible to import anything... hopefully with the new govt things will get better down there.
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A bottle of Macallan 18 for $800 USD would last 5 seconds in Richmond, BC.
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Originally Posted by CBrown85 View Post

A bottle of Macallan 18 for $800 USD would last 5 seconds in Richmond, BC.

I should buy a case and drive up to Richmond, BC and sell a bunch of bottles if that's true.
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With the dollar the way it is, you could probably make a lot of money doing pretty much any exporting.
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Damn, just paid 100 CAD for hibiki harmony at duty free, this will be my first experience with a jap whisky. I read some great comments on Yamazaki a few pages back and must have gotten them confused!

Some reviews for hibiki harmony don't look too promising, will have to give it a go when I land...

Maybe I should have just got the Oban little bay frown.gif
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Just found a secret source...

And picked up a bottle of Laphroag An Cuan Mor for $55 Canadian Dollars!!!!

Pearson had this for $85 CAD at one point then sold out and now I'm seeing it for $120+ USD everywhere.

I find duty free exlusives hit and miss but for $55 I'll take the risk on this one. I now have the QC, the 18, the P/X DF exclusive.
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I rate the PX higher than either Quarter Cask or An Cuan Mor. Haven't tried their 18yo.

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Oh and by the way M-C, while the rest of Indonesia is Muslim, Bali itself is predominantly Hindu. Go figure.

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Hibiki Harmony, floral, sweet, citrus, no peat... very very mellow and sweet. Completely different than Oban.
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Thanks Cox. I think I remember reading something about Bali being Hindu actually. My gf and I were surprised at how commercial a lot of it was. Most of the beaches were basically like local resort towns and Ubud was a shopping district. Around the island even the historical and religious sites were crammed with scammers and warez sellers etc. Quite disappointing.

I agree with you about the P/X, and find it rising to the top of my favorites for Laphroag. QC is endearing but sometimes just too darn harsh. Haven't cracked open the 18 yet (HK duty free for $130 Canadian or $100 USD). This Cuan Mor seems to have decent reviews but I wouldn't buy it for $100+.
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Hibiki Harmony is much harsher than the 12. Find and buy the 12.
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I like the harmony in a highball
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kobe style highball
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

kobe style highball

I read this thread right after the NBA thread and was briefly very confused by this post.
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