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Ship, dolphins and Islay whisky :D 

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Y'all think it's a good idea to buy some Yamazaki 12 @ 85 € and Yamazaki 18 @ 200 € for trading purposes? Probably not...?
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What? 18 for 200? 12 for 85?? What are these prices
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Yamazaki 18 is around 25,000 JPY retail now, and in the open market goes for around $250-300 USD. How I long for the days that the 18 was readily available at duty-free for 15,000 yen
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If you are a collector/seller it might be worth your time, but if you only buy to consume I would pass.

I don't foresee anyone caring Yamazaki bottlings again any time soon. Some stockiests I talked to have even been told by Yamazaki reps that it has been for the most part discontinued. Can't even find Hibiki 12 any more, one is lucky to come across the Harmony blend NOS version nowadays...
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Yeah.. the 12 is selling for 100-130 € on ebay and the 18 for 270-330 € but I don't think prices will increase much anymore so probably not really worth it. Plus I've never traded with liquor and I'm not able to buy large amounts so I guess I'll pass. If anyone is interested, you can order the 12 for 70 € plus shipping (35 € up to 5kg) to the US (and the 18 for 170 € later this month). Not sure if and how much duties etc you have to pay. Also Glenfarclas 18 for 40 € (1 liter) etc.
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Yeah, shame about the Yamazaki 18.  I'd love to have a bottle on hand but I can't see myself paying more than $200 for it.  


Here's a question -- what would make it onto everyone's list of four to five relatively easy to find single malts that you'd always like to have on hand?  I've been thinking about this as I've been finishing off bottles I've had for a while and, so far, I'd put Springbank 15, Bunnahabhain 18, and Laphroaig 10 CS on mine.  To be fair, this list is heavily colored by my recent impressions.

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Glenlivet 21
Talisker DE
Aberlour A'bunadh
Highland Park 18

I lean towards less peat
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Found a bottle of Hibiki 21 for $400. Too much rights?
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My list of, hopefully, always in stock malts:
-MAC 18
-HP 18
-Laga 16
-Pulteney 17
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quite a list there!
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Originally Posted by djblisk View Post

Found a bottle of Hibiki 21 for $400. Too much rights?

Way too much
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Yeah, good lists.

HP 12
Ardbeg Oogy
Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or
Laga 12
Laga DE
Talisker DE
Glenfarclas 17
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My list probably should've included the Lagavulin 16.  And, in that vein, did a bit of compare and contrast with some friends recently, with the standard coming out on top for me (we were evenly split -- I was uninteresting and liked the 16 the most; another preferred the DE; while the third liked the 12 which, to me, seemed just a bit strong):

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I inherited a little book called "Whisky", by Aeneas MacDonald which states whisky doesn't age in the bottle, only in the barrel. It recommends buying a small oak cask and adding some relatively young scotch to age. The smaller the cask, the shorter time needed to improve. I would like to buy a 3 liter oak keg to try it. I am asking for help from this forum 're what would be the best choices of scotch to age in this little experiment. I prefer the Islay type scotches. So is there a relatively young, inexpensive single malt or blend that contains a significant portion of Islay whiskies that would be improved by additional toasted oak barrel aging? I am a retiree on a budget and a scotch novice. Looking to enjoy my favorite adult beverage and have some fun without breaking the bank. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and all the best....
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