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currently sipping some Four Roses Single Barrel for the first time. Taking it neat and it's tasty goodness. Yeah I know, it's not scotch.

cross posting this...

oh, just moved and organized / temporarily set up my 'bar'... more of a personal stockpile really. It's a work in progress, still got a long list of to buys but here's where it's at in under a year of 'collecting'

Gins - New Amsterdam, Bombay Saphire, Hendricks, Gordons and Beefeaters
Vodka - Grey Goose, Żubrówka, Titos
Rum - Havana Club 7 year, something random from Guateloup, Malibu, Ron Zacapa 23, Appleton Estate extra old or reserve, St. Clement single barrel
Tequila - Milagra Resposado, Jose Guervo, and Jose Tradicionale
Port - Fladgate 20 year, some cheapo Bin 27 or something
Muddler, boston shaker, strainer, shot glasses, etc

All the mixing stuff - St. Germaine, Archers Peach Shnapps, Lemonchella, Campari, Baileys, Dolins sweet red and dry white vermouth, Bitters (Peychauds and Agnosturas), Cassis syrup, St. Remy VSOP Brandy, onions and cherries
Bourbon - Eagle Rare 10, Four Roses Single Barrel, Elijah Craig 12, Willet 8, mickey of Beam white, Booker, Makers
Rye - Rittenhouse
Stotch - Walker double black, Black Grouse Alpha x2, Belvenie double wood, Craggenmore 12, MacCallen 12, Highland Park 12
Talisker 10, Laphroag Quarter Cask, Lagavulen 16, Ardbeg 10, Ardbeg Uigedail

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Nice job MC, something therapeutic about organising...
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

there's not much to choose from for a Campbeltown, so Springbank's on my list. Locally we only have the 10 year and I've heard the older ones are really nice. Do y'all think it's worth picking up? meaning does it add anything unique to help round out the collection in terms of styles?

The 10 is tasty and reasonably priced for the quality of malt.
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great, thanks!

and just to keep on trend, currently drinking:

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