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Accepted an offer for a new job last Friday, and opened a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate. I'm ordinarily a smoky, peaty single malt drinker myself, and the bottle was a gift from my mentor, but damn, it was smooth as silk.
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Stopped in La Maison du Whisky and picked up a house specialty, along with a little bit of fun. The Laphroaig was a bit of a tough choice, as they had another Signatory special that is supposedly close to the 15, and a really interesting Artist Series -- another Maison exclusive -- that is supposedly like what I got, only nicer.
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Nice pickups!
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Just drove through the Cad/USA border and picked up a 1 liter bottle of Cragganmore 12 for $57 CAD.
(LCBO sells the 750ml for $85 so seemed like a good deal)
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Thanks @cchen and nice snag @Master-Classter.

I'm looking forward to duty-free at CDG tomorrow morning. Last time through I picked up 1L bottles of Lagavulin's DE and Bunnahabhain's 18. They were also offering up samples of most everything they had on the shelves. Hopefully they've got some interesting stuff tomorrow.
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I looked for Oban DE or Crag DE (my favs of the series) when I was through Pearson last week (what an awful airport), but no dice. Wound up buying a liter of Johnnie Double Black since I had wanted to try it and it was like $50. Can't say as I like it.

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yeah I've got a bottle of that double black somewhere in the collection. Didn't find it particularly interesting but hey it's good to put out for guests that don't know anything beyond JW red so they're impressed and I'm just happy they're not touching my single malts.
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Oban DE is so nice. I was really disappointed by the 14 year, but the DE is great.

I should try the 18 sometime.
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I'm on the hunt for Talisker Distiller's Edition- have heard it's excellent

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went past Astors yesterday and saw Uigedail for $75. Got a bottle last time and even with taxes and exchange rate, it's like $85 CAD and LCBO sells it for $170(?). Was tempted to get another bottle but had already spent too much $$$ so just got some Elijah Craig 12 and New Amsterdam Gin to round out my bourbon and gin collections.

( <- ducks and runs for cover )
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

went past Astors yesterday and saw Uigedail for $75.
Sounds like I need to swing past next time I'm in the village. Love Uigeadail!
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Longrow tonight, no age date. Interesting. Not nearly as peaty as Longrow 10 and it almost has a salty twang like Oban. I don't have any at the moment but I would be curious to try those 2 at the same tasting. Sort of a creamier finish though.
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there's not much to choose from for a Campbeltown, so Springbank's on my list. Locally we only have the 10 year and I've heard the older ones are really nice. Do y'all think it's worth picking up? meaning does it add anything unique to help round out the collection in terms of styles?
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Oban 18 is fantastic.

I actually like Talisker DE better than the 10 yr. I've been drinking through my Talisker 18 just to get it off my shelf.
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I regret not grabbing the Talisker DE at duty free. Grabbed the Nikka Coffee Grain and Cragganmore DE (a gift for my father-in-law who isn't a fan of smoke or peat) instead.
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